What on earth has happened at barton on sea xp


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What on earth has happened at barton on sea xp

  1. 1. Field trip follow-up
  2. 2. What was learnt on the field trip? Did anyone get any pictures?
  3. 3. Booklets Please copy over the notes/sketches on management types Then cut out and glue in your answers to the questionnaire and your field sketches Finally, please annotate your maps to show how the land is used (use evidence + your memory) and what coast defences there are
  4. 4. What happened here? Noel Jenkins
  5. 5. Coastal defence match-up  Sea Walls  Groynes  Rock armour  Revetments  Gabions  Replenishment  Cliff reshaping  Managed retreat
  6. 6. Reasons to protect the coastline Social Environmental Economic
  7. 7. Barton-On-Sea & Highcliffe Hampshire/Dorset coastline The geology is very soft. The cliffs are layers of sand and clay – very soft rocks, unresistant to erosion. Water from rain soaks in and makes the coastal erosion worse by allowing material to slip and collapse.
  8. 8. Barton-On-Sea & Highcliffe Beach management is a political issue Highcliffe is in Dorset, Barton in Hampshire The two councils do not agree about coastal management What one council does to protect its coast, has a big impact on the other coastline – e.g. Groynes trap sediment which starves beaches downcoast, meaning they are more vulnerable to erosion
  9. 9. What defences are there? Make notes on Highcliffe vs Barton defences
  10. 10. How is the coast being protected at Highcliffe? Groynes, Cliff reshaping and Beach Recharge at Highcliffe
  11. 11. Groynes and Beach Recharge at Highcliffe
  12. 12. Beach Replenishment and Cliff Stabilisation at Highcliffe
  13. 13. Rock Armour, Beach Reshaping and Cliff Stabilisation at Barton
  14. 14. Coastal Protection along Highcliffe, Dorset And what defence is this? Coastal Management Techniques at Highcliffe, Dorset What defences are here? What defences might be here?
  15. 15. Same problem, two places, two different solutions Highcliffe and Barton coasts are managed differently: one is protected strongly, the other is managed retreat What do you think influences the decision makers who decide how to protect coastlines?
  16. 16. What has happened here? Why?What has happened here? Why? What is this? Why has it been built? How does it work? Land use here:This is the border between Hampshire and Dorset. Why is that important?: Land use here: Coastal Management along Highcliffe and Barton on Sea Barton on Sea, Hampshire Highcliffe, Dorset
  17. 17. How do they decide? It all comes down to land-use, the value of the land that needs protecting Decision makers weigh up the costs of coastal management, against the benefits of protection. But each area is only responsible for itself, they do not interact to see if they are affecting another coastline
  18. 18. Barton side. No defences. No houses, just Naish Farm camp site. Cliffs are retreating inland by several metres a year.
  19. 19. Highcliffe side. Golf course and housing on the cliff top. Beach defences visible.
  20. 20. Sketch of land use at Highcliffe and Barton- on-Sea
  21. 21. Exam Q : HW Describe and explain the coastal management strategy at Highcliffe compared to Barton-On- Sea. [4marks] Describe the effects of Highcliffe’s coastal management strategy on Barton on Sea [4 marks]
  22. 22.  Sea Walls  Groynes  Rock armour  Revetments  Gabions  Beach nourishment  Beach reshaping/ stabilisation  Managed retreat Match them up
  23. 23. Coastal Management Techniques at Highcliffe, Dorset