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Google cloud platform intro   abril 2014 (1)solsona
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Google cloud platform intro abril 2014 (1)solsona


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  • 1. Relaciones con Desarrolladores América Latina Francisco Solsona +solsona Nick Bortolotti +NicolasBortolotti Alvar López +AlvarLopez 2014 - Q2
  • 2. Por 15 años, Google ha construido la infraestructura de nube más poderosa del planeta.
  • 3. Images by Connie Zhou Visita un centro de datos en street view
  • 4. 3M de búsquedas 1000 nuevos dispositivos 100 horas 1000M usuarios 1000M usuarios 100M gigabytes y también... 1000M dispositivos activos 1 minuto a escala Google La confianza viene del software 1 dispositivo MTBF = 10 años 100K dispositivos (servers, routers, networking, power supplies, cooling, …) MTBF = 1 hora
  • 5. Ritmo en la innovación en software Spanner/F1DremelMapReduce Big Table Colossus 2012 20132002 2004 2006 2008 2010 GFS Omega Cloud Storage BigQuery Cloud Datastore Cloud Storage Cloud SQL Cloud Datastore Compute Compute Engine App Engine App Services BigQuery Cloud Endpoints Storage Google Cloud Platform
  • 6. IaaS / PaaS: ¿Cómo seleccionar? IaaS Infrastructure-as-a-Service PaaS Platform-as-a-Service Compute Engine App Engine Compute Workload Hadoop, simulation software Web Workload Mobile Backend unpredictable load, autoscaling Capabilities check Language not supported PaaS (not Java, Python, PHP or Go) need root access to VMs C++ libraries web sockets SI NO Background processing possible on both Google Compute Engine Images by Connie Zhou
  • 7. Project VMs: ● Debian or CentOS ○ Pronto: RedHat, SUSE y Windows Server 2008 ● shared core or 1 - 16 cores ● Up to 60GB of RAM API:JSONoverHTTP CLI Code UI Persistent Disk Cloud Storage VM VM VM VM VM Load balancing Firewall Private Network Internet Compute Engine Arquitectura + Compute Engine MinuteSort nuevo record en 2013 ordenar 15mil millones de entradas de 100 bytes en 59sec 1.5TB de datos, 4200 cores
  • 8. 1,000,000 solicitudes por segundo balanceador de carga sin hacer "pre-warming" Sub-hour billing Persistent IP addresses Fast boot times Shearable persistent disks... 10 other benefits: Google App Engine Python, Java, PHP, Go
  • 9. LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM Web server Operating System App server etc... This scales fast and efficiently LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM LVM This scales A True PaaS LVM = Language-specific virtual machine Multi- tenant User Service Sockets Image Service Mail Service Logs API Mem- cache Data- store Task Queue URL Fetch Search Cloud SQL Datastore (NoSQL) or cloud SQL App Engine arquitectura de app Memcache stateless front instances stateless load balancing cloud storage Internet HTTP servicios disponibles: and more...
  • 10. ¡Intercambio de 400M de fotos por día! rechazaron una oferta de $3mil millones de Facebook *DAU (Daily Average Users) May 2011 Jan. 2012 July 2012 Dec. 2012 500K 1 Million 2.5 Million 100,000 DAU* Opened a premier account. Scaling SongPop with App Engine & Cloud Storage 500,000 DAU* Denormalized Datastore data & used Memcache to reduce latency. 1,000,000 DAU* after a year. Datastore index optimizations. 0 2,400,000 DAU* and serving 17TB a day from cloud storage “Only one engineer working full-time on the backend portion of our app”
  • 11. GetAround: TechCrunch disrupt winners huge traffic spike while the whole team is on stage Images by Connie Zhou
  • 12. Referencias ● InfoWorld: "Google is fastest, Azure is slowest, and Amazon is priciest" ● Google Cloud Platform Live March 25, 2014 ● GCP at Github us$500 en créditos en GCP 1. 2. Apply Now 3. dr-con Aplicaciones, cómputo, almacenamiento y servicios de big data.