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The art of working: Day 1 for start-up or for big companies or for salary man
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The art of working: Day 1 for start-up or for big companies or for salary man


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The art of working: …

The art of working:
Day1 for salary man with strategic keywords
and also for start-up, venture to big companies

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. The art of working ~Strategy and keywords~ for salary man, start-up, even big company NguyenHai MINH COO of FX, game ventures IT manager at World Mega Bank SE at multination software vendors Worked directly with line manager ex-CFO, 10B US$ Sales man, 3B US$ CEO of 100M US$ CEO of 15M US$
  • 2. Agenda • Mindset, strategy • Logic thinking and effective communication • Strong spirit to solve issues • Understand your company – Project management – Operation Management • Return to day 1’s orientation
  • 3. Realistic life design: Lifetime salary Peaceful life
  • 4. Peaceful way is really peaceful? • May OK for normal expense: Food, house, car, … • NOK for unexpected: surgeons, restructured, … • Question: Really Japanese/American/European love his/her company? • Answer: NOPE, all people work for food because of suffer from being restructured in future
  • 5. – 2008, 2012, 2013 and from now on “no need to come tomorrow” is often used – Volume of restructuring: too many companies with sudden death due to bubble, … – In general, 10 ventures established and 9 is in bankrupt after 1 year, and 1 in ill situation – 3 years is needed to check survival of any company
  • 6. Why 3 years: company balance • Revenue vs Expense: Simply +, -, and SUM Question: Investors has enough money for 3 years from beginning? Or bankrupt on the way? Answer: Almost bankrupt
  • 7. MINDSET as Maslow theory • Love/belonging is too luxury • Only try to survive: Breath, food, water, sleep… HOW to be SURVIVAL???
  • 8. Strategy: work hard when young • Salary = Value  more value, more salary • Work hard, make value  save time  more work, more experience, more value • Maslow’s 2nd : Relief, safety – People love things “made in Japan” because of feeling safe – Seek relief in food, business partner … and in WORK  working hard make supervisors feel relief. • Loyalty make belief and being assigned important job  More value
  • 9. Strategy: work hard when young • Push pressure to PM: please give more works • Self PR with daily report • Hard to study after 35 • Time run fast from 25-35 • Hard to get job after 35 Nor you will become window-side people Additional reason
  • 10. Try to logical thinking • Salary = Value • Nothing is from GOD, all need long process of saving Integration(Math is not too far from life) • Believe on yourself and try to get relief from others • Excel, balance sheet: only +, -, (money is not naturally generated, just transfered from one to other)
  • 11. Strong spirit to solve issues • Ignored issue will cause delay, loss … later on • The day without issue is the day having issue Take easy to receive issue and solve it with strong spirit • Same in work, issue in private life also often occur and you need to solve with strong spirit • Methodology : Collect information and build up your own decision making standard
  • 12. Effective Communication
  • 13. Horenso • When issue happens, need to report to your line manager first and if possible, propose your action at same time or later then get their instruction, then you solve
  • 14. Way of working • Propose some options and suggest the best based on some detail criterias • You need work hard until enable to propose • If you see your boss a little irritate, you need to be sympathized and work harder/quicker
  • 15. When meeting • Confirm your understanding is same with intention of speaker • When talking with supervisor, you should respect them by compact time via focusing on keywords,… or talk faster
  • 16. Meeting minutes • Before meeting: needs agenda to focus on important points • Meeting minutes is not description of meeting progress • Focus only on conclusions, how(if technical) , next meeting(if having) • Conclusion must be “who do what until when” • Try to write MM within the day • Send mail to related people with correct manner of TO/CC/BCC • Meeting minutes show the logic thinking of MM writer and conductor
  • 17. Reason • 4 people with salary 5K US$/month meeting in 1.5hours, so the meeting value’s is 5000 US$ /168 hours * 1.5 hours* 4 people =178.6US$ • If not recording, không ghi thì – Task is not implemented – Loss value – Loss time to brainstorm, cause stress, – Supervisor cannot follow • Meeting minutes increase company value
  • 18. Mail • Top managers make decision: need information soonest and standard judge • Collect information: Top managers can reads mails among end teams  quick decision  more works  more value • Mail subjects to attract and positioning “[company name][division][project][important] …abc” • Write conclusion numbers want to discuss first • Write conclusion first and explanation later
  • 19. Understand a company
  • 20. Running IT venture • 15% for marketing, 300M$ for each year in case of DeNA, Gree, Line… • Need enough money for 3 years if ventures • Need at least 40,000 new users for each month for any SNS portal • Need focus on 1 field • Try and error until AHA moment of grow hack • Recruit 1.2-1.5 times than needed staffs due to high human resource liquidity and high cost of OT /outsourcing and of course often underestimation
  • 21. Managers who must know detail • Can give decision and solve problem quickly • Study/Work hard to understand technical, business logic, marketing, Business intelligent
  • 22. No VIP but still smooth run • Ready for worst case: top managers resign any time – Password is secured in envelop • Top managers’ duty: prepare successor • Network system need high availability for down time zero • All big companies has Business Continuity Plan by building back-up site • 2 children …
  • 23. Daily report • A staff: Task 1: from 20% to 30% : 4h: delay • A staff: Task 2: from 0% to 100% : 4h: on-schedule • Action: xxx So for 100% of task 1, A staff need 40 hours, 1 week Team leader need to check and adjust if A staff work on performance or not. If not, criticize him/her immediately and ask him/her to take action until delay is recovered
  • 24. Level up SENSE • Project manager estimate correctly • Team leader correctly estimate, solve problems • Testers know difficult cases and where need to focus • Business Analyst write detail to decrease Q&A • Marketing needs to know effective channel • … These sense can be built only via daily hard work
  • 25. 4E + 1C +1Q • Envision • Enable • Energize: not only incentive, need includes empower • Besides, try to criticize once a week in private or public • Question to make them thinking as your way
  • 27. Mindset • In project, team should work hard and even tough together. That is better than getting claims from Customer and explain to supervisor • Only 0 or 1; 0.99 will still be seen as 0 • Award to winner is always double of runner up, although the gap is 1-2 milisecond
  • 28. Project management • Task in schedule must be as detail as possible, even mailing, meeting,… all take times and belong project timeline • Especially, purchasing of IT hardware is take 2-3 months • High cost of OT fee and outsource in case of delay. • Check delay daily and try to action when being delay nor PM has to work hard to re-schedule •  team leader must re-arrange with others team to take responsibility for delay.
  • 29. Service design: code/test • Focus on smoothness of functions – Sign up – Sign in – Sending mail – Sign out – Payment – Communication among modules, systems – Logs – And other functions
  • 30. SRS, non-requirements • Make clear definition of – Functionality – OS – Browser – Response – Stress – Security – … As detail as possible (Almost companies do not have detail design) -Message is guide to action, not only display error having message design from beginning
  • 31. Design • Nowadays, graphical design become more important after Apple’s rise, after of satisfaction to Microsoft’s functionality • Not only end-user, back office staffs also need design to work all-day
  • 32. Solve problem • Make work flow and data flow • Check value at each node • Determine the fault area • Check value on setting, especially environment parameters • Write logs • Check setting
  • 33. Release • Write to-do list and checklist • Focus on testing as service design’s main point
  • 35. Interview • Background • Reason of leaving previous jobs • Logic thinking • Experience on big system • Understand of business logic • Biggest success/failure and his/her contribution/responsibility • Less previous company • Spirit to solve problems • Review tasks if leader
  • 36. Probation • Need to fire some in probation • Give some bonus if good performance Weekly PDCA • What is done and what to do next • Try to keep weekly
  • 37. Task Audit X: change by PIC name Grey out if done
  • 38. Join activities as many as possible • Lunch, tea-break • Sports: soccer, badminton, Ping-Pong • Entertainment: billiards, travel • Teambuilding • Weekly free talk • All communication is in English • Meeting at morning for new inspiration
  • 39. Sometimes need to remember feeling at DAY 1
  • 40. THANK YOU