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Genealogy Lookups 101
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Genealogy Lookups 101



Are you interested in genealogy research as a flexible part-time job? Would you like to earn extra income by retrieving and digitizing historical documents on demand from local repositories? This ...

Are you interested in genealogy research as a flexible part-time job? Would you like to earn extra income by retrieving and digitizing historical documents on demand from local repositories? This fast-paced presentation shows you how.



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Genealogy Lookups 101 Genealogy Lookups 101 Presentation Transcript

  • Genealogy Lookups 101
    How to get started
    as a Genlighten Lookup Provider
  • We’re Genlighten.com
  • We help genealogy enthusiasts
  • Find the offline records they want
  • Through a network of lookup providers
  • We hope you’ll consider
  • Becoming one of our providers
  • And offering lookups through our site
  • But first, you’ve probably got questions
  • Like…
  • What kind of lookups could I offer?
  • How much should I charge?
  • What kind of money can I make?
  • And what qualifications do I need?
  • Let’s start with the last question first
  • You needn’t be an expert genealogist
  • To be an effective lookup provider
  • You basically just need three things
  • Access to nearby genealogical archives
  • Familiarity with common record types
  • And basic library research skills
  • Beyond that, it helps if you are
  • Detail-oriented and persistent
  • Confident using a digital scanner
  • Customer service-oriented
  • And friendly!
  • It also helps if you have
  • Experience researching your own roots
  • Still interested? Sound like you?
  • Cool! Let’s tackle your other questions
  • 1) What lookups could I offer?
  • It depends on what you have access to
  • Start by doing your homework
  • Find out what repositories are near you
  • Look for county courthouses
  • Historical societies
  • Libraries
  • LDS Family History Centers™
  • And government archives
  • Research their collections online
  • Visit them in person
  • Find out how much copies cost
  • And how long it takes to get there
  • If a nearby repository offers access to
  • Birth, marriage or death certificates
  • Create lookups for those records first
  • Other possibilities for lookups include
  • Newspaper obituaries
  • Cemetery photos
  • Wills and probate records
  • Land records
  • Church records
  • And city directories
  • Focus on records unique to your area
  • And avoid ones that are already online
  • Unless you can do them for less offline
  • On to your next question
  • 2) How much should I charge?
  • Start by figuring out your expenses
  • Consider transportation costs
  • Copying and other archive fees
  • And Genlighten’s commission
  • Look at what other providers charge
  • Maybe look at competitive services, too
  • Charge enough so it’s worth it to you
  • To make frequent trips to the repository
  • Rapid lookup response time
  • Leads to satisfied customers
  • Which leads to more satisfied customers
  • Finally, don’t sell yourself short
  • Price for the unique value you offer
  • If you’re still not sure…
  • Just go with $10 for now
  • You can always change your price later
  • OK, next up…
  • 3) What kind of money can I make?
  • Let’s look at two different providers
  • Gina lives near the NJ State Archives
  • She does birth, marriage & death lookups
  • She visits the Archives once a week
  • It takes her 30 minutes each way
  • She charges $12 per record
  • And gets 8 lookup requests per week
  • At the archives, it takes her 1.5 hours
  • To find the records her clients asked for
  • And make high-quality copies
  • Back home, she scans the paper copies
  • And tweaks the resulting digital images
  • Then uploads them to Genlighten
  • Considering her expenses and her time
  • Gina makes about $25 per hour
  • Or about $300 per month
  • Next, consider Kurt
  • He volunteers twice a month
  • At his local historical society
  • On Genlighten, Kurt offers to search
  • The society’s record collections
  • For a single individual
  • Given their name and a year range
  • He charges $25 for a successful search
  • But only $15 if he finds nothing
  • He gets just two requests per week
  • So he does them after he’s done
  • With his volunteer shift
  • Kurt does ~$80 of lookups each time
  • That works out to about $120 per month
  • For roughly six hours work
  • So… your mileage may vary
  • But you can probably earn $20-$25/hour
  • OK, you’ve told me what I can make
  • So how does Genlighten make money?
  • Our providers pay us a commission
  • And our clients pay a handling fee
  • But that’s it… no subscription/listing fees
    Listing Fees
  • OK, I’m interested. How do I get started?
  • Go to www.genlighten.com
  • Register for the site
  • Fill out your profile
  • Including a nice picture
  • Ponder what lookups to offer
  • Then create your first lookup offering
  • Start with a brief but specific headline
  • Add a detailed description
  • Describe the records you’ll look up
  • The repository you’ll visit
  • The process you’ll go through
  • And your typical turnaround time
  • Set “found” and “not found” prices
  • Give the client specific instructions
  • Describing the data you need from them
  • Preview and edit as needed
  • Click “Finalize” and you’re done!
  • So that’s “Genealogy Lookups 101”
  • If you have any more questions
  • Just e-mail us… or give us a call!
    E-mail: dean@genlighten.com
    Phone: (888) 845-9990
  • Thanks from the Genlighten team!
    Justin Ball,Co-founder/CTO
    Dean Richardson, Co-founder/CEO
    Cynthia Richardson,Co-founder/Chief Lookup Officer
  • Happy Lookup-ing!