Daoist Qigong teaches that energy follows the attention


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Daoist Qigong teaches that energy follows the attention Meditation. Living energy surrounds us, ...

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Daoist Qigong teaches that energy follows the attention

  1. 1. Daoist Qigong teaches that energy follows the attention Daoist Qigong teaches that energy follows the attention Meditation. Living energy surrounds us, and we breathe it into our bodies. Regardless of whether the practitioner is a Daoist sage, Buddhist priest, Christian healer, Native American medicine woman, or a Pagan mystic performing a ritual of magic, the principles remain the same. If the student learns how to store and circulate natural life energy inside the body, s/he begins to learn the secrets of cultivating spiritual power. Among the various spiritual traditions, techniques vary, but they all involve some practice of meditation. In Daoist Qigong energy work, which is the basis for the methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM that have so impressed the western world in recent decades, one of the leading contemporary authorities is Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, whose establishment, Yang's Martial Arts Academy, is located in Jamaica Plain Massachusetts. Dr. Yang teaches that energy follows the attention. Reflecting on this principle, it is easy to understand the immense value of practicing to lead the energy called Qi in Chinese with the attention during meditation. After reading about the principles of Chinese medicine, one understands that Qi can be increased or decreased in the body. Qi can be drawn into the body through food and air, or it can be emitted/consumed through various activities. What are the implications of this important truth? With this insight comes a realization of the reason why meditation is the key to cultivating spiritual power: Meditation is the one of the few waking activities that keep the attention inside the body.
  2. 2. In the moment a person wakes up in the morning and opens the eyes, energy begins leaking away. All day long, the attention is on various things outside the body, but seldom one's attention inside the body. Why do people usually pay too much attention to things outside the body? It is because they do not know that energy follows the attention. Understanding this simple principle, the practitioner becomes very confident in Qigong for bringing about an extraordinary result. Daoists believe that Qigong's ability to lead energy to various places within the body, especially the centers of the brain and lower abdomen, can be tremendously beneficial to practitioners of meditation. Perhaps we do not know what we are missing when we practice meditation without learning about its relationship to the bioelectricity known to Daoist Qigong practitioners as Qi. The path of meditation can be a confusing one, but by applying the principles of Chinese Medicine we can take a methodical approach. http://www.examiner.com/article/daoist-qigong-teaches-that-energy-follows-the-attention