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Innovative Leaders: New Leadership for Innovation and Growth by Peter Fisk
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Innovative Leaders: New Leadership for Innovation and Growth by Peter Fisk


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Leaders need to move from 2C to 4C behaviours in order to effectively drive smarter innovation and faster growth. Summary of Peter Fisk's keynote from Time Warner leadership summit, Hong Kong, June …

Leaders need to move from 2C to 4C behaviours in order to effectively drive smarter innovation and faster growth. Summary of Peter Fisk's keynote from Time Warner leadership summit, Hong Kong, June 2013.

Published in: Business, Education

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  • 1. Igniting the creative potential of
  • 2. The incredible world of
  • 4. VolatileUncertainComplexAmbiguous+genius
  • 5. VibrantUnREALCrazyAstounding
  • 6. worldchanging
  • 7. worldchanging
  • 8. Finding your tae kuk
  • 9. IDEAS business
  • 10. Making life better with
  • 11. ... Enabling moreMaking life better ...
  • 12. ... To empoweredFROM passive ...
  • 13. ... Act fasterThink bigger ...
  • 14. More Visionary
  • 15. More collaborative
  • 16. More POSSIBLE
  • 17. More CAPABLE
  • 18. More focused+genius
  • 19. More connected+genius
  • 20. More convenient
  • 21. More relevant+genius
  • 22. More HUMAN
  • 23. More significant+genius
  • 24. More SUSTAINABLE
  • 25. More EXPERIENtial+genius
  • 26. How do we innovate?
  • 27. Innovation© GeniusWorks 2012. All rights reserved.
  • 28. BusinessmodelFinanceNetworking2. Networkingenterprise’s structure/value chain1. Business modelhow the enterprise makesmoneyChannelDeliveryBrand Customerexperience10. Customer experience howyou create an overallexperience for customers9. Brandhow you express your offering’sbenefit to customersCoreprocessProcessEnablingprocess3. Enabling processassembled capabilities4. Core processproprietary processesthat add value6. Product systemextended system that surrounds an offeringProductperformanceOfferingProductsystemService7. Servicehow you service your customers5. Product performancebasic features, performance and functionality8. Channelhow you connect your offeringsto your customersHow do we innovate?
  • 29. Volume of innovation effortsLast 10 yearsBusinessmodelFinanceNetworking ChannelDeliveryBrand CustomerexperienceCoreprocessProcessEnablingprocessProductperformanceOfferingProductsystemServiceWhere we focused
  • 30. BusinessmodelFinanceNetworking ChannelDeliveryBrand CustomerexperienceCoreprocessProcessEnablingprocessProductperformanceOfferingProductsystemServiceCumulative value creationLast 10 yearsWhat impact it made
  • 31. What makes an innovative
  • 32. What do leaders do?
  • 33. Traditional leadershipDriven by your personal successManagers have the answersDefine the chosen directionManage consistency and efficiencyInnovative leadershipGuided by shared vision of successTeam have the better answersExplore and test opportunitiesEncourage change and innovation
  • 34. the most innovative leader?
  • 35. the most innovative leader?
  • 36. Leaders amplifythe potential of others
  • 37. TechniciansManagersWhatHowTasksDeliveryx5x25Leadership impact
  • 38. TechniciansManagersLeadersMotivatorsWhatHowWhereWhyTasksDeliveryDirectionPurposex5x25x50x150Leadership impact
  • 39. TechniciansManagersLeadersMotivatorsInspirersAmplifiersWhatHowWhereWhyWillWinTasksDeliveryDirectionPurposePassionTransformx5x25x50x150x1000xEnLeadership impact
  • 40. From 2C to 4c Leaders2CConventional leaders“top of the pyramid”Innovative leaders“hub of the network”4C
  • 41. 2c LeadersCommand Control
  • 42. 4c LeadersConnectCatalyseCommunicateCoach
  • 43. Leading through smarter faster
  • 44. How do you lead innovation?
  • 45. What does your office say?
  • 46. +geniusBusinessnarrowviewBusinessnarrowviewConsumerbroaderviewBusiness ConsumerThink like a consumer
  • 47. +geniustogetherness
  • 48. Playing games
  • 51. DRAMATIC+genius+geniusENABLING MORE
  • 52. Products topeopleGoodtoGreatProductstoPeopleMetoWeStatementtoStoriesConsistenttoDeviantSellingtoEnablingPassivetoParticipating
  • 53. NaturalauthenticTribalnichesDoinggoodSimplePleasureSmartvalue Products topeopleGoodtoGreatBeingHumanBrandedPlacesCreatingcontentMade bymeBeing amemberEnablemeDo moretogetherProductstoPeopleSpecialeditionsTwistand fuseFrom thefringesInspiringmeaningMetoWeStatementtoStoriesConsistenttoDeviantSellingtoEnablingCuratedsolutionsBuilding amovementProvokingdebateRight hereRight nowPassivetoParticipatingConnectingpeople
  • 54. Get out there …
  • 55. BrinG ideas toGether …
  • 56. spend more time …
  • 57. leaders as “catalyst”Catalyse
  • 58. “The consumer is ourboss …Everything we doshould be centredaround added morevalue to consumers… working with themto achieve it”AJ LafleyCEO P&G
  • 59. +genius“My two favouritequestions are‘Why?’ and ‘Why not?’I am constantlychallenging mycolleagues to thinkbigger and bolder”Sock Koong ChuaCEO SingTel
  • 60. “The best way todevelop ideas is tolook at other placesSpend time learningfrom other markets,other sectorsApply the best ideasfrom one sector intoanother”Fabrizio FredaCEO L’Oreal
  • 61. leaders as “communicator”Communicate
  • 62. “I can’t sit inheadquarters andpretend I’m in touch.Odds are, what we’reusing today will beobsolete in a fewyears.The past is never the -future. But it’s easy toget caught up in thepresent”Marc Benioff,
  • 63. +genius“The most importantof my role is to paint apicture of the futureThen everybody seeshow everything we domakes sense … andwhere we need to stopor start thingsWe are all in the futurebusiness”Indra NooyiCEO Pepsico
  • 64. “Our job is to help ourcustomers win.We do that bylistening, dreaming,exploring andresponding… with solutions thatenable them toachieve more”Jeff ImmeltCEO, GE
  • 65. leaders as “connector”Connect
  • 66. "We do not innovatearound products, butaround a flow or well-being experiences.Innovation is done bybiologists,pharmacists,marketers,sociologists,psychologists”Victor Fernandes,Natura Cosmetics
  • 67. Jack Ma+genius“As a leader, the way Iadd value to thebusiness is bybringing peopletogether… bringing internalteams together… and customers, andnew and unusualpartners too”Jack MaFounder, Alibaba
  • 68. “Few businesses cansucceed bythemselves today… collaboration is themost important factorin 21st centurybusiness”Bruce Rockowitz,CEO, Li and Fung
  • 69. leaders as “coach”Coach
  • 70. "In an entrepreneur,ambition outstripsresources and thatinequality forces theentrepreneur to thinkdifferently … Wevelearned to innovate byraising our ambitionsand constraining ourresources."Nitin Paranipe,Hindustan Unilever
  • 71. +genius“If you want to be anentrepreneur, gocreate your ownbusinessIf you want to work in abig company, you winby helping yourcolleagues to domore”Meg WhitmanCEO, HP
  • 72. “My best time is withmy peopleHelping them to thinkdifferent … to try newideas, to make themhappen, togetherAnd to have more funthan I could ever bymyself”Jeff BezosCEO, Amazon
  • 73. The best innovative leaders are
  • 74.