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3 Powerful Make Money Online Tips
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3 Powerful Make Money Online Tips


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In this report, you'll discover 3 powerful make money online tips. These make money online tips are not talked about that often and can truly make the difference between success and failure.

In this report, you'll discover 3 powerful make money online tips. These make money online tips are not talked about that often and can truly make the difference between success and failure.

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  • 1. 3 Incredibly Easy-To-Implement Tips That Can Multiply Your Internet Profits By 500% By Tony Wang Genius Profits © 2012. All Rights Reserved. Genius Profits.
  • 2. Hey, thanks for downloading this free report.This report that you hold in your handscontains3 simple ideas that havehelped me make tens of thousands of dollars in online profits. In the sameway, they will also help you achieve amazing results for yourself when youimplement them.If you‟ve gone through all the ebooks and training courses, but don‟t havemuch to show for it, then this report is for you.If you‟ve ever felt that the gurus who are holding back information fromyou, that there‟s just too much to learn, or there‟s some secret or unknownknowledge that‟s preventing you from success, then this report is definitelyfor you.I used to be in a similar boat. I bought Clickbank products like it was myjob.I collected more WSOs than college textbooks during my 4 years atPenn State.After first finding out about internet marketing 6 years ago, I becamehooked. Over the years, I kept trying to find the perfect online businessopportunity that would allow me to enjoy streams of passive income andunlimited time freedom.Eventually, it finally dawned on me that I was spending more moneybuying products than I was actually making, I started getting worried. Iknew this horrible habit was hurting my finances, but for some reason, Icouldn‟t stop and kept consuming, hoping to find the magic solution in thenext product.But I could never find that magic pill.It got so bad that whenever I sat down to work, I got this clenching feelingin my gut that I had been scammed with this whole make money fromhome promise. Maybe I was just wasting my time and moneytryingtheseonline schemes. © 2012. All Rights Reserved. Genius Profits.
  • 3. As you can imagine, this killed my productivity and focus, making me feeleven worse about myself.Not only was I embarrassed to admit to my friends and family that I wasn‟tmaking a dime online, I felt more and more lonely because of the amountof time I spent in front of the computer. I felt extremely stressed about thegap between my dreams of “being my own boss” and my actual reality.I began to grow resentful of all the marketing promises that were madebut had not been fulfilled.One day, I started wonderingif it was my personal mindsets and habits thatwere responsible for my lack of success, andnot the actual techniquestaught in the courses I bought.I started studying business mindset material. I read tons of classic wealth-creation books, a few of which you‟ll find at the end of this report, in theresources section.I started to see where I was screwing up; where my incorrect thinking andhabits were preventing me from making my desired income online.After making an effort to correct these, things finally started to “click”.Soon, I had my first $500 week. A few weeks later, I had my first $3,000week. A few months later, I had my first $2,000 day!I noticed an interesting pattern: whenever I implemented the 3 tips you‟reabout to learn, the money would roll in. And whenever I didn‟t follow them,I would hit a dry patch.This was extremely eye-opening because for the first time, I realized that itwasn‟t faulty strategies and lack of clear step-by-step explanation in the IMcourses I was buying that were causing me to fail, but how I was goingabout building my online business.In this report, you‟ll learn the top 3 ideas that made the biggest differencefor me. These tips are easy to implement and when you follow them, you‟ll © 2012. All Rights Reserved. Genius Profits.
  • 4. find yourself lot closer to your goal of financial freedom and havingmore time to do the things you truly want.Let‟s get into it, shall we? © 2012. All Rights Reserved. Genius Profits.
  • 5. Success Tip #1: MakeSpeed of Implementation Your #1 PriorityEben Pagan says that the number one thing that separates successfulentrepreneurs from those who fail is speed of implementation.Speed of implementation is how fast you take action on an idea after youfirst learn about it.As you can probably guess, the faster you can take action, the higher yourchance of success.Many people get stuck in trying to figure out all the pieces of the puzzlebefore doing anything. They try to research every little detail and doeverything right. As a result, they often end up with the debilitating habitof analysis paralysis.However, when successful business people hear an idea, they immediatelyapply it to their business, without the unnecessary over-thinking.The 60 Second Rule For Making Decisions“A good decision today is better than a perfect decision tomorrow” -Winston ChurchillJason Fladlien taught me something called the “60-second-rule”. The ruleis simple: take no more than 60 seconds to make a decision.Why? Because delaying a decision is worse than making the wrongdecision. You can fix bad decisions, but you can‟t fix indecision.When you make this a habit, you‟ll be amazed at how much more youaccomplish.Keep in mind that the 60 second rule applies to decisions that won‟tdrastically affect your business or life. If you‟re deciding which house tobuy, you should obviously spend longer than 60 seconds. If you‟re decidingwhich color to use for your website, then spend no more than 60 seconds.Study To Action Ratio © 2012. All Rights Reserved. Genius Profits.
  • 6. In the internet marketing world, there‟s SO much information that it wouldbe impossible to apply everything. There‟s just not enough time.The solution is to follow a minimum baseline ratio of time you spend takingaction to time you spend learning or studying.From now on, maintain a study:action ratio of 1 to 1. Meaning take 1 hourof focused action for every 1 hour you spend learning.This is the minimum ratio you should start with. As soon as possible, youwant to start ramping up that ratio and start taking 2 hours of action forevery 1 hour of studying. Then 3, then 4 and so on.I noticed that the times when I was making the most money online werethe times when I was taking the most action and doing things. And theperiods where I was barely making anything were the times when I wouldget caught up in trying to learn everything and make everything perfect.Action StepsTake out a post-it note right now and write these 3 things on it: Speed of Implementation 60 Second Rule 1:1 Study:Action RatioPost this somewhere near your computer where you can see it every day.Do this. Right now!When you start developing the habit of making decisions taking actionquickly, you‟ll build positive momentum and consistently stay in “actionmode”. You‟ll accomplish (and profit) more in a few days than what youused to in weeks! © 2012. All Rights Reserved. Genius Profits.
  • 7. Success Tip #2: Stick To ONE Business and ONE Business OnlyMany newbie internet marketers tend todevelop “shiny object syndrome”.They abandon whatever they‟re currently working to and jump on thelatest money-making opportunity. This overly-opportunistic mindset can beone of the biggest obstacles to your success.I‟ll admit, I was a victim to this type of thinking when I first started. Iwould always rationalize that the business I was currently working onwasn‟t worth the work I was putting in and my next business, which I willbuild with total commitment and dedication, was.After I got bored with the initial excitement and passion of starting againfrom scratch, I would find a new make-money-online opportunity and thevicious cycle would repeat.If you find yourself constantly starting new projects, but never finishingthem, then you too are the victim of opportunistic thinking.If you‟re quitting your current project because you hit a road bump, whatmakes you won‟t quit the next time you hit a road bump.If I had to start all over again, this is what I would do: I would find amarketer that I really connect with and buy his flagship product. Then, Iwould follow only his stuff and no one else‟s.If an issue came up, that stopped me from proceeding to the next step, Iwould try to get that issue resolved as quickly as possible. And if anotherpotentially profitable business opportunity shows up, I would quickly say noto it.In practice, this means you should only be do the things that will help growthe business you‟re currently working on. Only buy new products if theydirectly relate your current business (read: do not become a WSO-whore).Is One Type Of Online Business More Profitable Than Another? © 2012. All Rights Reserved. Genius Profits.
  • 8. The other important thing is to not fall into the thinking that one specificbusiness model is more profitable than another.By the way, if you find yourself buying a lot of internet marketing products,but not using many of them, you probably notice that you feel better aboutyourself and your chances of success immediately after you buy them.Why is this? You feel that each product you buy will make your successeasier, since it contains information that you need to know. You believethat success will automatically happen when you have the right resourcesor some secret information.This, of course, is not true. What will determine your success is not yourresources (products, software, knowledge), but your resourcefulnessand ability to take focused action (speed of implementation). From now on,stop spending the majority of your time looking for resources and insteadfully leverage what you have and focus on executing your projects, goalsand important activities.There is no single “easiest”, “fastest”, or “lowest-risk” way to success ininternet marketing. And that‟s something you‟ll rarely hear any “goo-roo”admit.For example, a Facebook marketing goo-roowill always claim that Facebookis one the easiest, fastest way to make money online. After all, he‟s tryingto sell his Facebook course, so why would he say anything otherwise?I have friends who make thousands per day with affiliate marketing. I alsohave friends who make thousands per day from selling their own products.I‟ve made thousands in a day with website-flipping.My friends and I are not successfulbecausewe‟re in the business ofaffiliatemarketing, website flipping or product creation business. We‟re successfulbecause wecommitted to our business models and figured out, over time,what works and what doesn‟t.Action Steps © 2012. All Rights Reserved. Genius Profits.
  • 9. Make a commitment to finish building a business you‟ve been working onor started on in the past but quit.I know it can be tempting to start over from scratch and tell yourself thatthis time, you‟ll do everything perfect, but instead, go with you already got.Commit the next 30 days to focusing exclusively on this project. Thismeans do not even consider any new money making opportunities- nomatter how simple or hands-free they seem.(It‟s fine to purchase products that are related to your business and willhelp you. For example, if you do video marketing, then it‟s totally fine todownload the latest YouTube course since it probably contains informationthat may help you. It wouldn‟t be smart to get a Facebook coursehowever)When you try this, you might begin to have doubts that continuing whatyou‟ve doing is a waste of time/money and not going to work, keep inmind that these doubts and worries are just a habitual way of thinking thathave prevented you from succeeding in the past.See them as just that- mere thoughts. Don‟t make them into reality andpress onwards.At the end of the 30 days, you may be surprised with how much you‟veaccomplished. Chances are, you will be making much more progress andmoney than you imagined. © 2012. All Rights Reserved. Genius Profits.
  • 10. Success Tip #3: Create A Must-DoList With Time LimitsIf you‟ve ever felt worried that you don‟t have enough time in your day todo the things you need or want, then you‟ll love this tip.In internet marketing, there are an infinite number of things we can do togrow our business and make more money. We can always be creatingmore content, getting more traffic, tweaking our conversions, and so on.That‟s why it‟s crucially important to pinpoint the few tasks that willactually make us the money and focus most of our efforts on those. Whenyou do this, you‟ll be doing the things that actually put money into yourbank account, rather than waste your time on something that won‟t makemuch of a difference in the end.This is exactly what a Must-Do list will help you accomplish. This is not ato-do list where you write down every new task that pops up in your headand hope you‟ll get around to doing it (chances are,you never will).This is a list that you must complete by the end of the day. You can‟t goto sleep without finishing them. Imagine someone held a gun and wouldshoot you unless you got everything done. Treat it that seriously!Again, this list is not for things you would like to get done. Create aseparate list for that and work on those if you have time.Your Must-Do list is where you write your most important priorities; thecrucial things in your business that result in profits.Here’s How ToCreate Your Must-Do list, Step By Step1. Write down all the tasks you need to complete in the short term (thisweek). Then, identify the top 20% that are the most important and need toget done first.2. Think about exactly what you would need to do in order to do each taskwell and give yourself a time limit (x minutes or x hours).Write that timelimit next to the task. © 2012. All Rights Reserved. Genius Profits.
  • 11. 3. Start doing the tasks on your list the first thing when you sit down towork every day. Don‟t check email or Facebook. Turn your phone off. Lockyourself in your room. Remember, someone has a gun to your head!This may seemoverly simple, but unless you are already creating lists andsetting deadlines, do not discount how powerfulthis system is.I used this exact task-management system to create a product that sold5x as much compared to a previous product I created without thissystem. Not only did I make more money, I also spent 8x as LESS time!Why is setting time limits and deadlines for ourselves so important (andprofitable)?See, when you set time limits and deadlines, your force yourself to finishthe task in the allocated time. This is known as Parkinson’s Law, whichstates, “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”.For example, If you gave yourself 2 hours to create a 500 word article,you‟d probably take your time with researching, writing, and proofreadingyour article.But if you gave yourself a strict 30-minute time limit, you‟d still geteverything done, but you would work faster because you have the pressureof a deadline. If you‟ve never tried this, you‟d be surprised at howefficiently you can complete the same task, without sacrificing much inquality.Here‟s an example of my short-term tasks list for Genius Profits… Finish free report (what you‟re reading right now) Create squeeze page Buy domain from Name Cheap Install Wordpress Install theme and plugins Play around with theme to make everything look pretty Write About page © 2012. All Rights Reserved. Genius Profits.
  • 12. Write an epic blog post Publish post Set up list Write an epic guest post Contact bloggers and offer guest post Create epic forum post Create 20 Q and A videosThis list isn‟t complete, but you can see that I have blog admin tasks,content tasks and traffic tasks.Right now, I‟m not going to worry about traffic or blog stuff. Some peoplewant to have a clean looking website up first, but I don‟t care about thatstuff. I want to focus on having killer content ready first.So my Must-Do items for today are… Finish free report Write „About‟ page Write an epic first blog postI‟m not going to go to sleep until I complete these 3 things.Next I‟m going to set a time limit for each one, based on my estimation ofhow long it will take me to do a good job. Finish free report (3 hours) Write „About‟ page (30 minutes) Create an epic first blog post (4 hours)I‟m going to hold myself to those deadlines.Sure I can spend 2 hours creating the perfect „About‟ page for my blog. Butwill that extra 90 minutes really be worth it?It‟s hard to say, but I think making it “good enough” and moving on to thenext tasks is a much better strategy than aiming for perfection anddelaying action and implementation. © 2012. All Rights Reserved. Genius Profits.
  • 13. (By the way, I‟m perfectly fine with spending significantly more time oncreating content for my audience because I want put out the highest-quality stuff possible.)Tomorrow, my Must-Do list will probably look something like: Buy domain (5 minutes) Install Wordpress (5 minutes) Install themes and plugins (15 minutes- I use a template so it doesn‟t take that long) Create squeeze page (30 minutes) Play around with theme to make everything look pretty (30 minutes) Publish About page and blog post (10 minutes) Set up list (30 minutes)I‟m sure I can spend all day playing around with the theme and making mynew blog look nice. But a much prettier theme going to make me a lotmore money? I doubt it.I would rather spend 30 minutes tweaking the theme so it‟s “good enough”and move on to more important tasks – publishing my content and settingup my list.The day after, I‟m going to start doing the tasks to get traffic.Hopefully you now understand the importance of creating deadlines forevery task you do. Doing so refocuses you on the big picture and preventyou from getting stuck on one particular thing that probably won‟t makemuch a difference anyways.Action StepUsing a pen and paper (I prefer actual pen/paper to typing on thecomputer), create your own Must-Do list.Fill out this list for the next day‟s tasks before you go to sleep, or beforeyou start working every day. © 2012. All Rights Reserved. Genius Profits.
  • 14. It will take some getting used to at first since you‟re probably not in thehabit of setting deadlines. Keep at it and eventually, you‟ll be a productivitymachine!You might be wondering, how what does becoming more productive haveto do with making money?Um, everything!Imagine what it would be like to finish every project you start, in less timethan you expected? Would you agree that you would probably be a lotfarther along and raking in bigger profitsthan you currently are right now? © 2012. All Rights Reserved. Genius Profits.
  • 15. I want to thank you again for reading this report. Hopefully, your eyeswere opened to some of your blind spots and sticking points.It doesn‟t matter if you‟re getting personalized training from the mostsuccessful IM guru, I can‟t imagine success in internet marketing withoutthese principles.These 3 tips you have just finished reading about have made all thedifference in my life and I sincerely hope that you also apply these so youcan enjoy great success and higher profits in your online business.To Your Success,Tony WangP.S.~For more actionable strategies for making money online, I suggestyou sign up for my free “Internet Profits Fast Track” mini-course overat my blog: © 2012. All Rights Reserved. Genius Profits.
  • 16. ResourcesThese are amazing books that have helped me a ton so I highlyrecommend you check them out as well:Secrets of The Millionaire Mind – T Harv Eker And Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill Psychology of Winning – Denis Waitley Fastlane – MJ DeMarco © 2012. All Rights Reserved. Genius Profits.