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Land use change brownfield vs greenfield
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Land use change brownfield vs greenfield


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  • 1. Half-term HW Due
    (Settlement services + factfile of retail centre)
  • 2. Urban redevelopment
    Is it sustainable?
  • 3. Gunwharf Quays 1999
    How has land use changed?
  • 4. Gunwharf Quays 2010
    How has land use changed?
  • 5. What about dubai?
    Land use change in Dubai – is it sustainable?
  • 6. 2000
  • 7. 2010
  • 8. Land use change in Dubai
  • 9.
  • 10. Q) Describe the changes that have taken place in Dubai.
    Q) How sustainable are these changes?
    • Palm Islands
    • 11. World Islands
    • 12. 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab
    • 13. Burj Tower – tallest in the world
    S.E.E(Social, Economic, Environmental)
    To be sustainable must be a balance:
  • 14. Brownfield vs Greenfield development
    Consequences of land use change
  • 15. Brownfield or Greenfield – Which is best?
    Brownfield - A site that has been built on before and is ready for development. Normally associated with urban inner city areas
    Greenfield – A site that has not been built on before. Often rural/countryside areas. This includes the rural-urban fringe.
  • 16. Land use change – multipurpose land use is more sustainable
    • How sustainable is developing a Brownfield site compared to a Greenfield site?
    • 17. Quality of life?
    • 18. Access to services & jobs?
    • 19. Waste disposal and costs involved?
    • 20. Energy savings?
    • 21. Cost to environment?
    BBC CLIP 2
  • 22. Copy the table. Use p 175 and your own ideas to complete by comparing brownfield + greenfield sites.
    What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Brownfield and Greenfield Sites?
  • 23.
  • 24. +
  • 25. Redevelopment of Gunwharf Quays
    Brownfield regeneration
  • 26.
  • 27. Annotation / case study
    1) Annotate the maps to show how Gunwharf has been redeveloped, comment on how land-use has changed
    2) Answer: Is the redevelopment of Gunwharf sustainable? Explain why.
    3) Copy & complete the table
  • 28. Is the Gunwharf redevelopment sustainable?
    Yes, It is sustainable because:
    Mixed land use means that the space is used more often by different groups of people
    As Gunwharf is an outlet area it does not compete directly with the shops in Commercial Road
    Key worker housing and affordable housing have to be provided as part of the development (e.g. No1 Gunwharf is 23% social housing)
    Generating tourist income for the city
    Reusing a site and protecting listed and historic buildings
    Is not out of town so is still easily accessible
    But, it is Not sustainable where:
    Entertainment and restaurants have caused the decline in the Southsea Pier area, Odean cinema in North End, Port Solent
  • 29. Brownfield + Greenfield
    Greenfield vs Brownfield Sites2.flv
  • 30. Redevelopment of Portsmouth
    New housing is always in demand in Portsmouth, constant regeneration.
    There are 2 possible sites: Horsea Island or Waterlooville.
    • Follow the task sheet to consider the advantages / disadvantages of the two sites.
    • 31. Use the OS map to help you, use evidence of existing land-use & infrastructure
    • 32. Make a decision about which site is best for redevelopment & write a paragraph to explain why
  • Questions:
    Many people are choosing to move out of city locations and into the countryside.
    Identify 3 groups of people who support migration from urban to rural areas, and 3 groups who are against this. Explain why each group feels the way they do.
    2.Explain what is meant by the term ‘Green Belt’
    3. What problems exist with Green Belts?
  • 33. Half Term Homework: due 2nd March
    Mini-project. Find out about services in different settlements. Compare what kinds of services (and how many) you find in different sized settlements. E.g. in what size settlement would you expect to find more specialist shops? What sorts of services are available in villages compared to cities?
    Make a factfile / case study of a large retail centre (e.g. Trafford Centre, Bluewater, Lakeside, etc.). Include facts such as: range of shops / services, numbers of customers, how far people are prepared to travel (if you can find this).