Human affect on hazard impact


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How do humans affect the impact of hazards. Using VCOP to strengthen literacy.

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Human affect on hazard impact

  1. 1. Do now…O Draw a sketch map of the worldO Label the continentsO Label a country for each continent 5mins!
  2. 2. ‘Compare & contrast the impact and management of hazards between MEDC & LEDC places’[8marks]Case study Q
  3. 3. Compare & contrast the impact and management of hazards between MEDC & LEDC case studies? MEDC LEDC rural urban physical features human features climate ocabular infrastructure communications preparations y tectonic primary effect secondary effect however likewise whereas even onnective though s on the other hand unlike contrasting to in addition to despite because so peners as to Nevertheless although similarly such as unctuatio The impact of hazards is likely to be more severe in……………..because n In LEDCs such as Haiti the main impacts were……………. Whereas in MEDC Iceland the impacts were……………….. Management of hazards is different between countries, such as……
  4. 4. Why live in the danger zone?List 5 reasonswhy peoplemay live intectonic zones.
  5. 5. Why live inBam, Iran?
  6. 6. Why live in Bam?O Surrounded by desert, it is a natural oasis areaO Very rare to have such access to waterO Rich soilsO Can create economic advantage
  7. 7. Why live in Ijen Java,Indonesia?
  8. 8. Sulphur mining. Matches and white sugar are among the productsmade with sulphur hewn by hand from an active volcano Ijen Java.Provides economic investment + employment.But, is this one of the most dangerous jobs in the world?
  9. 9. The miners break the cooled sulphur into chunks, and load up theirwicker baskets for the 200 metre climb back up out of the crater.Each man carries up to twice his body weight.
  10. 10. How can people andplaces be protected from the effects of tectonic activity?
  11. 11. Response & Recovery
  12. 12. Response & recovery
  13. 13. ‘How can the human response affect the impact of hazards?’ O Produce a presentation in groups (CHOSEN BY ME) O Create a written report & visual to answer the question. O Link to specific case studies (Haiti, Japan, Iceland,ENQUIRY Sri Lanka). O Include theory, key terms, impacts, responses, evidence.
  14. 14. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Link to Describe Evaluate Explain Describe Refer to data1 sustainability primary & responses to theory economic & secondary hazard social impact impacts Refer to data Link to Views of Explain types Include place Compare2 sustainability National of mitigation / specific detail MEDC government management features to LEDC Link to Refer to data Link to Views of Justify Include place3 development sustainability Residents argument specific detail unit (e.g. aid) based on evidence Justify Views of Include place Link to Refer to data Link to4 argument tourists / specific detail sustainability development based on foreign unit (e.g. aid) evidence government Compare & Include place Compare Refer to data Link to Views of5 contrast specific detail MEDC sustainability emergency responses features to response and impacts LEDC teams Views of Compare Refer to data Include place Link to Link to6 International MEDC specific detail development sustainability community features to unit (e.g. aid) LEDC
  15. 15. Report suggestionsO Dear John letter…O United Nations reportO Evaluation by Emergency Response teamO Planning report from President of FEMAO News articleO Jeremy Paxman ‘Question time’ style debate
  16. 16. GROUPS1. Ajmol, Alfie, Conner, Jack2. Jimmy, Eoghan, Ruhith, George, Heather3. Chloe, Natasha, Jade, Dibar4. Ella, Demi, Ollie, Tom K5. Tom G, Gloria, Emma, Lauren6. James, Billie, Kathryn, Laura
  17. 17. PRESENT Peer evaluateWhat have you learnt?
  18. 18. Exam QsO Describe and explain how the response to hazards differs depending upon economic development [4marks]O How does the level of development affect the speed and efficiency of recovery from a hazard? [4marks]O What are the human & physical advantages of living in the danger zone? [4marks]
  19. 19. BRING NOTAre you confident to… IT! YETCompare & contrast case studies?Select evidence to support answers?Refer to case study specific detail?Identify strategies for responding to hazards?Evaluate the impact of hazards?