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Scott Robinson: Data as a Service
Scott Robinson: Data as a Service
Scott Robinson: Data as a Service
Scott Robinson: Data as a Service
Scott Robinson: Data as a Service
Scott Robinson: Data as a Service
Scott Robinson: Data as a Service
Scott Robinson: Data as a Service
Scott Robinson: Data as a Service
Scott Robinson: Data as a Service
Scott Robinson: Data as a Service
Scott Robinson: Data as a Service
Scott Robinson: Data as a Service
Scott Robinson: Data as a Service
Scott Robinson: Data as a Service
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Scott Robinson: Data as a Service


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Data as a Service
    • Scott Robinson
    • Director – Global Data Products
    • Pitney Bowes Business Insight
    • September 24, 2009
  • 2. Agenda
    • Evolution of Location Intelligence
    • The Need for DaaS
    • SaaS and DaaS
    • Use Cases
    • Delivering DaaS
  • 3. LI Evolution
  • 4. What does LI for the Masses encompass?
    • Web mapping
    • Navigation (Personal, Auto)
    • Information services (Navigation, alerts, POI lookup)
    • LBS – advertising, commerce
    • SaaS – GIS in the Cloud
    • Real time data/analytics
    • 3D maps, high quality imagery
    • Predictive modeling for geoactivity
    • Mobile resource management
    • Entertainment/games
    • LI focused Social networking
    • Personal security (tracking, locate kids, emergency assistance)
    • Open source mapping
    • User generated content
    • Geotagging
    • Geosearch/communities
    • Vertical content networks
    • iPhone, Android, Blackberry apps
    Hundreds of companies, thousands of applications
  • 5. The Need for DaaS
    • The key value of Location Intelligence for business and government is making informed, accurate, and timely decisions based on Location.
    • This requires access to data and information about location that is fit for purpose, both in data quality, and data currency.
    • Location Intelligence is a fusion of both the data and the software used to analyse and visualize it. Having both available, on demand is critical to making the best decision.
  • 6. The Need for DaaS
    • It has become clear that today’s mapping and GIS end users do not want to be concerned with the typical complexities about spatial information:
        • Getting the data off disk, or media
        • Converting it into a format they can access
        • Its projection schemes, its styles, its data model, or combining data from other sources
  • 7. SaaS and DaaS
    • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • No need for end user to build infrastructure on which to deploy, access and maintain the software.
    • One version of the software running, and the end user does not need to worry about downloading updates or patches.
    • End user subscribes via on-demand licensing, only paying for what is required in order to access the software, for the time it is used.
  • 8. SaaS and DaaS
    • Data as a Service (DaaS)
    • Consumer gets the latest data if that’s what they need, delivered to them on-demand, integrated into their analytic workflow.
    • Accessed anywhere
    • Potential to derive value more easily/quickly
  • 9. Add Spatial to Get an Answer
    • User opens desktop application or browser
    • Import Excel spreadsheet of stores/customers
    • Send to DaaS
    • Options for addresses (geocode & clean; base map data with x mile radius around stores; add demographic data with 30 mile radius; draw 25 minute drivetime -> return as map layers I can view or just perform operational transactions)
    • Connect into Acxiom consumer list for purchase
    • Delivered to desktop, web (export to JPEG or KML), deliver to share, append and save to flat file, XML, metadata, to cloud
    Use Cases
  • 10. Insurance/Risk
    • Insurance analyst in mapping software, using base data that comes with program
    • The user engages with a DaaS Toolbar (i.e. onebox), and types “ Insurance Risk data ”, the location of where I am in my map window is identified and the search returns risk data for that geography from catalog
    • Types of risk data presented as options (flood, windpool, earthquake)
    • Next to each dataset are 2 options (preview, buy)
    • When I click preview -> (1) browser window opens and I see coverage areas, could have map or not, separate from your active map window; and/or (2) add as preview layer in your current map window (raster)
    • Ability to buy and complete full download
    Use Cases
  • 11. Delivering DaaS
    • Access
    • Use
    • eCommerce
  • 12. Delivering DaaS - Access
    • Create/build Catalog
    • Can be accessed anywhere, anytime by any device (PC, phone, etc…)
    • Catalog searchable in many ways
    • Catalog should contain the most current data assets, but can also store historically relevant data to allow for time series analysis
    • All elements of the data catalog available for on-demand download of whole files or subsets, bundles, variables
    • Try before you decide
  • 13. Delivering DaaS - Use
      • Natural follow up to access
      • Assist customers in deriving value – right now they are responsible
            • Analysis on-demand; Answers on-demand
      • Take advantage of cloud power to ask questions that have never been asked
    • Data Integration/transformation
        • Transparency with formats
        • On-demand transformations
  • 14. Delivering DaaS - eCommerce
    • Billing & Subscriber Mgmt
    • Single landing spot for 3 rd party content
    • Opportunity for new pricing models
      • Limited term licensing
      • Data vending
  • 15. Questions?
    • Thank You