Tegas Industrial Group


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Compressors for various gases (air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, natural gas, etc.),
Nitrogen generators (stationary, mobile),
CNG Filling Stations,
PSA (nitrogen, oxygen)

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Tegas Industrial Group

  1. 1. Tegas Industrial Group
  2. 2. TEGAS provides with run-to-run own production, experienced personnel,active participation in specialized and research and practice conferences.
  3. 3. AS production. Lease and Service 1. Nitrogen stations 2. Air compressor stations 3.Compressors: booster, for gas, oil-free and oil-filled. 4. Service, repair, spare parts 5. Equipment for lease
  4. 4. Air compression system: rotary andreciprocating compressors 2-row and 4-row opposed compressors. Discharge pressure range 1 - 400 bar. Efficiency 2,5-100 m3/min. Booster Oil-free compressor TU 3643-002-87956566-2008 Gas Air TU 3643-002-87956566-2008
  5. 5. Rotary CompressorsRotary compressors are up-to-date and economic unit foratmospheric air compression.Discharge pressure range 7,5 -15 atm.Efficiency 0,4 - 53 m3/min.TEGAS rotary compressors advantages:Complete shop implementation;High capacity under low energy consumption;Rigid and packaged design for long-term service;Low required place;Quite and smooth operation;Self-adjusting tensioner roller;Integrated grease separator;Three types of operation (normal/idle/stop) and shutdown control;Automatic safety control system aided by display;Enclosure and powder painting casing .
  6. 6. Nitrogen production technology  Hundreds meters of membranes through licensed membrane elements are placed into unified membrane modules constructing a packaged system.  Membrane gas separating unit conception is based on different gas penetration rate trough polymeric membrane caused by membrane partial pressure difference.
  7. 7. Nitrogen production technologyTEGAS provides with the nitrogen production technology by air separationon hollow fiber membranes that is the most profitable for a user. Booster
  8. 8. Design versions On chassis On trailer Block-Modular Open frame
  9. 9. GA Nitrogen and Compressed Air nerators TGA generators are reliable and efficient systems for nitrogen production under high pressure from atmospheric air. Compressor drive (power plant PD Compressor 4BM2,5- 450) 10/251 Gas-separating block Compressor cooling block Automation Chassis KAMAZ 43118
  10. 10. TGA Generator for Nitrogen and Compressed AirCompressed Air Generator (on chassis) Nitrogen Generator (on chassis)TGA-9/101-С TGA-5/101-C 95Efficiency 9 m3/min Efficiency 5 m3/min;Pressure 100 atm.; Pressure 100 atm.; Nitrogen purity 95 %;Chassis URAL or KAMAZ;Diesel-driven compressor; Chassis URAL or KAMAZ, Mercedes, Iveco;Operating temperature -50 … +45 °С. Water cooled diesel drive with temperature control; Operating temperature -50 … +45 °С.
  11. 11. A Nitrogen Generator on Chassis TGA nitrogen generator Efficiency 10 m3/min; Pressure 250 atm.; TGA-10/251-C95 Nitrogen purity 95 %; Chassis URAL or KAMAZ, Mercedes, Iveco; Diesel-driven compressor; Operating temperature -50 … +45 °С.
  12. 12. TGA Compressed Air Generator . Compressed air Efficiency 18 m3/min; Pressure 250 atm.; generator (on chassis) TGA-18/251-C Chassis URAL or KAMAZ, Mercedes, Iveco; Water cooled diesel drive with temperature control; Operating temperature -50 … +45 °С.
  13. 13. GA Nitrogen Generator on Chassis . Compressed air Efficiency 20 m3/min; Pressure 250 atm; generator Nitrogen purity 95 %; TGA-20/251-C 95 Chassis MZKT, Mercedes; Water cooled diesel drive with temperature control; Operating temperature -50 … +45 °С.
  14. 14. TGA Nitrogen Generator Nitrogen generator Efficiency – 30 m3/min; (chassis+trailer) Pressure - max 110 atm.; TGA-30/111-С95 Nitrogen purity - 95%; Chassis Scania + trailer; Tropical version; Sand-storm protected
  15. 15. TGA advantages: Compressor cooling unit has less weight-dimensional characteristics and high thermal efficiency. Compressor operational life is increased due to modifications of cylinder-piston group packing,valve with operational life of 5000 hours and more. Cylinder-piston group rings are manufactured based on upmarket technologies using compositematerials covering. New construction of removable hood using modernnoise-heat insulation. Expanded fuel tank of 750 to 1200 l(24 hours continues operation). Warranty period is extended to 24 month. Automatic condensate drain. Under hood space heating with Webasto-type system. Compressor crankcase heating, stable operation at lower temperatures (- 45 С) Increased nitrogen concentration 95-99%. Service, warranty and post-warranty service. Compressors leasing.
  16. 16. Modular Nitrogen Compressor StationsModular TGA are intended to provide user with compressed air, nitrogen ordifferent gas and manufactured based on sea containers.
  17. 17. Modular Nitrogen Compressor Stations 20-foot container Power block Compressor Axial vent Control cabinet Platten EP EP HeaterHeater Inlet door Membrane block Heater Drainage system Filtering system All stations are installed in 20- or 40-foot sea containers or on appropriate hood frame on customer’s request. Simple installation and transportation. Full automation and independence. Climate category: Boreal climate1 as per GOST 15150. Special foundation is not required.
  18. 18. TGA Nitrogen Station Modular nitrogen Efficiency 8,33 nm3/min Pressure – 40 atm.; station High nitrogen purity 99,6%. TGA-8,33/40-E99,6 Duplicate compressor-gas distributing blocks. One 20-foot block with automation and receivers. Explosion protected.
  19. 19. TGA Nitrogen Stations. Compressor nitrogen station Efficiency 25 m3/min; Pressure 20 atm.; TGA-25/20-E97 Nitrogen purity 97 %; One-of-a-kind combination of high purity nitrogen and efficiency. Electrical and diesel driven compressors.
  20. 20. CNG Compression Station MKS-10/3-90 Efficiency – 10 m³/min; Suction pressure 3-4 atm., discharge pressure – 90 atm. Station is fully automated. Climatic version: Boreal climate-1.
  21. 21. itrogen Membrane Stations NMS (Nitrogen Membrane Stations) Shop packaged on metal frame. Nitrogen up to 99,5%. Efficiency 1- 100 m3/min. Pressure 2-20 atm.
  22. 22. Nitrogen Membrane Stations NMS-10/12-98 Efficiency 10 m3/min; Pressure 12 atm.; Nitrogen purity 98%; Installed on metal frame; Climatic version: Boreal climate 4; Designed for indoor operation at +5 - + 45 С.
  23. 23. Nitrogen Membrane Stations NMS-0,12/10 E97 Efficiency 0,12 m3/min; Pressure 10 atm.; Nitrogen purity 97 % ; Operating temperature +5 - +45 °С. All equipment is installed on frame completed with bracing for crane and forklift lifting.
  24. 24. Service: Manufacturing and supply of spare parts, preventive maintenance and repair, service team visit.Service department consisting of several teams: Stationary mechanical repair team is specialized on overhaul and compressor unitsmodernization on the territory of «Krasnodarsky Compressor Plant » Ltd.;On-site mechanical repair team is specialized on commissioning and minor repairson the territory of Customer.
  25. 25. Service centers To meet Customer’s urgent demand NSK Tegas set up service centers in Surgut and Novokuznetsk. Each service center comprises: -2 service engineers; -Service car; -Spare parts and consumables store. Surgut office: Novokuznetsk office: Surgut, Neftejuganskoe shosse,6 Novokuznetsk, Pirogova street, 9, office 222, (between shopping center “Levsha“ and Tel. +7(3843)56-00-88, 56-00-99 sh.Stroidvor"), Tel. +7(3462)44-22-99:
  26. 26. Leasing:Nitrogen and air compressor stations TGA,personnel – employees of «TEGAS»,Service of the station is for «TEGAS» account.
  27. 27. Leasing equipment list: Model Nitrogen Efficiency, m3/min Pressure, atm. Chassis purity, % TGA-10/251 С95 95-97 10 Up to 250 KAMAZ 63501, 8х8 TGA-9/13 С97 97-98 9 13 KAMAZ 43118, 6х6 TGA-5/101 С95 95-97 5 Up to 100 KAMAZ 43118, 6х6 TGA-17/20 С97 97-99 17 20 KAMAZ 63501, 8х8 Leasing equipment replacement from wheels to skid with skid beams is possible.
  28. 28. TEGAS is a leading Russian manufacturer of nitrogen and aircompressor stations, natural gas treatment and compression plants, gasdistributing equipment.All «TEGAS» Ltd. production and services are appropriately certified and licensed.«TEGAS» Quality Management System is in accordance with ISO-9001:2008.
  29. 29. TEGAS. Together to the future! +7(861)299-09-09 info@tegas.ru www.tegas.ru