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GIS in the Rockies Presentation
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GIS in the Rockies Presentation


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This is a presentation that a colleague of mine gave out at GIS in the Rockies earlier this year. I repurposed it for a GeoDC Events last night. Enjoy and please let me know if you have any questions.

This is a presentation that a colleague of mine gave out at GIS in the Rockies earlier this year. I repurposed it for a GeoDC Events last night. Enjoy and please let me know if you have any questions.

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. GIS for the ‘have-nots’: A case study in a small Colorado ‘Mayberry’
  • 2. GIS for small municipalities: A big problem
    138 “Mayberrys” in the state of Colorado with populations of 1500 or less
    Characteristics of these towns: “One Bullet”
    GIS: too costly to start much less maintain:
    ESRI small government EULA most likely out of reach for these towns
    High cost of data collection and maintenance
    Staffing and O&M
    Cost of data/data collection
    “If we have one bullet…we spend it on public works”
  • 3. The impacts
    Emergency response
    Public Works
    City Administration
    Reliance on hard copy data (parcels, lots, etc…)
    This stuff changes or worse -disappears!
    Hard to update
    No basis from which to plan and share information for disaster/event response
    The Hayman Fire: A view from Mayberry
    Significant Snow Events
    Mayberry has the same GIS needs as Denver – but right sized
  • 4. Requirements
    So what would a GIS for Mayberry look like?
    Low/No O&M burden on the town
    Requires no staffing
    Minimal training curve
    Low/No Cost for data
    Provides ability to share information
    And…provides a core GIS capability to town staff for day to day business
    If I just had access to a good web based GIS, with no training or O&M – I could fish more…
    A simple, straight forward architecture that I can get to on a browser
  • 5. Mayberry: Green Mountain Falls, CO
    Located West of Colorado Springs on Hwy 24
    Surrounded by Pike National Forest
    Population 966
    One full time Clerk
    One full time Public Works Coordinator
    2.6 Police (Marshall)
    Volunteer Fire Dept
    IT infrastructure
    4 PCs with cable internet
    Standard office install with IE
    Expertise…you guess.
    Trivia: Most Bigfoot sightings in Colorado have occurred within 5 mi of GMF
  • 6. GIS for Green Mountain Falls: The Approach
    We identified the problem
    Mayberry needs a GIS
    We opted for a web-centric solution and common tools
    Common tools minimize the training curve
    We enlisted help (lots of help)
    We hosted it externally
    Removes local O&M and staffing needs
    Provides for failover
    External Host
  • 7. Help!
    Boy Scouts of America
    Trail network mapping
    El Paso/Teller 911
    Road Center Line and Address data
    Trimble Navigation
    GPS training and equipment
    The GeoIQ platform that provides a fully virtual means of storing spatial data, creating and serving maps and providing means to customize analysis, access and dissemination of spatial data
    Zekiah Technologies
    Software Development collaboration between FortiusOne and Zekiah
  • 8. The approach
    Beg, borrow, (I would not Steal) data
    Make use of data from town plan
    E/T 911
    SW ReGAP
    Upload to GeoCommmons
    Apply appropriate role based access rules
    Build maps based on user rules
    Customize interface for GMF
  • 9. Architecture
  • 10. What we wound up with…(demo)
  • 11. It worked for Green Mountain Falls but…
    The Mayberrys of the nation are underserved in the GIS market
    How to make it work for your Mayberry in the meantime:
    Keep it simple -use a web approach
    Build your coalition
    Academia, Business, Individuals NGOs
    Be willing to borrow, be willing to share data and technology
    Maximize use of free data
    Maximize relationships with NGOs and other not for profits to obtain and collect data
    Trail Coalitions
    Open street map and other mapping parties
    Not every town has an aggressive trustee