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Boosting sexual energy with Qigong
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Boosting sexual energy with Qigong


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Boosting sexual energy with Qigong All the attention we pay to sexuality revolves around good manag...

Boosting sexual energy with Qigong All the attention we pay to sexuality revolves around good manag...

Published in: Health & Medicine, Spiritual

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  • 1. utf8_encode(Boosting sexual energy with Qigong) Boosting sexual energy with Qigong All the attention we pay to sexuality revolves around good management of Chi, the vital energy, declares Yves Réquéna, GP and the founder of the European Institute of Qigong. Discover the benefits this ancient form of gym can have for your sexuality. The source of life, sexuality is also a factor in personal fulfilment and the concepts of both sexual excess and denial are contrary to the laws of nature for Taoists. The issue does not revolve around which positions stimulate your libido, but rather the energy you put into it. Our health depends on a healthy use of sex, Yves Réquéna tells us. Traditionally, sexuality relies on the union of members of the opposite sex; the principles of masculine and feminine, yin and yang which together, allow the free circulation of Chi. For sexuality to be really 'energising'; or put simply, so that our sexual play regenerates us, there must be a real
  • 2. harmony between lovers. The energy from the kidneys is particularly important for libido, says Yves Réquéna. A weakness in energy from the kidneys can mean saying goodbye to the wonderful waves of orgasm. At the heart of such a kidney problem, you often find states of physical exhaustion and overwork, so look after yourself! Other functions also come into play in this often-fragile balance that governs our libido and desires. The meridian of the liver is responsible for good vascularisation of the uterus in the woman and the corpus cavernosa in the man, Yves Réquéna adds. That is to say that it's an important area! An energy imbalance can end in pain during penetration for her, and erection problems for him. Too much alcohol, stress or smoking can also play tricks on us, and cause imbalance to this meridian. Be careful about a de-energised spleen as well. Easily spotted, this is often accompanied by a mulling over other things too much, not leaving space for your desires. The body becomes an extra weight to carry rather than a place of pleasure. Keep a careful eye on this if you want to free your orgasmic senses. Some of the postures in Qigong, an exercise method inherited from Chinese elders, allow the energy circulation around meridians to be rebalanced. Qigong is a complete health tool in the same way as acupuncture and herbal medicine. Regular practice of Qigong can lead to an increase in your vital energy, with a more fulfilled sexuality as a result. It's well known that good sexual tonus paves the way to pleasure and the thrills of our imagination, to which our bodies are invited, vice-versa. All the Qigong postures are valuable, but the following motionless posture is recommended in particular, explains Yves Réquéna. It allows you to reinforce the zone called 'Dan Tian', which represents the 'elixir field' where the vital energy resides. Fortifying the kidneys: 'Four Elephants'Upright with feet touching, point the ends of your feet as far away from each other as possible, keeping the heels pressed together and bending the knees in order to lower your body, without leaning forward or curving your lower back. Put attention to keeping your back straight. Your hands should look like they are 'held tightly around a tree', arms in a circle, palms facing the abdomen. They emit energy in the direction of your sexual organs.
  • 3. Use abdominal breathing and concentrate on the 'Ming Men' region, the dorsal space between the kidneys. Hold the position for around ten full breaths or until you feel tired. Fortifying the liver: 'Eagle spreading wings'Upright with feet together and arms down by your sides, put your right foot forward whilst breathing in. Lift your right arm in front of you so it is horizontal, palm towards the ceiling, left arm held behind you. Continue to lift your arm until it is vertical. Breathe out during the arm's movement towards your back, the palm facing down towards the floor. Here, start to move the left arm up so that the palm eventually points to the ceiling. Exhalation finishes when the right hand is pointing down and the left hand is pointing up. Repeat these movements 15-20 times, without sudden movements or tensing the shoulders. Then step forward with your left foot and begin the exercise again, moving the left arm first this time.