Global Educator looking for Inspiration (and work!)
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Global Educator looking for Inspiration (and work!)



Creative educator, entrepreneur, non-profit executive and someone you would like to work with - please check out my visual resume for Gennifre Hartman. And please pass it along!

Creative educator, entrepreneur, non-profit executive and someone you would like to work with - please check out my visual resume for Gennifre Hartman. And please pass it along!



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    Global Educator looking for Inspiration (and work!) Global Educator looking for Inspiration (and work!) Presentation Transcript

    • Gennifre Hartman: Résumé Résumé means 'a summary' (a quick résumé of events); it is a French word, and is usually spelled with accents on the e's. It should not be confused with resume, which means 'begin again after a pause'
    • This is me teaching Global Studies in South Africa. Sorry for the vocabulary lesson. I can’t help it. I’m a teacher. I’m also a writer. And I’m a stickler for writing and grammar.
    • I’m also a… Public speaker Wilderness instructor Entrepreneur Non-profit executive Journalist Creative educator English teacher
    • I guess I should explain the entrepreneur part… his is my definition of entrepreneur: ***The definition of entrepreneur is: a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. (it’s not really the right definition… and that bugs me.)
    • My resume says this:
    • My heart says this:
    • When I was in high school… I often felt like this…
    • But outside of the classroom… I felt like this…
    • And I thought… Shouldn’t learning feel like THIS??
    • With that in mind, I helped found and create two international secondary schools. Community service Experiential Learning Outdoor skills development Place-based Curriculum
    • Head of School: Academy at Adventure Quest Head of Independent Vermont-based boarding high school for students traveling overseas with an emphasis on competitive kayaking, technical outdoor skills, and cultural exploration. Responsible for international programming, curriculum development, and supervising teaching personnel. • Worked with expanding and developing a summer camp into an established private school with an international and adventure-sports focus. • Developed innovative curriculum to dove-tail with traditional core requirements for grades 7-12. • Pivotal in process to help the school gain accreditation in working with Vermont Independent Schools • Teacher of the Year, Cultural Studies Program, Academy at Adventure Quest, 1999-2000
    • Founder, Head of School and Executive Director: The Traveling School Founder and Executive Director of The Traveling School, a semester school for girls 15-18 years to have an academic adventure overseas during high school. Responsible for international programming, curriculum development, accreditation, and non-profit business administration. Education and Curriculum Development: • Focused educational work with teenage girls to develop and teach an innovative academic curriculum including globalization, human rights issues, and multi-faceted leadership skills. • Extensive experience creating, developing, and implementing education curriculum in a variety of mediums with an emphasis on real-world readiness, collaboration, innovation, critical thinking, and communication. Outreach: • Practiced work in involving community outreach and education. • Extensive experience providing educational trainings and coursework to adults, teachers, families and teenagers. • Experience giving presentations to community groups, schools, and public audiences. Interagency Networking: • Experience communicating and implementing outreach work with various for-profit, non-profit and governmental agencies. • Experience identifying, revising and adopting policies, protocols, and procedures for a non-profit entity. • Commitment to non-profit work and community committees.
    • Creating educational opportunities has been the best “job” in the world.
    • So far… Now, I’m looking for new work in education. Relevant. Authentic. I want to contribute. To be the change. Within the world.
    • Important professional pieces: Education Master of Arts: English Education, 3.7 GPA. University of Montana, Missoula. 1996. Thesis: “Real World English: High School English Designed to Teach the Practical Uses of Literature and Composition Beyond the Traditional Classroom Environment” Bachelor of Arts: Journalism and Communication, News and Editorial University of Oregon, Eugene, OR. 1994. Areas of Concentration: Third World Developing Communications; Women and Minorities in the Media Honors Theses: “The African National Congress and a New Hope for South Africa” Universitat Wein, Vienna, Austria Concentrated German Studies.
    • Important professional pieces: Languages English: native language Dutch: speak fluently and read/write with high proficiency German: speak fluently and read/write with high proficiency Afrikaans: speak, read, and write with basic competence Spanish: speak, read, and write with basic competence
    • Important professional pieces: Awards & Certifications Steinlein Shapard Secondary School Teacher Award at Randolph College, 2007 Teacher of the Year, Cultural Studies Program, Academy at Adventure Quest, 1999-2000 Wilderness First Responder CPR AAI American Avalanche Institute Level 1 PADI Advanced Scuba Certificate
    • Important professional pieces: Public Speaking & Presentations Wilderness Risk Management Conference, National Outdoor Leadership • “Chance and Randomness: The Complications of Managing Incidents Overseas.” Teton National Park, June 2013. • “Shades of Gray: International Programming and Risk Management” Portland, OR, October 2012. National Coalition of Girls’ School Conference, Washington DC, 2012. • “How to Help Girls’ Succeed in a Global World – Using an Unconventional Classroom As a Springboard for Lifelong Success” Semester School Network, Head of School Conference • New York 2010 – 2012, served as President, 2012 Girls for a Change Conference, Thrive Montana State University, 2006 – 2012 • “How to See the World – Backpacking, Service, and Study” Hatch International Film Festival, Bozeman, Montana. 2011. • “Inspiring Female Role Models for Teenage Girls Panel”
    • • I understand the challenges and opportunities to work effectively without a road map. • I balance my creativity with analytical and problem-solving skills to look for new solutions to complex problems. • I have professional, resourceful instincts to develop new ideas into reality. • I am dedicated to authentic learning and leadership. Additional Skills: Connect the Dots
    • Additional Skills: Stage Presence • As an educational entrepreneur, I am innovative and excited to propose and act on new approaches. • I can communicate with stakeholders at all levels, and feel comfortable talking with people about inspired and original ideas. • I have strong public presentation skills and the ability to provide thoughtful and compelling insights in settings small and large, formal and informal.
    • Additional Skills: Partnerships • In creating alternative educational opportunities from inception to institution, I partnered and worked with state and community leaders to create business partnerships. • I work well with everyone from colleagues, to families, to teachers, to supervisors. • I have a proven track record of constructing and implementing strong models within education, and the follow-through to ensure the models are effective and functional. • I am successful with developing professional relationships with business and professional integrity.
    • Additional Skills: Develop Talent • I am strong in my work in hiring, developing, and retaining a teaching force that can improve student achievement. • My professional evaluation stated, “Gennifre’s continued focus on developing and retaining qualified teaching staff is a huge component of the school’s success.” • I am a strong leader, and I encourage my employees to work hard.
    • Additional Skills: Passionate Educator • I can teach from a textbook, and I can make a textbook to teach from. • I am a dynamic and engaged classroom educator. 18+ years teaching experience includes middle school, secondary school, and higher education students and coursework in traditional and non-traditional classroom environments. • I have extensive experience creating, developing, and implementing educational curriculum in a variety of mediums with an emphasis on realworld readiness, collaboration, innovation, critical thinking, and communication.
    • Additional Skills: Non-Profit Executive • Educational and non-profit leadership, with an emphasis on setting strategy and vision. • Coordinating outreach and marketing, including print media and social networking. • Developing an overall strategic plan, including a fundraising strategy, and assisting in soliciting donors. Adequately utilizing resources to accomplish the goals of the program. • Understanding non-profit legal and ethical issues, including restructuring. • Promoting an organizational culture that fosters passion for the mission. Strengths include: solid risk management, creating effective leadership teams, and establishing creative approaches for international operations while optimizing a non-profit donor base.
    • Interesting personal pieces: My home and community Bozeman, Montana.
    • Interesting personal pieces: International Travel I’ve explored, guided, visited and traveled to 52 countries….
    • And, people always ask – which is your favorite? Literature = Guatemala History = South Africa Beach = Mozambique Animals = Zambia Food = Thailand Music = Zimbabwe Colors = Peru Mountains = Nepal
    • Interesting personal pieces: Hobbies I love skiing and I’m an accomplished alpine and telemark skier. Professional translation: Effective at relationship building and wide-range communication. Strong skills with maintaining a high level of continuous client satisfaction.
    • Interesting personal pieces: Hobbies I started downhill mountain biking two years ago. It scares me and I’m not very good yet, but I love it! Professional translation: A results oriented, hands-on individual with 16+ years of non-profit experience. Executive and management style strongly emphasizes leadership, teamwork, creativity, and empowering people. Understands risk management.
    • Interesting personal pieces: Family I have two boys, ages 6 and 8, and we just returned from six weeks of educational travel in Thailand. Here they are teaching English to third graders on the Muslim island of Ko Yao Noi.
    • My colleagues say: • My professional evaluation stated, “Gennifre is an amazing leader and full of inspiration – she balances challenging and supporting each staff member to encourage growth with strength and good role modeling.” • “My teacher, my boss, my friend, my motivation” --Jenae McCarroll • “Gennifre as a co-teacher with you in South Africa your dedication to cultural exploration, education and leadership opened my eyes and had a profound lasting impact. Later, I would found the New River Academy and Patagonia Study Abroad where each borrowed lessons direct from your philosophy of education. Over the years your friendship and consultation have been a secret gem that benefitted our programs in ways few realize. Thank you thank you thank you for your extensive touch and reach you have shared with so many lives.” --Dave Hughes • “Thank you for everything you have created and for throwing so many girls and women out of the nest so we could be completely awake,” --Ariane Mohr-Feslen
    • • • “You are a role model and inspiration for me, and many other young women!” --Tara Kane, Colorado • My students say: “Gennifre - you have changed hundreds of girls perspectives on education, global views, and growing as an individual in this crazy world. You changed my life and inspired me to see the world, to be a listener, to make every day an adventure, and to give compassion with every step I take,” --Bobbi Anderson, Montana “You are an inspiration to everyone around you, and for me your presence on our trips was always extremely impactful. I owe so many experiences that I have now to the seeds that you have planted within me. I can't thank you enough. I know you will continue to be an inspiration to all those around you... .” --Shannon Tebbetts, Washington State
    • My friends say: • • • • I’m inspiring. I’m dependable. I’m creative. I’m a good listener. • I’m loyal. • I believe the glass is half full and there are possibilities everywhere.
    • Let’s do this. • Let me contribute to your organization. • Let’s think outside the box for innovative solutions to complex problems. • Let me help you change your perspective on the world. • Together we may achieve more success and generate more value.
    • • I am a talented, qualified consultant. • I am also open to short-term and/ or long-term professional positions. • Flexible/ remote location preferred. Translation: I’m happy in Bozeman and would prefer to keep my primary residence in Montana. • I think it’s obvious, but I am willing to travel.
    • You need me in your team. come together as a team to achieve a common goal Gennifre Hartman Email: Cell: 406.579.3427 Blog: Skype: gennifre.hartman