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Gods and  Goddesses
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Gods and Goddesses






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    Gods and  Goddesses Gods and Goddesses Presentation Transcript

    • ZEUSZEUS Roman name Jupiter • Zeus was theZeus was the supreme god of thesupreme god of the Olympians.Olympians.
    • HeraHera Roman name Juno • Hera was theHera was the goddess of marriage.goddess of marriage. She was the wife ofShe was the wife of Zeus and Queen ofZeus and Queen of the Olympians.the Olympians.
    • APHRODITEAPHRODITE Roman name Venus • Aphrodite was theAphrodite was the goddess of love,goddess of love, beauty and fertility.beauty and fertility. She was also aShe was also a protectress ofprotectress of sailors.sailors.
    • ARESARES Roman name Mars • Ares was the god ofAres was the god of war, or morewar, or more precisely of warlikeprecisely of warlike frenzy.frenzy.
    • HEPHAESTUSHEPHAESTUS Roman name Vulcan • Hephaestus was theHephaestus was the lame god of fire andlame god of fire and crafts or the twocrafts or the two together, hence oftogether, hence of blacksmiths.blacksmiths.
    • ARTEMISARTEMIS Roman name Diana • Artemis was theArtemis was the goddess of the hunt.goddess of the hunt. She helped women inShe helped women in childbirth, but alsochildbirth, but also brought suddenbrought sudden death with herdeath with her arrows.arrows.
    • DIONYSUSDIONYSUS Roman name Bacchus • Dionysus was theDionysus was the god of wine.god of wine.
    • HERMESHERMES Roman name Mercury • Hermes was theHermes was the messenger of themessenger of the gods and guide ofgods and guide of dead souls to thedead souls to the Underworld.Underworld.
    • POSEIDONPOSEIDON Roman name Neptune • Poseidon was thePoseidon was the god of the sea,god of the sea, earthquakes andearthquakes and horses. Although hehorses. Although he was officially one ofwas officially one of the supreme gods ofthe supreme gods of Mount Olympus, heMount Olympus, he spent most of hisspent most of his time in his waterytime in his watery domain.domain.
    • APOLLOAPOLLO Roman name Apollo • Apollo was the godApollo was the god of prophesy, musicof prophesy, music and healing.and healing.
    • ATHENAATHENA Roman name Minerva • Athena was theAthena was the goddess of craftsgoddess of crafts and the domesticand the domestic arts and also thosearts and also those of war and wisdom.of war and wisdom. She was the patronShe was the patron goddess of Athens.goddess of Athens. Her symbol was theHer symbol was the owl.owl.
    • DEMETERDEMETER Roman name Cerus • Demeter was theDemeter was the goddess ofgoddess of agriculture. She wasagriculture. She was the sister of Zeusthe sister of Zeus and the mother ofand the mother of Persephone.Persephone.
    • HADESHADES Roman name Pluto • Hades was the GodHades was the God of the dead and rulerof the dead and ruler of the Underworld,of the Underworld, which was calledwhich was called Hades after the god.Hades after the god. Hades abductedHades abducted Persephone, whoPersephone, who became his queen.became his queen.