How to create a great landing page


Published on Create a great landing page that attracts prospects like a powerful magnet

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How to create a great landing page

  1. 1. To listen to the audio of this program paste this into any web browser To Create A Landing PageThat Motivates Visitors to Take ACTION Mark Satterfield Gentle Rain Marketing Inc. 770-643-8566 Copyright Gentle Rain Marketing Inc All rights Reserved
  2. 2. Focus of today’s program• Landing page aka sales page aka “squeeze page”• Often overlook component• Different models – Short – Longer – Combining media• Offers – Free – Paid
  3. 3. Sales page vs. the home page of your website• Home page typically has a number of objectives – People you’ve talked with who want more information. – Recruitment – On-line brochure – Thus putting your free information offer on your home page can be risky…but it can work.
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  5. 5. Advantages of one page sales pages• Offer only one option…accept/reject• Targeted message• Examples
  6. 6. One objective get people to opt in
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Copy for the page• Keyword loaded – How to find keywords? Your competition. • Right click on website-view source •• Benefits – What will the person know at the end of reading or viewing your free offer that is of interest? • Five proven methods to reduce turnover and increase productivity. – Questions that your report will answer • Why so many interviewers ask precisely the wrong questions in the interview – Erroneous assumptions. • Think you know how much you’ll need to support your current lifestyle during retirement? The reality is likely to be shockingly different. – More bullet point benefit statements in our directory of sales & marketing letters.
  9. 9. Alternative copy: Using Questions & Surveys
  10. 10. Video• Increases opt-in by up to 40%• Builds trust & credibility• Components of the video – Welcome…”I’m glad that you’re here.” – “If you’re similar to most of my visitors, it’s likely that…(your frustrated by a particular challenge/suffer from a problem.) – That’s why I created (the free piece of information) – Reiteration of the top 2/3 benefits. – So what I’d like you to do. (button bellow)
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  12. 12. Copy: Keep your message simple• Remember that this is a SALES page. – This is what I got. – This is what it will do for you – This is what I want you to do.
  13. 13. Sometimes simple is very effective
  14. 14. Mechanics• Make sure the form you have is connected to your stay in touch system (autoresponder) –• How much information to ask for? – Relationship between amount of information vs. opt-in rates vs. conversion
  15. 15. Alternative to Free Information. You can use Inexpensive Information Products to drive traffic.• Reality is that FREE traffic is VERY difficult to build a business on.• Quickest method is to BUY visitors• Google• Banners• Direct mail• But that takes money.• Here’s a method using a simple info-product that can get you as much traffic as you want (sort of) for $500 per month.• I’m going to share that with you next week in my free video.
  16. 16. Next Month• Continuity Programs • Clubs…Inner Circles…Products… • How to set them up • How to price them • What to offer • How to sell them• Free Coaching Consultation – Review of your strategy – Take a look at your website.