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ArcGIS and the GeoWeb: Opportunities for Developers
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ArcGIS and the GeoWeb: Opportunities for Developers


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Jim Barry talks on how ArcGIS can help in the concept of GeoWeb

Jim Barry talks on how ArcGIS can help in the concept of GeoWeb

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. ArcGIS and the GeoWeb Opportunities for Developers Jim Barry Program Manager, ESRI Developer Network Redlands, California, USA
  • 2. …a new user experience
  • 3. Web connect and interact WebGIS visualize and analyze <live to code> <code to live>
  • 4. Web 2.0 Platform A new kind of computing framework for GIS Web Client “Mashup” Web Search Services • A way to combine your GIS content with other web resources • A framework for building and interacting within a community (Social networks)
  • 5. What is Behind Web 2. 0 • Mashups • RIA (Rich Internet Applications) • WOA (Web Oriented Architecture) • Web API • REST • SaaS • GeoWeb, LBS • Sharing Open Mobile Web Desktop • Feeds APIs • … OGC KML Applications SOAP SQL Mapping Services and 3D Visualization Geospatial GDB Geoprocessing Data Management Data Management ArcGIS Server
  • 6. The Web Provides a New Pattern for Implementing GIS A new platform Supporting GeoWeb • Collaborative Computing Distributed • Service Integration (Mashups) Collaboration • User Contributed Content • Distributed Data Management Many Participants • Interconnected • Interoperable • Integrative • Dynamic Web 2. 0 Web 1 . 0 . . . An Agile Framework for Collaboration & Integration of Systems
  • 7. Growing awareness in the GIS community • Each GIS user’s role continues: – Building sharing authoritative geographic content – GIS users have the need to share this • But just data sharing will not be enough
  • 8. A framework for Web GIS applications Making your geographic information consumable on the web 4 1 Build and Serve 1. GIS applications 3 2. Digital base maps 3. Operational layers 4. Tasks and tools in the GIS 2 application
  • 9. ArcGIS Web GIS increases accessibility GIS Web Maps ArcGIS Explorer Maps ArcGIS Server Serve maps, layers, models, and geographic content Tools for using maps, layers, and accessing content ArcGIS Desktop Mobile Maps Enterprise Professional GIS Web Maps Workstation Tools for designing maps, layers, and organizing content ArcGIS Online Web Clients • Ready-to-Use Base Maps & Ready-to-  Rich client web apps (Flex, Overlays SilverLight) • Shared GIS Community Content  Browser-based web controls Browser- (JavaScript, GM, etc.) • Templates  GeoBrowsers (G Earth, V Earth) A framework and methodology for publishing great web maps
  • 10. Many application choices ArcGIS desktop or J avaScript / Flex Web Mapping ArcGIS ArcGIS Engine Web Apps Application Mobile Consumer Web Map Apps ArcGIS Explorer
  • 11. ESRI Web Application Development Platforms Coming Web Mapping soon Application Silverlight JavaScript Flex Web ADF REST (.NET / Java) ArcGIS Server
  • 12. Java Web ADF Controls 5 primary controls Toolbar Key Points Control • Dev starting point • AJAX - enabled TOC Control • Resource independent Overview Map Control • JSF Components Task Map Control Control J SP File Entry for Map Control < a:map value= “ # {mapContext.webMap } quot; id= “ map 1 quot; / > UC2008 Technical Workshop 18
  • 13. Sample application: Integration with SharePoint
  • 14. 2 demos
  • 15. ArcGIS Online Services • Ready-to-use Maps & Globes Ready-to- – 2D & 3D Base Maps & Overlays – Powered by ArcGIS Server • Use in Desktop, Explorer, Server – Access Pre-built Maps & Globes Pre- – Build Custom Applications ESRI Developer Summit 2008 21 UC2008 Technical Workshop 21
  • 16. Online Content Summary … for Standard Map and Globe Services • World Imagery • World Street Map • Land cover • Topo maps • Political World • World Shaded Relief ESRI Developer Summit 2008 22 UC2008 Technical Workshop 22
  • 17. Online Content Summary … for Tasks and Tools • Place Finder • Address Finders • Route Finders ESRI Developer Summit 2008 23 UC2008 Technical Workshop 23
  • 18. ArcGIS Online Website
  • 19. ArcGIS Online Website • Search ArcGIS Online for maps • Access and browse collections of maps assembled by particular users or groups – For instance, all ArcGIS users can access the “ESRI Free Maps” group by default.
  • 20. Developers: What’s compelling? • Distributed design • User control • Democratization of tools and products • Cost of the client reducing toward zero • API granularity for faster development
  • 21.
  • 22. Thank you !