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Design Work Samples

  1. 1. [CONFERENCES MARKETING COLLATERAL] [PLANADVISER NATIONAL CONFERENCE 2009] MATERIALS • Invitation (online/print) • Print and Online Ads • Sponsorship Marketing pieces • Dinner Program • ustom binder C (includes cover with logos of the sponsors of the event, custom dividers, agenda, attendees and exhibitors list, and notes pages) • osters (oversize posters with with P logos of the sponsors of the event, magazine covers, golf tournament) PANC-Main-45.5x60.indd 1 9/2/09 2:39 PM • Directional signs • Podium signs • Sponsored gifts signs • versized agenda signs for O each room • Custom bags with logo • Slide Presentations • Nametags • Tent Cards (small and large) • Stickers for Newspapers 1 8/5/10 4:07 PM
  2. 2. [CONFERENCES MARKETING COLLATERAL] [PLANADVISER NATIONAL CONFERENCE 2009] MATERIALS • HTML Invitation • Website (HTML CSS) • Print and Online Ads planadviser–panc09–web site planadviser–panc09 print ad planadviser–panc09–online promo To register or for a full agenda Click here Sept. 23–25, 2009 Orlando, Florida planadviser–panc09–HTML invitemktgmat-MV2010.indd 2 8/5/10 4:07 PM
  3. 3. [CONFERENCES MARKETING COLLATERAL] [IRIRC Conference] MATERIALS • oncept Design of C Poster, podium • inder: Cover, Agenda, B attendees list, and Notes pages • Nametags PLANSPONSOR IRIRC conference–poster sign PLANSPONSOR IRIRC conference–podium sign PLANSPONSOR IRIRC conference–bindermktgmat-MV2010.indd 3 8/5/10 4:07 PM
  4. 4. [CONFERENCES MARKETING COLLATERAL] [LOGOS]mktgmat-MV2010.indd 4 8/5/10 4:07 PM
  5. 5. [CONFERENCES MARKETING COLLATERAL] [PLANSPONSOR + PLANADVISER AWARDS 2009] MATERIALS - (Concept Design) • Invitation (online/print) April 2, 2009 Pier 60, Chelsea Piers New York City • Print and Online Ads • Sponsorship Marketing pieces 1 Program_p4.indd 1 3/23/09 12:12:39 PM • Main posters Awards for PLANSPONSOR + planadviser 09 Lifetime Achievement Award Excellence April 2, 2009 Pier 60 Chelsea Piers New York City • vent Programs E Awards for PLANSPONSOR invites you to the Awards for Excellence 2009. Walter W. Bettinger II planadviser Excellence Walt Bettinger, at 22, started his own retirement plan The awards dinner will honor: • Slide presentations services company, The Hampton Company. That company * Lifetime Achievement Award was bought by Charles Schwab in 1995—13 years later * Plan Sponsors of the Year (public, corporate, nonprofit, 403(b) and 457) Bettinger was named President and Chief Executive Officer * Plan Adviser and Adviser Team of the Year of Schwab, which services $1 trillion of client assets in 300 * 2008 DC Survey Standouts locations around the U.S. April 2, 2009 • Plaques / Awards Charles Schwab is a storied name in financial circles, Pier 60 Chelsea Piers, New York City but its focus on the defined contribution space is, in large part, a function of Walt’s focus and belief in workplace- 6:00 p.m. Cocktails sponsored plans. Today, Schwab services 1.5 million 7:00 p.m. Dinner with awards to follow retirement plan participants, and has been a consistent innovator when it comes to issues like open architecture Immediately following the awards, we will be hosting an after-dinner • odium signs P and advice. cocktail reception. All are invited to stay and continue to enjoy the company of your peers. • Nametags • Table Cards INVITATION Sponsor is asked to submit a logo (Adobe Illustrator vector files) to be included in the evening’s onscreen AV presentation during the awards dinner as well as for print materials. SponSorShip informAtion | Foster Wright | (203) 595.3280 | GenerAl informAtion | Carol Popkins | (203) 595.3282 | • Sponsorship signs Program_p5-A.indd 6 3/24/09 7:12:25 PM tablenos-SJ.indd 1 3/27/09 9:49:37 AM PSPAAW09 Spon_p3.indd 1 1/12/09 10:39:14 AM Retirement Plan Adviser of the Year Finalist Steven Dimitriou Mayflower Advisors, LLC plaque-PAoY.indd 1mktgmat-MV2010.indd 5 8/5/10 4:07 PM
  6. 6. [CONFERENCES MARKETING COLLATERAL] [SERVICLEAN VISUAL IDENTITY ] MATERIALS New Logo Old Logo • Redesign logo (Concept Design) • Stationary and Business Cards • Brochure Spanish English • Labels • Gift Cerificate SERVICLEAN-LABEL-BIG-2.5X2-V1.pdf 3/14/09 11:20:03 AM C M Y CM MY CY RESIDENTIAL + COMMERCIAL P.O. BOX 501 I New CaNaaN, CT 06840 CMY P. 2 0 3 . 8 0 1. 9 5 4 4 I F. 2 0 3 . 5 9 4 .17 8 7 email : diego.o spina @ ser t Kmktgmat-MV2010.indd 6 8/5/10 4:07 PM
  7. 7. [CONFERENCES MARKETING COLLATERAL] letterhead-master.pdf 2/21/08 9:59:40 PM letterhead-master.pdf 2/21/08 9:59:40 PM P.O. BOX 501 I NEW CANAAN, CT 06840 I P.: 203 801 9999 I F.: 203 594 1787 Toll Free: 1.866.984 6943 I P.O. BOX 501 I NEW CANAAN, CT 06840 I P.: 203 801 9999 I F.: 203 594 1787 Toll Free: 1.866.984 6943 I Su Oportunidad para Comenzar un Nuevo Negocio! Your Opportunity to Start a New Business! PHOTO ID CARD USA, eS UnA emPReSA DebIDAmenTe RegISTRADA en lOS eSTADOS UnIDOS PHOTO ID CARD USA, IS A COmPAny PROPeRly RegISTeReD In THe UnITeD STATeS wITH mORe COn mAS De 15 AñOS De exPeRIenCIA en ATenCIOn Al PUblICO. nos dedicamos a la elaboración de THAn 15 yeARS exPeRIenCe SeRvIng THe PUblIC. we produce personal identification cards (ID tarjetas de identificación personales utilizando la más alta tecnología que existe en el mercado. cards) using the ighest technology that exists on the market. h miles de personas llegan a este país diariamente y es necesario un documento de identificación Thousands of persons come to this country everyday and each needs a card identifying them by el cual sostenga su domicilio, lugar donde residen y que identifique quienes son. esta información C name and address. PHOTO ID CARD USA maintains a registry of its customers for verification of card se registra en las tarjetas elaboradas por PHOTO ID CARD USA. Por lo mismo, una identificación es C data. This is essential to your customers in their daily lives. esencial en el diario vivir de sus clientes. M M [PHOTO ID USA VISUAL IDENTITY] Y Y we wOUlD lIke TO InvITe yOU TO beCOme One Of OUR DISTRIbUTORS. we will provide you CM nUeSTRO InTeReS eS el De InvITARlO A PeRTenenCeR A nUeSTRA CADenA De ISTRIbUIDOReS. D with all the necessary tools to start your business. by becoming one of our distributors you will begin nosotros le proveeremos todos los instrumentos necesarios para comenzar su negocio Al convertirse . CM a profitable business providing a responsible and serious service to the public. MY CY en uno de nuestros distribuidores usted comenzará un negocio lucrativo y al mismo tiempo brindará , MY un servicio esponsable y serio al público. r CY CMY Please visit our web page, or call us toll free at 1-866-984-6943 from monday to friday from 9am to 5 pm and Saturday from 9am to 1pm (eastern Standard Time), CMY K Porfavor visite nuestra página web, o llámenos a nuestro teléfono gratis K or you can send us an -mail to and we will be pleased to assist you. e 1-866-984-6943 de lunes a viernes de 9am a 5pm y Sabados de 9am a 1pm (hora del este) o envienos un correo electrónico a la siguiente dirección y con gusto lo atenderemos. PHOTO ID CARD USA STRICTly COmPlIeS wITH All STATe lAwS, gUIDelIneS AnD ReqUIRemenTS In PRODUCIng IDenTIfICATIOn CARDS. PHOTO ID CARD USA CUmPle eSTRICTAmenTe COn TODAS lAS leYeS, RegUlACIOneS Y ReQUeRImenTOS PARA elAbORAR TARJeTAS De IDenTIFICACIOn. we are sending you one of our cards so you can appreciate the professional quality of our p roduct. le estamos enviando una tarjeta muestra para que pueda apreciar la calidad de nuestro MATERIALS p roducto. Thank you, muchas gracias, PHOTO ID CARD USA PHOTO ID CARD USA • Logo (Concept Design) Ya está aqui su tarjeta! • usiness Letters, labels and other B Your card is here! m ­ iscellaneous materials in Spanish English • Flash Website (Spanish English) • ID Designs, card holders sign-8x11spa-R1.pdf 3/14/09 10:33:46 AM sign-8x11eng-R1.pdf 3/14/09 10:37:06 AM C C • 4 AÑOS DE VALIDEZ • 4 YEARS VALIDITY M M Y Y • EXPEDIDA LEGALMENTE • LEGALLY ISSUED CM CM MY MY CY CY CMY K • RESIDENTES/NO RESIDENTES CMY K • RESIDENTS/NON–RESIDENTS 1-866-984-6943 1-866-984-6943 1-866-984-MYID 1-866-984-MYID SOLICITELAAQUI! SOLICITELA AQUI 1-866-534-6943 • SOLICITELA AQUI APPLY HERE! 1-866-534-6943 • www.photoidcardusa.commktgmat-MV2010.indd 7 8/5/10 4:08 PM
  8. 8. [CONFERENCES MARKETING COLLATERAL] HSB GLOBAL STANDARDS MATERIALS • Print Ads • Brochures, Handouts, postcardmktgmat-MV2010.indd 8 8/5/10 4:08 PM
  9. 9. [CONFERENCES MARKETING COLLATERAL] [CIOS NY 2010] MATERIALS - (Concept Design) • Invitation (online/print) • Print and Online Ads • Sponsorship Marketing pieces • Signs: Poster, podium • Slide presentations • Nametags • inder: Cover, Agenda, attendees list, B and Notes pages 9 8/5/10 4:08 PM
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