Gxusa sd in action   daniel
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  • Good morning. My name is Carlos Canessa and I’m a project manager in Genexus USA. I hope you all had a great time yesterday in the dinner, I know I did. We all enjoyed Gary Proctor’s presentation and now we will continue to have fun unveiling our cool new generator.Yesterday Gaston was telling us the vision behind the smart device generator and what we can do today. In this presentation I wanted to bring the concept home by developing a real case scenario application while we are here and then we will discuss how we did it. For that I asked Daniel Coellar our Technical Manager to share the presentation with me and help me build the application.
  • (Vince needs to change this image for Restaurants Inc)Let’s see what is our real case scenario, We have Joe, the owner of Restaurant’s Inc. which they own a chain of steak houses. Apart from making fine dining they also have a good web site where you can see the menu and order from the website.However Restaurant’s Inc now is thinking about giving better ways to their clients to order their foor through smart devices.
  • So by using Joe’s situation we are going to walk through the opportunities in the applications brought by smart devices, and how we can take advantage of those opportunities with our new generator to build multi-platform applications very fast. We are going to build a smart device application to show case the features the generator already has, how it works and how fast you can build applications and lastly we invite you to develop application with this generator and influence the features of this generator to fit the needs of real business applications that bring value to the table.
  • So back to Joe’s let review his needs and in the next 35 minutes we will be building a smart device application that will work in Android, IOS and Blackberry to accommodate Joe’s needs.Joe needs can be seen as this requirements: display his menu in a way that make’s you hungry, allow customers to place orders, share customer events and make it very easy to locate his stores.
  • Throughthe use of transactionsweexposethem as web servicesrestsettingtheseproperties (add a screen capture of theproperties). You can also use proceduresordataproviderstobetherest web services.Thenwe use thepatternsto define theuser interface and theactions (addscreen capture)Nowwe are in thebuildprocess (add a graphicthatisbuilding) thatwillgeneratethe BD and servicesforthe server side, and compile thedifferentprojects (changeimage of theapps) tohavetheapplicationrunning in eachsmartdevice.Nowlet’s look in more detailtheavailablefunctionality
  • In order to integrate with the native device functionality we use domains with semantics. In Joe’s application we used email, address, geolocation, image and phone.The domains with semantic have the knowledge of how they should be displayed in every different smart device. They contain not only the knowledge of the device integration but all the neccesary settings for that domain to be able to work in each smart device.They make devices’ integrated very easy to do.
  • Then when we needed to integrate with the calendar we use apis. Apis allow us to integrate with other functionality of the device that requires an interface such as calendar, or boradcastingapis to twitter or facebook to name a few.
  • We also used user controls such as maps for the location of the restaurants but there are more user controls we can use at the level of the form or at the level of the attribute
  • Now let’s go back to see the application we built
  • After seeing the application apart from this question which is yes, lunch will be provided, you might have other questions such as
  • Security is a big concern in any new technology and for that we offer integrated security through the GAM which is our native security manager to resolve authentication through rest services which is what the SD needs.GAM provide different level of authentication through Rest Services and provide a backoffice that resolves the security backend and provide apis to integrate to other security schemas to achieve single signon with existing security schemas.
  • As Gaston mentioned in his presentation we can define a layout per platform and we can customize the experience in each platform by further defining how the data will be display per view, the theme it will have per platform and the platform that will be used.
  • And if the themes are not enough for a desired user experience we can use user controls that will either be provided out of the box with GeneXus or can be developed by other companies like us. GeneXus USA is currently working in developing user controls for the smart devices that will extend the set of user controls that can be used in the pattern.
  • So basically we have seen in this demo how we can build multi-platforms applications very fast and by default much more cost effective. We also saw between this presentation and Gaston’s where our beta generator is and where we want to take it. However we cannot do this ourselves, we want to have the best generator in the market and for that we need you. We invite you to build application with this beta generator, stay connected, take advantage of the synergy of the community and help us influence the generator through our needs to have the best generator in the market. GeneXus USA is committed to work hand in hand with ARTech to build real applications, extend the generator building user controls and have the pulse of the US community. So we invite you to do the same, work together, work smart, take advantage of this tremendous opportunity and together get the best possible results.
  • Thank you!

Gxusa sd in action   daniel Gxusa sd in action daniel Presentation Transcript

  • Smart Devices Generator
    In Action
    Daniel Coellar, Technical Manager, GeneXusUSA
    Carlos Canessa, Project Manager, GeneXusUSA
  • The Scenario
  • The SD opportunity
    Create multi-platform applications
    Interact with native functions of the phone easily
    Build the database, backend, rest services and interface in one tool
    Build applications very fast to take advantage of new market opportunities
    Opportunity to influence the generator
    With GeneXus Smart Devices Generator we can achieve this and much more…we invite you to help us make it as good as it can be.
  • The Requirements
  • DEMO
  • The Requirements
  • BD
    Expose as Web Services (REST)
    Web API
    Declare Pattern Based User Interface
    Let’s review what we did
  • Genexus Domains
  • Smart Devices Api
  • UserControls
  • The application
  • Whataboutsecurity?
  • What about flexibility?
  • What about extensibility?
  • Invitation
    Build applications faster,
    build application smarter
    Help us make the best SD generator in the market
  • Be Smart Device Ready
    Smart Device Generator Lab
    1:30 – 2:30
    Birds of a feather for Smart Device
    Nicolas Jodal, Gaston Milano
    2:00 – 2:30
    Thank you!