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Making Connections — Bringing Your Brand to Life on Pinterest and Twitter
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Making Connections — Bringing Your Brand to Life on Pinterest and Twitter


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Case studies and best practices for creating marketing campaigns on Pinterest and Twitter with tools for managing content on both platforms

Case studies and best practices for creating marketing campaigns on Pinterest and Twitter with tools for managing content on both platforms

Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Making Connections Bringing Your Brand to Life on Pinterest and Twitter
  • 2. Pinterest Connecting with Consumers, One Image at a Time
  • 3. How do you use Pinterest?
  • 4. Pinterest Campaign Best Practices » Pinterest is inherently visual; be sure you can play to its strengths » Understand your audience » Fit in with the way they use Pinterest » Keep it simple » Leverage relationships and influencers » Market your Pinterest campaign » Leverage the campaign after it’s over for additional earned media
  • 5. Country LivingDream Bedroom Pinterest Contest
  • 6. My Country Living Dream Bedroom » Premise: » Create a new board titled “My Country Living Dream Bedroom” and pin ten images including five from » Encouraged participant creativity » Played in the consumer’s space » Didn’t stifle engagement by requiring too many pins » Results: ~200 boards created
  • 7. HP SpectreXT Pin Your Style Pinterest Contest
  • 8. HP + Intel + Project Runway Pin Your Style » Premise: » Create chic boards inspired by weekly themes, and vote for your favorites to win stylish HP products. » Unobtrusive: only asked participants to pin one HP product per board » Registration = Consumer Data » Partnered with other big brands » Partnered with prominent pinners
  • 9. KotexInspiration Day Pinterest Campaign
  • 10. Kotex Inspiration Day
  • 11. Kotex Inspiration Day » Premise: » Kotex created personalized gifts for fifty inspirational women on Pinterest based on their pins » Tapped the underlying zeitgeist of Pinteresting — personal interests » Created unique ‘ownable’ content » Garnered 100% participation » Generated over 600,000 impressions
  • 12. Peugeot Panama Jigsaw Puzzle Pinterest Contest
  • 13. Peugeot Panama Jigsaw Puzzle
  • 14. Peugeot Panama Jigsaw Puzzle » Premise: » Find images on Peugeot’s Pinterest, Facebook, etc., sites to complete a Pinterest jigsaw puzzle » Encouraged visitors to visit multiple brand sites (cross-social promotion) » Offered prizes as an incentive » Garnered earned media through promotion of the campaign
  • 15. A few more best practices... »  Feature unique, owned content »  Post useful content such as guides & tutorials » Be focused and specific: Pets > Dogs > Cocker Spaniels > »  Use rich pins for places, products, recipes, etc. »  Use taller images for more repins »  Engage in the conversation by commenting on other boards »  Link to and from your other online properties »  Measure and iterate
  • 16. A few ideas to get you started... » Try pinning videos or animated gifs » Create “quote images” » Share event photos » Feature testimonials and success stories » Create a board dedicated to your clients » Make a “Meet the Team” board
  • 17. Pinterest Tools to Consider »  Pinterest Analytics — Built-in analytics tool for verified websites ( »  Tailwind — Measure and track activity and reach (http:/ »  Pin Alerts — Get alerts when someone pins from your site ( » — Enterprise suite for Pinterest, Instagram & Tumblr ( »  ViralTag — Discover, optimize, schedule & analyze pins ( »  Pinstamatic — Create content for Pinterest ( »  Pinvolve — Sync Facebook and Pinterest ( »  LoveList — iPhone app for pinning things by barcode scanning ( »  Pinalyzer — Pin and people suggestion tool (
  • 18. Twitter Connecting with Consumers, 140 Characters at a Time
  • 19. How do you use Twitter?
  • 20. Twitter Campaign Best Practices » Keep it simple—make the offer worth the requirements » Remember that consumers are overwhelmed with options & offers — why is yours compelling? » Integrate across platforms if possible » Leverage relationships and influencers » Market your Twitter campaign » Leverage the campaign after it’s over for additional earned media
  • 21. MasterCard#PricelessSurprises Twitter Campaign
  • 22. MasterCard #PricelessSurprises » Premise: »  Building on their iconic Priceless campaign, MasterCard is giving away prizes to selected people who Tweet #PricelessSurprises »  Multiple, tailored opportunities & prizes to appeal to a wide audience (SXSW, Opening Day, Justin Timberlake) »  Cross platform: Web, Instagram, Twitter »  Builds on MasterCard’s equity while encouraging consumers to create content for them
  • 23. MasterCard #PricelessSurprises
  • 24. MasterCard #PricelessSurprises @ SXSW » Premise: » Offered startups a chance to win a #PricelessSurprise to help them launch their big idea » Partnership with Mashable in the popular Mashable House » Created a real-world experience with a vending machine filled with prizes that was activated by tweeting
  • 25. American AirlinesTweet to Win 30K Miles Twitter Campaign
  • 26. American Airlines Tweet to Win 30K Miles » Premise: » Register Aadvantage number on microsite, tweet #Deal30 and follow @Aadvantage to win 30,000 miles » Part of a larger Deal 30 campaign » Offered a significant incentive » Results: 70% increase in followers; 18,000 visits to microsite from Twitter; retweets increased 43%; 27,000 entries on Deal30 site
  • 27. American Airlines Tweet to Win 30K Miles Given a valuable enough incentive, users will complete several registration steps for entry. The requirement to share a specific tweet and hashtag to an entrants own social network is what drove the success of this promotion, especially given that it wasn't heavily supported by other media channels. In the future, we'd probably require that users take fewer steps for entry in order to increase the total number of entrants. Including a specific and unique hashtag was essential for tracking purposes.” —Colin Alsheimer, AAdvantage Community Manager “  
  • 28. Oreo Super Bowl Blackout “Dunk in the Dark” Real-time Tweet
  • 29. Oreo Super Bowl “Dunk in the Dark” Tweet » Premise: »  When the Superdome experienced a blackout during Super Bowl XLVII Oreo’s social media tweeted, “Power out? No problem. You can still dunk in the dark.” »  The quick tweet was the result of a real-time social media command center that included key brand executives in the room »  Followed a 100-day campaign called “Daily Twist” that tweeted in response items in the news (e.g. Mars Rover landing) »  Results: 10,000+ retweets in the first hour; 525 million earned media impressions; headlines in more than 100 countries
  • 30. Oreo Super Bowl “Dunk in the Dark” Tweet Oreo is a real-time brand, a real-time marketer, and we are a part of our culture and the fabric of our community. It is our objective to be as relevant today as we were 100 years ago when we launched.” — Lisa Mann Vice President, Mondelez International “  
  • 31. StarbucksTweet A Coffee Twitter Campaign
  • 32. Starbucks Tweet a Coffee » Premise: »  Link your Starbucks card to your Twitter account and you can tweet a $5 gift card to a friend just be tweeting them and @tweetacoffee »  Made Twitter transactional »  Enabled Starbucks to link more than 50,000 users Twitter ID + mobile number + credit card + customer ID »  Results: More than 27,000 fans used the program in the first three months resulting in $180,000 in sales
  • 33. JELL-O #FML Fun My Life Twitter Campaign
  • 34. JELL-O #FML Fun My Life Campaign » Premise: »  JELL-O and agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky created the Fun My Life campaign to “takeover” the common #FML hashtag »  JELL-O responded to selected #FML tweets with a prize pack or message »  Responses were mixed » Lessons: »  Anticipate negative response and how you will respond »  Avoid sensitive topics »  Be selective in choosing posts & users to engage
  • 35. JELL-O #FML Fun My Life Campaign
  • 36. A few more best practices... » Do your research — listen & observe before engaging » Define your purpose & goals » Be authentic » Track, measure and iterate » Use images and action words to drive engagement » Be strategic with hashtags >> » Retweet your followers (carefully)
  • 37. ...and a few more... » Share timely news » Provide useful information » Go behind the scenes » Use a URL shortner (e.g. » Keep your tweets less than 115 characters to allow for retweets » Use tools to help you get the most out of Twitter
  • 38. Twitter Tools to Consider »  Radian6 — Social media monitoring ( »  HootSuite— Twitter management with analytics ( » — URL shortner; can use custom domains ( »  Buffer — schedule tweets; analytics, plugins for broswers & apps ( »  Little Bird — Influencer discovery & engagement ( » — Twitter community management ( »  ReFollow — Follower management & discovery ( »  Tweepi — Follower management ( »  Tweriod — Find optimal times for tweeting to your followers ( »  ClickToTweet — Create links with pre-written tweets ( »  Givver — Charitable giving through Twitter (
  • 39. Making Connections Bringing Your Brand to Life on Twitter and PinterestThank you!