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Presentation slides for PTI workshop on using tech / mobile devices in learning. Drawing on David Rogers work for mobile@priory and @priorygeography

Presentation slides for PTI workshop on using tech / mobile devices in learning. Drawing on David Rogers work for mobile@priory and @priorygeography

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  • Priory School Background me - contacts
  • Mobile learning can be messy, you have an aim but it’s not always easy to get there, have to let go and give control over to students, can get distracted, the end point is not always what you expected it to be, students produce another outcome to your anticipation.
  • about the potential for Digital Leaders running community and parent sessions, also the security of WiFi around the schhol.
  • If we don’t use mobile devices as tools then are we developing children’s talents and abilities to the fullest?
  • Do students really have a real voice? Do we really listen? Chalk graffiti. Using tech to record a map of social spaces / safe areas / happy vs sad areas
  • First step – digital leaders and student curriculum hackers to generate the policy
  • Student generated mobile device policy – extract – all available on
  • What soundtrack would match your school? Would different areas have different music why? Use your device to play music to match & have a conversation to explain why. Use garageband or other apps to record a sound map across an area.
  • Engaging the disengaged – Super Nanny child ‘media trained’. Embedded in schemes of work. Skydrive. Google Docs. Students share via.
  • Tweets from parents, residentials, live blogging
  • GCSE revision videos
  • The most important aspect of this brief talk is that and initiative or piece of new technology should be underpinned by sound learning objectives. If there learning is right and high quality then the argument against using technology soon disappears. Id we are using Win 8 devices to improve achievement and attainment..


  • 1. www.gapingvoid.comOur mantra
  • 2.
  • 3. Mobile learning can be messy
  • 4. It’s not about devicesIt’s about behaviour
  • 5. Only 1.64%of negative behaviour incidents arelinked to mobile devices this year.
  • 6. What is the point of technology in learning?Creative & creative mediaGenerates conversations & communicationAccess to informationUNICEF Rights of the ChildFuture thinkingEmployability skillsInclusion & Special Educational NeedsMessy learning / guerrilla learningOutdoor learningExperiential learning
  • 7. Learning
  • 8. Young people who do not have accessto the internet at home or in schools —and who lack the support that comesfrom parents or teachers equipped withstrong digital skills — will not developthe necessary social, learning andtechnical skill sets for success in awired global economy.The State of the World’s Children 2011, UNICEFThanks to John Connell
  • 9. 3. Best interests of the child12. Respect for the views of the child13. Freedom of expression17. Access to information; mass media28. Right to education29. Goals of education:‘develop each child’s personality,talents and abilities to the fullest.’
  • 10. 1 : Creation ofan acceptable usepolicy in social timelinked to Rights,Respects andResponsibilitiesframework.Mission 2. Embeddingmobile learning &technology into andacross the curriculum
  • 11. Responding toStudent Voice?
  • 12. How to?
  • 13. •
  • 14. Photosynth.Music maps.Exampleactivities
  • 15. Geocaching
  • 16. Home interaction
  • 17. BYOD : Students create revision /controlled assessment resources
  • 18. Quality fieldwork - fotobabble
  • 19. Recording
  • 20. Create & Share Quality Work
  • 21. Making the
  • 22. GCSE support & example work on the
  • 23. Student curriculumhackers - #kidsmeet
  • 24. Facebook & twitter
  • 25. Crossing barriersDowiadujemy się o kilku różnych językach,które są wypowiedziane w Priory SchoolEAL Geography project – 37 languages spoken at PrioryInspiring more teacher creativity
  • 26. ‘Led by pupils; guidedby professionals;focused on learning.’
  • 27. Get outside, get mobile
  • 28. Top tips• Base on sound learning objectives• It’s not about devices, it’s about behaviour• Focus on learning, not tech• Use what we have, but better• Capture, share, collaborate• Get staff & students involved