2012 swclc vote record


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2012 swclc vote record

  1. 1. Southwest California Legislative Council OCTOBER 25, 2012 Southwest California Legislative Council Vote Record: Major Bills 2012This report for the second year of the This Year2011–2012 legislative session focuses on While our legislators did not agree withCalifornia legislators’ floor votes on the the SWCLC 100% of the time this year,Southwest California Legislative the reasons they did not were (mostly)Councils priority bills. understandable.This is the 7th vote record the SWCLC hascompiled. The SWCLC publishes this For example, AB 369 (Huffman) andreport in response to numerous requests by AB 1000 (Perea) were health care billsmember firms and coalition members that intended to control certain costs forwould like a gauge by which to measure prescription drugs and cancerthe performance of their legislators. treatment. While the bills might have conflicted with SWCLC goals toPartial Picture contain costs for businesses, from aNo vote record can tell the entire story of a humanitarian perspective the billslegislator’s attitude and actions on issues might have represented good policy.of importance to business. Each year,legislators cast thousands of votes on Senators Emmerson and Anderson andthousands of proposed laws. To fully Assemblyman Nestande disagreed withevaluate your legislative representative, our position on AB 369, Senatorconsult the legislative journals and Emmerson and Assemblymen Jeffriesexamine your legislator’s votes in and Nestande disagreed with us on ABcommittee and on floor issues. You can ● The bills were voted upon by the full 1000. In both cases the Governorview these via links at Senate and Assembly. This year 29 bills from agreed with us and vetoed the bills.http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/ a total of 85 considered met that criteria.In 2012 the SWCLC adopted positions on ● Unless otherwise noted, final floor votes Assemblyman Jeffries broke ranks to85 bills. Of these, just 29 wended their are shown. Concurrence votes and vote YES on AB 278 (Eng) and SB 900way through the legislative process and conference report votes are considered final (Leno), the Attorney Generalsmade it to the Governors desk. votes. Homeowners Bill of Rights. While these measures were initially opposedMany anti-business bills were rejected by Historical Record by the SWCLC and the Californialegislators in policy or fiscal committees,thus stopping proposals before they reached For the past four years our local legislators Association of Realtors, the amendedthe floor for a vote. The vote record does not have scored a perfect 100% voting record on version that was finally passed was farcapture these votes. Most bills in this report SWCLC business issues. This year we did superior to the bill as introduced. CARcover major business bills that are of not expect that result and, in fact, did not had switched to a neutral position butconcern to both small and large companies repeat it. the bill passed too quickly for theand especially to companies doing business Does this indicate our legislators have grown SWCLC to react to the final version.in Southwest California. less business friendly? Not at all. You can read the full text of each billThe SWCLC recognizes that there are It does reflect the fact that the SWCLC took by clicking on the bill title in 2012 Billmany bills supported or opposed by positions on nearly three times as many bills Tracker.business that may not be included in this in 2012 as in prior years. We expanded ourvote record and analysis. A full list of focus to a broader spectrum of bills in Senators Joel Anderson and Billbill positions for SWCLC is available at keeping with our strategic initiatives of Emmerson each scored 100% votes onhttp://southwestca.biz/ budget & tax reform, job creation & the 10 Senate bills evaluated by theFactors Considered retention and environmental reform. California Chamber of Commerce. Within that framework, the SWCLC took Assemblymembers Kevin Jeffries andThe SWCLC considers the following factors Brian Nestande each scored 100% onin selecting vote record bills: positions on CEQA reform, workers compensation, healthcare coverage, global the 11 bills rated by CalChamber.● The bills and votes reflect legislators’ warming initiatives and issues of localattitudes toward private enterprise, fiscal concern like returning Vehicle License Fees The Southwest California Legislativeresponsibility and the business climate. to local cities (AB 1098 - LOSS) and Council considers it a privilege to limiting frivolous lawsuits on ADA advocate on behalf of business interests● Each bill was a priority for the SWCLC, a compliance (SB 1186 - WIN). It would be in Southwest Riverside County. Weposition had been adopted by the SWCLC statistically improbable to garner 100% would like to thank our dedicatedand that position had been communicated agreement on such a broad range of issues. Legislators and their local staffs forone or more times to the author of the bill,the appropriate committee and to our local their support and cooperation in 2012.legislators.
  2. 2. SWCLC 2012 Bill Tracker Bill # Author Title Position Emmerson Anderson Jeffries Nestande BrownAB 1098 Carter VLF Fees: Allocation SUPPORT A A A A VETOAB 1612 Lara ADMINISTRATIVE PRACTICES SUPPORT A A A A PASS *AB 1750 Solorio Rainwater Capture Act of 2012 SUPPORT A A A A PASS *AB 1844 Campos EMPLOYER USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA SUPPORT NVR N A A PASS *AB 2026 Fuentes INCOME TAXES: CREDITS: FILM: SUPPORT A A A A PASS * ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: CEQA:AB 2245 Smyth Exemptions: Bikeways SUPPORT A A A A PASS * Common interest developments:AB 2273 Wieckowski Notice of transfer SUPPORT A NVR A A PASS *SB 1099 Wright Regulations SUPPORT A A A A PASS * INTERNET-BASED SERVICES: VOIPSB 1161 Padilla Protocol SUPPORT A A A A PASS * Steinberg & Disability access: liability (frivolousSB 1186 Dutton lawsuits) SUPPORT A A A A PASS *SB 1387 Emmerson Metal Theft SUPPORT A A A A PASS * Grand Jury Proceedings: AttorneySB 1474 Hancock General: Powers & Duties SUPPORT A A A A PASS *AB 278 Eng California Homeowners Bill of Rights OPPOSE N NVR A N PASS Health care coverage: prescriptionAB 369 Huffman drugs OPPOSE A A N A VETO *AB 685 Eng California Water Policy OPPOSE N N N N PASS Health care coverage: cancerAB 1000 Perea treatment OPPOSE A N A A VETO * SUPPLEMENTAL JOB DISPLACEMENTAB 1145 Cedillo VOUCHER OPPOSE N N N N VETO *AB 1186 Skinner Increases Energy Costs GWSA OPPOSE N N N N VETO * EMPLOYMENT: DISCRIMINATION:AB 1450 Allen STATUS AS UNEMPLOYED OPPOSE N N N N VETO * California Global warming solutionsAB 1532 Perez act OPPOSE N N N N PASS Workers’ Compensation: UtilizationAB 1687 Fong Review OPPOSE N N N N VETO * Agricultural employee safety: heat-AB 2346 Butler related illness OPPOSE N N N N VETO * California Communities Healthy AirSB 535 De Leon Revitalization Trust. OPPOSE N N N N PASS Public contracts: project laborSB 829 Rubio agreements.Local Control OPPOSE N N N NVR PASSSB 900 Leno California Homeowners Bill of Rights OPPOSE N N A N PASSSB 1222 Leno Solar Energy: Permits OPPOSE N N A A PASSSB 1234 De Leon Retirement Savings Plan OPPOSE N N N N PASS EMPLOYEE COMPENSATION:SB 1255 Wright ITEMIZED STATEMENTS OPPOSE A N N N PASSSB 1572 Pavley JOB KILLER: Illegal Tax Increase GWSA OPPOSE N N N N FAIL *Voted with SWCLC 89% 93% 86% 89% 62% A = Aye Vote N = No Vote NVR = No Vote Recorded (absent or abstain) * Denotes WINS by the SWCLC, WINS for small business
  3. 3. Southwest California Legislative Council OCTOBER 25, 2012 CalChamber Best Business VotesLegislators are listed in descending order according to how often they voted in accord with the California Chamber of Commerceposition (first number) versus how often their votes were not in accord with the CalChamber’s position (second number) in 2012. Totalvotes may not match the vote record because the tally for not voting or absent is not included in this list. 80% or more with CalChamber 60%-79% with CalChamber 40%-59% with CalChamber Less than 40% with CalChamberSenate Assembly Anderson, Joel (R) 10-0 Achadjian, Katcho (R) 11-0 Hueso, Ben (D) 5-6 Cannella, Anthony (R) 10-0 Berryhill, Bill (R) 11-0 Lara, Ricardo (D) 5-6 Dutton, Bob (R) 10-0 Conway, Connie (R) 11-0 Pérez, V. Manuel (D) 5-6 Emmerson, Bill (R) 10-0 Cook, Paul (R) 11-0 Torres, Norma (D) 5-6 Fuller, Jean (R) 10-0 Gaines, Beth (R) 11-0 Gaines, Ted (R) 10-0 Garrick, Martin (R) 11-0 Cedillo, Gil (D) 4-6 Huff, Bob (R) 10-0 Grove, Shannon (R) 11-0 LaMalfa, Doug (R) 10-0 Hagman, Curt (R) 11-0 Alejo, Luis (D) 4-6 Walters, Mimi (R) 10-0 Harkey, Diane (R) 11-0 Jeffries, Kevin (R) 11-0 Atkins, Toni (D) 4-7 Blakeslee, Sam (R) 9-1 Jones, Brian (R) 11-0 Block, Marty (D) 4-7 Knight, Steve (R) 11-0 Chesbro, Wesley (D) 4-7 Berryhill, Tom (R) 8-0 Logue, Dan (R) 11-0 Fong, Paul (D) 4-7 Mansoor, Allan (R) 11-0 Hayashi, Mary (D) 4-7 Rubio, Michael (D) 8-2 Miller, Jeff (R) 11-0 Huffman, Jared (D) 4-7 Morrell, Mike (R) 11-0 Wieckowski, Bob (D) 4-7 Strickland, Tony (R) 7-1 Nestande, Brian (R) 11-0 Williams, Das (D) 4-7 Wyland, Mark (R) 7-1 Nielsen, Jim (R) 11-0 Yamada, Mariko (D) 4-7 Norby, Chris (R) 11-0 Harman, Tom (R) 7-2 Olsen, Kristin (R) 11-0 Hernández, Roger (D) 3-6 Silva, Jim (R) 11-0 Correa, Lou (D) 7-3 Smyth, Cameron (R) 11-0 Calderon, Charles (D) 3-7 Hernandez, Ed (D) 7-3 Wagner, Donald (R) 11-0 Mitchell, Holly J. (D) 3-7 Wright, Roderick (D) 7-3 Valadao, David (R) 10-0 Allen, Michael (D) 3-8 Calderon, Ronald (D) 6-4 Blumenfield, Bob (D) 3-8 Vargas, Juan (D) 6-4 Gorell, Jeff (R) 10-1 Brownley, Julia (D) 3-8 Halderman, Linda (R) 10-1 Dickinson, Roger (D) 3-8 Wolk, Lois (D) 5-5 Eng, Mike (D) 3-8 Donnelly, Tim (R) 9-1 Lowenthal, Bonnie (D) 3-8 Padilla, Alex (D) 4-6 Pérez, John A. (D) 3-8 Price, Curren D. (D) 4-6 Fletcher, Nathan (I) 8-1 Skinner, Nancy (D) 3-8 Swanson, Sandré (D) 3-8 Pavley, Fran (D) 3-5 Huber, Alyson (D) 7-4 Perea, Henry T. (D) 7-4 Beall, Jim (D) 2-8 Alquist, Elaine (D) 3- Butler, Betsy (D) 2-8 7 de León, Kevin (D) 3- Bonilla, Susan (D) 6-5 7 Buchanan, Joan (D) 6-5 Ammiano, Tom (D) 2-9 DeSaulnier, Mark (D) 3-7 Galgiani, Cathleen (D) 6-5 Feuer, Mike (D) 2-9 Kehoe, Christine (D) 3-7 Ma, Fiona (D) 6-5 Gatto, Mike (D) 2-9 Negrete McLeod, Gloria (D) 3-7 Portantino, Anthony (D) 6-5 Monning, William (D) 2-9 Simitian, Joe (D) 3-7 Solorio, Jose (D) 6-5 Steinberg, Darrell (D) 3-7 Yee, Leland (D) 3-7 Furutani, Warren (D) 5-5 Hall, Isadore (D) 5-5 Lieu, Ted (D) 2-6 Mendoza, Tony (D) 5-5 Pan, Richard (D) 5-5 Liu, Carol (D) 2-7 Lowenthal, Alan (D) 2-7 Bradford, Steven (D) 5-6 Campos, Nora (D) 5-6 Hancock, Loni (D) 2-8 Carter, Wilmer Amina (D) 5-6 Leno, Mark (D) 2-8 Davis, Mike (D) 5-6 Fuentes, Felipe (D) 5-6 Corbett, Ellen (D) 1-9 Gordon, Rich (D) 5-6 Evans, Noreen (D) 1-9 Hill, Jerry (D) 5-6* Senator Sharon Runner absent due to illness