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How can people and places be protected from the effects of tectonic activity
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How can people and places be protected from the effects of tectonic activity


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  • 1. Why live in the danger zone?
    List 5 reasons why people may live in tectonic zones.
  • 2. Why live in Bam?
  • 3. Why live in Bam?
    Surrounded by desert, it is a natural oasis area
    Access to water
    Rich soils
    Can create economic advantage
  • 4. Why live in Ijen Java, Indonesia?
  • 5. Matches and white sugar are among the products made with sulphur hewn by hand from an active volcano in Indonesia. Provides economic investment + employment.
    But, is this one of the most dangerous jobs in the world?
  • 6. The miners break the cooled sulphur into chunks, and load up their wicker baskets for the 200 metre climb back up out of the crater. Each man carries up to twice his body weight.
  • 7. What are the human & physical advantages of living in the danger zone?
    Mind-map why different groups of people live in active tectonic areas
    Use : Human Planet, textbooks & the internet
  • 8. List the primary and secondary effects of the Iceland volcano
  • 9. List the primary and secondary effects of the Haitian earthquake
  • 10. How can people and places be protected from the effects of tectonic activity?
  • 11. Podcast task
    Listen to the GCSE podcast about planning, prediction and preparation. Record notes on:
    Methods of Prediction for a Natural Hazard
    Emergency Planning for a Natural Hazard
    Protection in the Danger Zone
    Why Live in a Danger Zone?
    Attitudes Towards Living in a Danger Zone
    Try to include details of actual places etc.
  • 12. New Key Geog
    Draw a diagram of an earthquake proof building from New Key Geography p67.
    Make suggestions of your own for how to improve earthquake preparedness
  • 13. How would you prepare for an earthquake?
    Earthquake survival kits?
    What would you include?
    How could you prepare yourself, your family, your home, etc.?
  • 14. Role of modern technology
    Tsunami warning systems
    Computer-aided prediction models
    Earthquake proof buildings
    Hurricane survival kit
    Prediction of volcanoes (Iceland metoffice website is ace)
    Google ‘person finder’ app used for Haiti / Japan?
    Earthquake drills
    Measurement and prediction
    Evacuationplans & disaster planning
    Prediction models and the use of GIS
  • 15. Preparing for hazards
    New Key Geog p66-67, p70-71
    Mind-map how you can prepare for a hazard using the textbook and your ideas
    Consider LEDCs and MEDCs and what is available to them
    Consider tectonic hazards (earthquakes & volcanoes) and climatic hazards (hurricanes)
  • 16. Response & Recovery
  • 17. Response & recovery
  • 18. Exam Q
    Describe and explain how the impact of a hazard can be different between LEDCs and MEDCs. Refer to examples where possible. [4marks]
    How does the level of development affect the speed and efficiency of recovery from a hazard?