Manex Services, Consultant Overview and Project Highlights


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The Corporation for Manufacturing Excellence - Manex Consulting full presentation with Consultant and Project Overviews

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Manex Services, Consultant Overview and Project Highlights

  1. 1. It long has been recognized that the manufacturing sector isthe foundation for economic vitality in the United States.Since 1995, The Corporation for Manufacturing Excellence (Manex) has provided abroad array of proven solutions and resources exclusively to manufacturers, distributorsand their supply chains, enabling them to compete on a global scale. We use aholistic and proven approach—from strategy through implementation— to impact allfacets of business performance. The results: growth, profitability, and competitiveadvantage.
  2. 2. Contents• About Us• Philosophy• Approach• Services and Solutions• Team• Case Studies• Contact UsThis document and its contents in their entirety are Copyright ©Manex. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. “There has been an amazing transformation in the operations workforce with regards to Lean implementation. A complete paradigm shift has occurred enabling each employee to feel and know they are empowered to use the Lean tools. The 5Sprinciples of Lean have been implemented by the employees at an astonishing rate, showing how this concept is now a belief.” - Jes Vargas, Director of Operations Z-World
  4. 4. About UsBoost PerformanceIn today’s extremely competitive global environment, manufacturers and distributors face significantchallenges to improve business performance. Now, more than ever, innovative business practices areessential to create a vigorous and sustainable future in manufacturing. “A lack of innovation is the most serious challenge facing the U.S. manufacturing base, because global competition will continue to force increases in productivity, movement of commodity manufacturing overseas, and displacement of American labor.” — Thomas W. Eagar and Christopher Musso, Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyForward-thinking U.S. manufacturers are rising to the challenge and prospering with the support of dedicatedpartners like Manex. Manex helps companies turn business challenges into business opportunities. Weprovide high-value consulting and business advisory services that help manufacturers significantly increasegrowth, productivity, quality, and profitability.We work with you holistically, with a proven approach and unique skills that deliver immediate results andposition you for long-term success, while enabling you to serve your current customers effectively withoutundue distraction.Every day, we help manufacturing companies of all sizes use innovative practices to implement real businesschange and achieve competitive results.
  5. 5. About UsKnowledge and ExpertiseOur manufacturing expertise covers the extended value chain — from supply chains through manufacturingand distribution — for a broad range of industry sectors including aerospace, automotive, bio-tech,communications, consumer packaged goods, food, heavy manufacturing, high-tech, medical devices,pharmaceuticals, and precision manufacturing.Our diverse team brings an average of 20 years experience to deliver a powerful depth and breadth ofindustry and business know-how — from strategy through operations. We are nationally recognized for ourstrategic, enterprise-level expertise and extensive front-line manufacturing experience.As a member of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Manufacturing ExtensionPartnership (MEP) program, we draw upon a national network of resources covering broad expertise inmanufacturing best practices. We work in partnership with MEP to solve your challenges by advancing bestpractices in manufacturing operations, methods, and processes.With this unique blend of expertise, we help you become stronger and ultimately more profitable.
  6. 6. About UsAnalytical Approach > Dramatic ImpactOur team uses a fresh, analytical approach to help drive complexity out of your business and facilitateyour success.We quickly examine your existing business and operations to identify potential problem areas and leveragepoints to transform your business. Working collaboratively with you, we establish priorities and implementsolutions that deliver the optimum financial and operational impact.These objectives become the scorecard for our team. We systematically remove bottlenecks and roadblocks—while developing new ways to create value — by continuously working with you throughout the process todeliver the greatest return on investment.Manex prides itself on your long-term results and business success. The business value weprovide is measured by an independent third-party (NIST) to ensure we meet and exceed yourbusiness objectives.
  7. 7. “What was accomplished here in one week, with support from Manex was extremely valuable and worthwhile. In all my years of manufacturing, I do not recall output as tangible as what we havejust experienced. We are seeing visible, very positive changes in our staff and in the quality of our products.” - Rick Brown, VP of Operations Westcor
  8. 8. PhilosophyManufacturing VitalityManex operates under the principle that manufacturing and distribution are the cornerstones of the U.S.economy, playing a central role in American prosperity as one of the most vital sectors for economic growth.Our sole purpose is to help manufacturers and distributors navigate successfully through volatile marketconditions to gain a competitive edge. We help you deploy world-class manufacturing techniques to improveproductivity levels, shorten supply chains, and deliver more customer value.With our roots in manufacturing, our active participation in MEP, and a longstanding dedication to knowledgetransfer and implementation, we have a continued commitment to develop and deliver services that help youthrive in a competitive environment.Your success is our measure of success.
  9. 9. PhilosophyChange InnovationThe key to success in today’s rapidly evolving environment is to use change as a competitive edge. With aneye on creating value, Manex helps you become more agile, harnessing change to transform your enterprise.Our team works closely with you, as a business partner, identifying and implementing ways to enhance yourstrengths and stay ahead of the competition. We help you build tomorrow’s enterprise today; beyondadapting to change; creating it.With clarity of vision and exceptional discipline, we help you create a sustainable competitive advantage.
  10. 10. “Company president, George Whitehill stated that this is the bestcash flow position that AMS has ever been in. Where we are rightnow sets the stage for us to become the Silicon Valley solution fornew product introduction as the cornerstone for us to go through dramatic growth in the next couple of years.” - Ed Bless, VP of Business Excellence AMS
  11. 11. ApproachIntegrated EffectivenessWe work with our clients using a holistic approach looking at the business as an integrated, cohesive whole.By engaging all levels of the organization – from senior management to line operators – we quickly achievedramatic results that are sustained for the long-term. Our disciplined approach supports the alignment ofstrategy, process, people, and technology to help you effectively achieve your objectives and exceed yourperformance goals.Our full range of integrated services is tailored to your unique business needs. Using proven methodologiesand tools, in-depth expertise, and innovative solutions, we help you implement business improvements for aflexible, highly responsive enterprise.Together our holistic approach and differentiated services translate into increased business value forour clients.
  12. 12. ApproachRapid ROI > Sustained ResultsOur focus is to enable fast returns on your investment and sustained results. With our holistic approach, wepinpoint high-impact process improvements and identify critical ways to streamline operations to quicklyachieve cost efficiencies and increased profits. Coupled with long-term strategic vision, we facilitate ongoingalignment of manufacturing operations with your overall business objectives. We deliver tangible results andthe agility to adapt to changing needs and market realities. Our projects average more than600% annualized ROI - thats a $6 return for every dollar invested in these activities after just12 months.Throughout the process, we share information, insights, and best practices helping your existing workforceadopt process improvements throughout your value chain. Knowledge transfer ensures new practices aresustained for long-term, measurable results.Our comprehensive services connect business objectives to operational execution. We arm you with the toolsand knowledge to respond to customer demands more quickly, improve profitability, and drive down coststhroughout your organization.Through a collaborative, results-driven approach, we help you transform your business to maximize yourreturn on investment.
  13. 13. “Working with Manex made the process seem very easy in terms of efficiency and smoothness. Many companies could learn valuablelessons from Manex. We look forward to working with Manex in the future when the need arises.” - David Allen, VP Manufacturing and Operations Marinco
  14. 14. Comprehensive ServicesTailored Manufacturing SolutionsManex offers a full range of high-value consulting and business advisory services for the manufacturing sectorthat spans the entire supply chain.By offering integrated services, we provide solutions that enable you to:• Create and maintain competitive advantage• Position for sustained growth and profitability• Increase revenue• Improve efficiencies and reduce costs• Reduce costs across the supply chain• Optimize processes• Reduce cycle time• Manage for continuous improvementTo help you achieve quantifiable results we offer an integrated portfolio of offerings in thefollowing areas:• Strategy• People• Process• Performance
  15. 15. Comprehensive ServicesStrategyAs your strategic business advisor, Manex helps you identify and create new sources of value and growth inyour enterprise. With a fresh, analytical look at your market environment, required core competencies, andcurrent state of operation, we help you identify opportunities and develop viable strategies to realize them.Our experienced team works with you to clarify business objectives, prioritize and execute uponcorporate initiatives, and define and implement performance measures and processes that help you gainsustained results.Our services and solutions include:• Corporate Strategy & Business Planning• Market Strategy• M&A Advisory; Post-M&A Integration• Organizational & Operational Design• Product Line Extensions/Rationalization• Manufacturing, Distribution & Channel Strategy• In/Outsourcing (Make/Buy)• Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty & Retention
  16. 16. Comprehensive ServicesPeopleWith relatively high labor costs, U.S. manufacturers and distributors must seek out ways to compete onproductivity, product superiority, quality, and responsiveness to customer needs. These competitivepressures put a high premium on the skills, morale, and commitment of employees.With people as one of your greatest assets, Manex helps you enhance the skills and knowledge of yourworkforce with innovative training and development programs. We specialize in providing comprehensivesolutions to ensure your workforce is skilled in advanced manufacturing methods and technologies to enablefuture innovation in your enterprise. Through collaboration with universities and NIST, we deliver the latestknowledge and thought-leadership in innovative manufacturing techniques to keep employees’ knowledgeand skills at the leading edge.We help your employees – at all levels – develop the advanced skills required to meet the demands of anincreasingly complex environment.Our services and solutions include:• Knowledge Management• Management Leadership Training• Lean Operations & Six Sigma Training• ISO 9001-2000 Implementation & Certification Assistance• California ETP Training Funds
  17. 17. Comprehensive ServicesProcessThe road to maximizing business performance frequently demands improving your enterprise’s coreprocesses. Our process consulting services align strategies, people, and technology with best-practicebusiness processes to deliver considerable business improvements and measurable outcomes.Our proven set of best practices, supported by experienced professionals within manufacturing anddistribution, allow us to deploy customized high-value solutions to eliminate business process roadblocksand waste, while simultaneously enabling growth. We identify opportunities for improvement through adiagnostic review of current business processes, systems, and internal controls and determine whetherthey add value and contribute to profitability.Manex enhances your business performance by making complex customer requirements moremanageable through optimized and streamlined business processes. We specialize in helpingmanufacturers and distributors increase revenues and reduce costs by refining and eliminating inefficient pro-cesses and by introducing and implementing advanced processes.Our process consulting approach couples quantifiable savings with significant business improvements. Beyondthe manufacturing floor and throughout the organization, our team can show you innovative ways to deliverbusiness optimization across the value chain.Our services and solutions include:• Lean Operations• Six Sigma Quality Management• Activity Based Management• Process Design• Supply Chain Management• Procurement• Quality Management Systems• RCA, TQM, HACCP and cGMP
  18. 18. Comprehensive ServicesPerformanceManufacturing performance management is increasingly important as pressures to innovate continue to rise.To be on the manufacturing forefront, companies must raise the bar on performance, quality, and cost withcontinuous improvement efforts.Manex helps develop and implement the right performance metrics to measure organization effectivenessand its impact on profitability and productivity. We work with you to improve management decision makingwith timely, relevant information important to achieving your business objectives. We implement processesthat automatically and proactively alert management to potential impacts, allowing you to make timelydecisions to optimize operations rather than simply react to events. Our experts help you implement bestpractices, tools, metrics, and scorecards for competitive performance (with supporting what-if analysis) tomodel impacts and create a closed loop process for continuous improvement.We infuse performance management techniques in all of our services, knowing it is critical to the success ofyour strategy, process, and people development initiatives.Our services and solutions include:• Executive Decision Support Systems• Internal/External Benchmarking• Management Dashboards & Scorecards• Activity Based Cost/Profit Management• Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)• Profit Optimization• Event Management
  19. 19. “The Manex team was instrumental in assisting our team during our Value Stream Mapping Roadmap development sessions. As a result, we have been working diligently on the implementation of our Roadmap which has had significant impacton reducing our lead time, increasing our quality and increasing our value added activity during our processes.” - Mauro Folena, Director of Operations Coherent, Inc.
  20. 20. TeamIn-depth Knowledge > Hands-on ExperienceManex offers a proven and experienced management team with extensive industry expertise and aconsulting team with significant experience in business strategy and manufacturing operations. We bringapplied knowledge and practical solutions, assisting diverse organizations optimize processes to drive downsupply chain costs, maximize the value of existing assets, and convert intellectual capital into profit.With an average of 20 years of business strategy expertise and manufacturing experience, each of ourconsultants has the industry skills and tools to quickly understand your needs, tailor solutions to meet yourbusiness challenges, and deliver solid results. Our management team engages directly with you, utilizing awealth of experience in strategy, planning, and operations, to develop innovative solutions that deliverimportant business benefits.From business strategy and processes to hands-on implementation, we share experience and best practicesto help transform your business.Our professional team is committed to your success.
  21. 21. TeamName Title Education Years of Experience  S trategy Area of ExpertiseGene Russell CEO/Executive • BA - Economics Over 30  People • Corporate Strategy Director University of California,  Process • Business Development Los Angeles  Performance • Sales and Marketing • Operations Management • Process Improvement • Product Line DevelopmentName Title Education Years of Experience  S trategy Area of ExpertiseNana Cho Director of Corporate • MBA - Cornell University Over 15  People • Corporate Strategy Development & • BA - University of  Process • Competitive Analysis Executive Consultant Southern California,  Performance • Benchmarking Annenberg School for • Complex Project Communication ManagementName Title Education Years of Experience  S trategy Area of ExpertiseBill Browne Director of Client Services • MBA - University of Over 34  People • Business Strategy Detroit  Process • Lean Manufacturing • BS in Engineering Arts -  Performance • Certifiied Six Sigma Michigan State University Master Black Belt (CSSMBB) • Quality SystemsName Title Education Years of Experience  S trategy Area of ExpertiseGary Waters Executive Consultant • BA - Western Michigan Over 33  People • Lean Manufacturing • Materials Management  Process • Purchasing (APICS) & Purchasing  Performance • Materials Management (NAPM) Certifications • Just-in-Time (JIT) EnvironmentsName Title Education Years of Experience  S trategy Area of ExpertiseMichael Levin Executive Consultant • BA in Marketing - Over 30  People • Sales Training California State University,  Process • Strategic Planning Chico  Performance • Marketing Plans • Leadership Training • Presentation Skills Training
  22. 22. TeamName Title Education Years of Experience  S trategy Area of ExpertiseEric W. Wiedenmann Executive Consultant • MBA - Kellogg School of Over 23  People • Strategic Marketing Plans Management,  Process • Business Development Northwestern University,  Performance & Sales Processes • BS in Marketing- • Competitive Intelligence Ashland University • BenchmarkingName Title Education Years of Experience  S trategy Area of ExpertisePhilip Cullen Senior Consultant • MBA in Finance & Over 22  People • Statistical Process Control International Business -  Process • Lean Manufacturing Santa Clara University  Performance • Continuous Improvement • BA in Physics - Sonoma • Engineering Change Mgmt State University • Process QualificationName Title Education Years of Experience  S trategy Area of ExpertiseRichard Jeffrey Lewis Management Consultant Over 31  People • Quality Management  Process • Maintenance & Safety  Performance • Plant Operations Mgmt • ISO 9001:2000 & OSHAs • Project ManagementName Title Education Years of Experience  S trategy Area of ExpertiseGreg Cho Senior Consultant • BS in Electrical Over 9  People • Supply Chain Management Engineering - University  Process • Lean Manufacturing of California, Davis  Performance • Production Management • Six Sigma • ISO 9001 Certification
  23. 23. BiosGene RussellCEO/Executive Director strategy people process performanceOverview/BackgroundGene Russell is CEO/Executive Director of Manex and has over 30 years of senior executive strategic planning, operationalmanagement, and consulting experience in the manufacturing and technology sector. With his extensive knowledge ofmanufacturing operations, he has developed and implemented key strategic initiatives for companies, allowing them to improveperformance and achieve profitable growth. He has a strong background in sales and business development and a keenunderstanding of manufacturing strategies in the global environment.Prior to joining Manex, Mr. Russell led companies within several rapidly changing industries including telecommunications, wirelessmobile, consumer electronics, major appliances and most recently the fireplace and home décor segments. As CEO of PilgrimHome and Hearth for the past six years, he restructured operations in the U.S. and China, diversified and revamped product lines,expanded distribution channels domestically and internationally, and developed a management team to produce record results.Mr. Russells previous experience consists of key leadership roles with a variety of manufacturing and technology firms, includingOregon Scientific, Haier America, SOS Wireless Communications, SDI Technologies and AT&T. In these executive positions, he wasinstrumental in developing new business plans, core operational improvements and diversified product plans, as well as launchingsignificant business development and sales initiatives. In start-up firms, he led new ventures with conceptual ideas, and developedthem into successful operating entities with industry leadership positions. He has also served as a board advisor and distributionconsultant.Mr. Russell holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles. Areas of Expertise• Corporate Strategy• Business Development• Sales and Marketing• Business Transformation & Globalization• Early Stage Management• Distribution Management• Product Line Development• Operations Management• Process Improvement
  24. 24. BiosNana ChoDirector of Corporate Development & Executive Consultant strategy people process performanceOverview/BackgroundMs. Cho has over 15 years of extensive consulting and industry experience, spanning several industries, including consumerproducts, high tech, financial services, entertainment, and telecommunications. She has in-depth expertise leading and implementinginitiatives in the areas of corporate strategy, new product development, strategic alliances, and market analysis to help companiesimprove performance and achieve profitable growth.Ms. Cho’s industry experience includes holding several senior roles with Citigroup in New York and London where she analyzedmulti-regional acquisition options in the financial services market and formulated growth strategies to improve market leadershippositions across multiple business lines. In addition, Ms. Cho was a consultant with Mercer in their Communication practice.Ms. Cho holds an MBA from Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management and a BA with honors from the Universityof Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication.Areas of Expertise• Corporate Strategy and M&A• Competitive Analysis and Benchmarking• Market Research• Financial Analysis• New Product Development• Complex Project ManagementRepresentative ClientsAT&T Wireless, American Express Company, The J. Paul Getty Trust, Avnet, Inc., WebEx, Avery Dennison Corporation, WellPoint Inc.,Allstate Insurance Company, The Walt Disney Company, Nestle, Citigroup, Inc., and Aramark Corporation.
  25. 25. BiosBill BrowneDirector of Client Services strategy people process performanceOverview/BackgroundMr. Browne has over 34 years of extensive manufacturing experience and expertise in general management, manufacturing operations,quality systems, engineering, product development and continuous improvement initiatives, including Lean Manufacturing and SixSigma. As an experienced change agent, he has led numerous process improvement initiatives resulting in top-line and bottom-linegrowth across a range of industry sectors and geographies, including China, Hong Kong and the UK.Prior to joining Manex, Mr. Browne was General Manager at Triangle Coatings, Inc. where he was responsible for managing twomanufacturing operations. During his tenure, he led the organization to achieve a 20% improvement in productivity. Previously, Mr.Browne held executive management positions with a number of organizations including Morgan Crucible, Consolidated ContainerCompany and Mattel, Inc., where he was instrumental in driving cultural transformations that enhanced profitability, productivity andefficiency. Under his leadership at Mattel Toys Hong Kong, the operations doubled production without adding resources through theimplementation of Just-In-Time manufacturing techniques. During his work with General Motors, he developed the process for theVacuum Insertion of Engine Pistons, resulting in a pre-patent research disclosure.Mr. Browne has led numerous Lean Manufacturing, quality (ISO 9001, 8D), product optimization, consumer pricing and workforcedevelopment programs that achieved dramatic improvements in productivity and competitiveness. He has led implementations in theareas of Product Design and Optimization using DFMEAs and PFMEAs and was part of the implementation team for a J.D. EdwardsERP system into an $80MM company. Mr. Browne has also achieved the Six Sigma Master Black Belt (SSMBB) and Certified Designfor Six Sigma (CDFSS). Mr. Browne holds an MBA with high honors from the University of Detroit, and a BS in Engineering Arts (acombination of Engineering and General Business) from Michigan State University.Areas of Expertise• Plant/Operations Management• Supply Chain Management & Logistics• Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma• Quality Systems• Project ManagementRepresentative ClientsGeneral Motors, Mattel Inc., TRW, Inc., Triangle Coatings, Morgan Crucible Company, LLC, Consolidated Container, Kelsey HayesCompany, Bretford Manufacturing, Diagnostics for the Real World, Wilkinson Manufacturing, Cellotape, Cytosport, NorthropGrumman and Crossfield Products
  26. 26. BiosGary WatersExecutive Consultant strategy people process performanceOverview/BackgroundMr. Waters is a top-performing, solutions-driven consultant with more than 33 years of experience directing manufacturing operations.An effective communicator capable of building professional relationships based on trust and mutual benefit, Mr. Waters’ years in themanufacturing arena include positions as Plant Manager, Materials Manager, Purchasing Manager, and Technical Support Manager.While working for several tier-one suppliers to Toyota and NUMMI, the General Motors/Toyota joint venture), Mr. Waters developedhis expertise in lean manufacturing and continuous improvement utilizing the Toyota Production System.Mr. Waters holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Business Management from Western Michigan and has earnedcertifications in both Materials Management (APICS) and Purchasing (NAPM). He has also been featured in articles in PurchasingMagazine and Ryder Resource Magazine.Areas of Expertise• Lean Manufacturing• Purchasing• Materials Management• Just-in-time (JIT) Environments• Health, Safety, Sexual Harassment, & Workplace Violence Education• Stress ManagementRepresentative ClientsFirestone Tire & Rubber, Johnson Controls, Trim Masters, Toyota, General Motors, KS Automotive, Inc., Protective Treatments, Inc.,and Masco Corporation.
  27. 27. BiosMichael LevinExecutive Consultant strategy people process performanceOverview/BackgroundWith over 30 years as an Entrepreneur and Small Business Consultant, Mr. Levin and his company, Custom Solutions Inc., offer Sales,Presentation Skills and Business Development Consulting. Mr. Levins personally developed methods, through years of entrepreneurial andcorporate experience, have provided highly successful results for Fortune 50 companies through start up entrepreneurial ventures.Mr. Levin has delivered his unique message on radio and television shows around the country. He is the author of "How to Make Your BusinessMore Successful" and "How to Take Your Product to Market". He has spoken before numerous groups and corporations and has beenpublished in business and trade journals. He has also been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine.As a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Levin has personally launched both product and service businesses from scratch and developed them intomulti-million dollar ventures. His products, including those he has patented, have been sold worldwide in over 30,000 retail outlets. He recentlysold his automotive marketing business that serviced over 130 dealerships in Northern California.Mr. Levin was an executive with Pepsi Cola, running very successful divisions in San Francisco, Oakland and Reno, Nevada. He also consultedfor Pepsi, developing and delivering sales management training programs.Mr. Levin received a BA in Marketing from California State University, Chico.Areas of Expertise• Sales Training• Strategic Planning• Marketing Plans• Leadership Training• Presentation Skills Training• Communication Skills DevelopmentRepresentative ClientsPepsi Cola, Clorox, Oracle, Pacific World Corporation, DreamTime Inc., The Full Plate, Clocks Etc., Communication Catalysts,Golden By-Products, Goodwin-Cole, Lets Play Recreation, Modular Rubber Drains, Millennium Molding, MBTechnology and numerousentrepreneurs with new product launches.
  28. 28. BiosEric W. WiedenmannExecutive Consultant strategy people process performanceOverview/BackgroundMr. Wiedenmann has over 23 years of in-depth expertise in sales, marketing and business development, helping organizationsincrease profitability and improve competitiveness. As a management consultant, interim executive, and sales executive, he hasadvised over 100 clients, including Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized firms and startups, in creating new sources of revenue andgenerating profitable growth. His industry experience includes executive marketing and business development positions at Masco,Avery Dennison, BP and CBC Industries.Mr. Wiedenmann received an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University and a BS in Economics andMarketing from Ashland University. He is an executive lecturer at Ashland University and has given business development speeches tonumerous CEO and COO advisory groups. Mr. Wiedenmann is also the publisher of “The Revenue Accelerator” newsletter and authorof “How to increase Sales in a Down Market”.Areas of Expertise• Strategic Marketing Plans• Business Development and Sales• Competitive Intelligence• New Market Penetration• Customer Satisfaction Benchmarking• New Product LaunchesRepresentative ClientsIBM, Fujitsu, TRW Automotive, Tru-Si Technologies, Inc., Turbolinux, Bradley Corporation, Masco Corporation, Avery DennisonCorporation, BP, CBC Industries, and SGI.
  29. 29. BiosPhilip CullenSenior Consultant strategy people process performanceOverview/Background Mr. Cullen has over 22 years experience as a project engineer and operations analyst, contributing to the successful execution ofproduct development projects in high technology manufacturing environments and national laboratories. As an experienced operationsspecialist, he has developed, documented and automated manufacturing and test processes to reduce waste, reclaim materials andenhance profitability. He has resolved critical process and supply chain issues, saving money and time, and directly contributing to theintellectual property assets of organizations. Mr. Cullen has extensive experience with Agile product life cycle management softwareand is a skilled strategist, capable of resolving problems at the procedural level to enable progress.Prior to joining Manex, Mr. Cullen served in a variety of senior engineering positions in high technology environments, including PhotonDynamics, Inc, SOI Direct, Nutool, Inc., Accucorp Technical Services and Read-Rite Corporation. His previous experience also includesmanagement of a technical group in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering at Lam Research, as well as research positions with theLawrence Berkeley Laboratory and the UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory.Mr. Cullen received an MBA in Finance and International Business from Santa Clara University and a BA in Physics, with aconcentration in Chemistry from Sonoma State University.Areas of Expertise• Device Manufacturing • International Operations• 5-Phase Project Management • Engineering Change Management• Statistical Process Control • Process Qualification• Lean Manufacturing • Yield Improvement• Continuous Improvement • Cost Reduction• Process Optimization • Process PlanningRepresentative ClientsPhoton Dynamics, Inc., Salvador Imaging, Lam Research, AccuCorp Technical Services, Read-Rite Corporation, Lawrence BerkeleyLaboratory, UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, NASA, European Space Agency, Brelje &Race Laboratories, Heller, Ehrman, White & McAuliffe, Courson Investments, ACWIB, Cellotape and Northrop Grumman
  30. 30. BiosRichard Jeffery LewisManagement Consultant strategy people process performanceOverview/BackgroundMr. Lewis brings over 31 years of extensive manufacturing experience assisting organizations in improving productivity andtransforming their operations. As an award-winning professional in leading quality management practices, he has in-depth expertise intotal quality management, maintenance management, safety harmonization, and ISO compliance. Mr. Lewis has led strategicmanufacturing initiatives in organizations across North America, Europe, and the Caribbean. His experience spans a number ofsectors including the manufacturing, food, semi-conductor, and energy industries.Mr. Lewis is the recipient of the distinguished Quality Assurance Institute “Best of the Best” award for the best quality processsoftware. In addition, he is a highly accredited expert, as a quality management facilitator, principal auditor, and accredited ISO 9000consultant.Mr. Lewis is a frequent speaker at industry-leading conferences and has authored a number of articles in various industrypublications, including Maintenance Technology and Food Quality. He also has a U.S. Patent for Technical Safety Confirmation whichincludes techniques for safety lockouts using a mobile device.Areas of Expertise• Quality Management Systems• Maintenance & Safety Management• Plant/Operations Management• ISO 9001:2000, OSHAS 18000, ISO 22000 & ISO14000• Project Management, Training & FacilitationRepresentative ClientsLJ Engineering, Inc., STG Machine, Hayward Quartz Technology, Inc., West Coast Quartz, Sequoia Brass & Copper, APPROSystems, Inc., Screen-Tech, Inc., SAE, Inc., NASAM, Inc., Pacific Rubber, and Semitec.
  31. 31. BiosGreg ChoSenior Consultant strategy people process performanceOverview/BackgroundMr. Cho is a highly skilled Senior Consultant with over 9 years of experience in manufacturing, production and supply chainmanagement. Mr. Chos expertise includes supply chain integration, statistical analysis, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and QualityManagement Systems.Prior to joining Manex, Mr. Cho was a Quality Engineer with Sanmina-SCI where he analyzed and improved Supply Chain Qualityissues and developed new supplier processes to meet customer requirements. While in Manufacturing Management with KeolaPrecision Technology, Mr. Cho managed projects and production, implemented Lean Manufacturing methods and led projects throughproduction life cycles. Mr. Cho also has experience in the implementation of ERP systems, assisting in the deployment of Epicor Vista8.0 and administering company-wide shop floor data collection training. He has actively used Oracle 11i and Agile for data entry, dataextraction and report generation.Mr. Cho has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Davis. He is a Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) and hasachieved the Six Sigma Green Belt designation.Areas of Expertise• Supply Chain Management• Lean Manufacturing• Production Management• Six Sigma• ISO 9001 CertificationRepresentative ClientsApplied Materials, ASML, Brooks Automation, Inc., Cellotape Incorporated, Cisco Systems, Flextronics, Holz Rubber Company,Kirkhill Rubber Co., LAM Research, Martin-Baker America, Military Aircraft Parts, Novellus Systems, Inc., Sanmina-SCI,Super Trap Inc., Yaskawa Electric America and La Tortilla Factory
  32. 32. “Manex has been a tremendous partner helping us with our Lean transformation. With their in-depth expertise, on-site support, andcommitment to results, they have been instrumental helping us not only achieve significant results to date, but also ensuring that we have the processes in place to sustain them in the future.” - Tommy Dockery, Western Region Manager Del Monte Foods
  33. 33. Client SummaryClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsDel Monte Foods Food Products  People • Lean Transformation  Process  PerformanceClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsUnited Services Transportation Equipment  People • Lean Certification  Process • Lean Transformation  PerformanceClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsCoherent, Inc. Electronics  People • Lean Manufacturing  Process  PerformanceClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsPowerLight Corporation Energy  People • Lean Manufacturing  Process  PerformanceClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsNorthrup Grumann Electronics  People • Leadership & Management Training ProgramElectronic Systems  Process  Performance
  34. 34. Client SummaryClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsT.G.I.F. Body Shop Automotive  People • Comprehensive Lean Training Program  Process  PerformanceClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsWilkinson Manufacturing Metals/Machines  People • Optimized New Facility Flow & Work Cell Layout  Process • Lean Manufacturing  PerformanceClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsMax Machinery, Inc. Metals/Machines  People • ISO 9001:2008 Certification quality manual  Process • Lean Manufacturing  Performance • 6-Sigma DMAIC process • Practical problem solving & Root Cause Corrective Action (RCCA)Client Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsGoodwin-Cole Co. Textiles - Tents and Awnings  People • Hi-impact marketing collateral  Process • Sales process  Performance • Lean Manufacturing • Lead and cycle timesClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsCellotape, Inc. Printing/Labels  People • 5-year sales growth plan  Process • Current state and future state maps and layouts  Performance • 5S and Lean Manufacturing
  35. 35. Client SummaryClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsPacific Biosciences Biotech  People • Lean Manufacturing  Process  PerformanceClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsLa Tortilla Factory Food  People • Facilities Layout with improved set up/changeover process  Process • Additional Capacity  Performance • Overtime and labor savingsClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsMillennium Molding Plastics/Rubber/Composites  People • Marketing Strategy  Process • High Performance Website (SEO)  Performance • Rebranding • Revamped marketing methods/materialsClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsBiotech Firm Biotech  People • Operational Assessment & 5S  Process • Automation  PerformanceClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsLarge Rubber Recycler Recycling  People • Facilities Layout & Flow Processes  Process • Strategic Visioning  Performance • Business Case Template for Customer Ordering Process • Lean Manufacturing
  36. 36. Client SummaryClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsCultured Marble Products Construction/Contractors/  People • Layout and Flow Analysis Remodeling  Process • Comprehensive 5S training  Performance • Lean Manufacturing, KPIs and PPE • Quality and Critical Control Points • Energy AssessmentClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsGalaxy Desserts Food Products  People • Value Stream Mapping  Process • Initial Implementation and "Tuning"  Performance • Workforce Development SupportClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsCrossfield Products Construction/Contractors/  People • Lean ManufacturingCorporation Remodeling  Process • Comprehensive Training Program  Performance • 5SClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsGayler Construction Construction/Contractors/  People • Strategy Remodeling  Process • Management Facilitation  Performance • Marketing AnalysisClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsInsulTech LLC Insulating Compounds  People • Lean Manufacturing  Process • High-level PPS Programs  Performance • Re-layout of Office and Floor • Kanban Replenishment System
  37. 37. Client SummaryClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsZ-World Electronics  People • Lean Manufacturing  Process  PerformanceClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsVicor - Westcor Division Electronics  People • Lean Manufacturing  Process  PerformanceClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsC&H Specialists Metals/Machines  People • Lean Manufacturing  Process  PerformanceClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsAdvanced Material Electronics  People • Comprehensive Supply Chain Management ProgramSolutions (AMS)  Process  PerformanceClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsSequoia Brass & Copper Metals  People • ISO 9001:2000 Certification  Process • ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System  Performance
  38. 38. Client SummaryClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsApplied Thin Film (ATP) Semiconductor  People • ISO 9001:2000 Certification  Process • ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System  Performance • Workforce DevelopmentClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsMorgan Hill Precision, Inc. Metals/Machines  People • ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System  Process  PerformanceClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsCholestech Corporation Health Care  People • Comprehensive Training Program  Process • Business Communication Skills  Performance • Experiment DesignClient Name Industry  S trategy SolutionsLaird Manufacturing Food Products  People • Lean Transformation  Process • Deep Dive Quality Assessment & Value Stream Map  Performance • Kaizen Events
  39. 39. Clients client > Del Monte Foods company profile > Produces, distributes, and markets premium, quality branded and private label food and pet products. Market leading brands in fruit, vegetable and tomato productsclient business need > approach > results delivered >To accelerate the adoption of Lean across In collaboration with management, Manex Increased efficiency of its entirethe company, the Modesto California developed a comprehensive Lean Continuous Line with sustainable,Continuous Line was selected as a model program. A complete life cycle approach enterprise-wide improvements supported was used - awareness, immersion, by employees who are empowered,to showcase the substantial benefits of implementation, and sustainability. An engaged, and energized by a culture oftransforming the line with the in-depth assessment was performed to Lean. Specific results include:implementation of Lean practices. This line understand the environment and determine • Improved Overall Equipment was chosen for its complexity in the key areas of focus and supporting Effectiveness (OEE) by 4.7%operations - high volume of fruit, 24x7 metrics. The team was immersed into Lean • Reduced scrap by over 30%operations, and seasonality. Achieving with comprehensive training, tools, and • Lean culture of continuous improvement significant productivity improvements in processes - 5S Visual Factory, TPM, (plant-wide training of 233 employees, this intricate environment would further the standardized work, practical problem owners and champions established, rapid adoption of Lean practices solving, and cultural change activities. Kaizen events, Lean Management throughout the company. Center)A fruitful transformation improves OEE by 4.7% and reduces scrapby more than 30%.
  40. 40. Clients client > United Services company profile > Leader in full-service commercial aviation global Maintenance, Repair & Overhall (MRO)client business need > approach > results delivered >United Airlines has made Lean a Working with the United Services leadership Significant results include:corporate-wide priority with the objectives team, Manex developed a powerful,of creating a Lean culture committed to customized certification program to help • 185 employees, representing all increasing quality and productivity participants learn Lean principles and tools departments, have completed the throughout the organization. Since to achieve measurable improvements. This programNovember 2005, a strategic team has program was based on a consistent • 8 sessions: each with 32 hours of Lean been leading the charge for continuous standard developed by the leaders in curriculum, customized simulations and Kaizen Eventsimprovement across United Services. As manufacturing excellence –the Society ofpart of this priority, United Services turned Manufacturing Engineers (SME), the • Bronze Level Lean Certification Knowledge Certificatesto Manex to help ensure the consistent Association for Manufacturing Excellence • Innovative Partnerships: Grants and implementation of Lean through the (AME), the Shingo Prize for Excellence in university credits provided in partnership development of a Lean certification Manufacturing. The certification program with San Mateo County Community program. modeled MRO processes within the College District company to accelerate participant learning.Powerful Lean Certification Program standardizes Lean practices andstrengthens the organization.
  41. 41. Clients client > Coherent, Inc. company profile > World’s leader in Photonics, supplying laser systems, components, laser mea- surement, control products, and preci- sion optics to over 80 countriesclient business need > approach > results delivered >Coherent’s global operations leadership Manex helped the global operations The comprehensive Value Stream Mappingteam wants to continue to build a culture leadership team in Santa Clara implement and roadmap of the Santa Clara operationthat is based on execution and operational process improvements using a have led to the following results:commitment to results, fostering a team systematic, holistic Lean methodology.dedicated to high standards of quality, • Improved collaboration with Material leading edge technology, and continuous A three-phased approach was used to Management, Planning, and improvement. focus on rapid implementation based on Manufacturing near-term opportunities. • Reduced lead time in the RLS value stream from 9 days to 7 daysThe Coherent global leadership team (22% improvement)engaged Manex to help institute Lean as • Phase I: Assess (Value Stream Map) • Established flow manufacturing through part of the company’s best practices by • Phase II: Design (Implementation enhanced material planning, better evaluating key opportunities of Roadmap) supplier communication, and improvement within the Santa Clara facility. • Phase III: Implement (Kaizen consolidation of work areas Implementation)Value Stream Mapping helps drive significant operational improvements.
  42. 42. Clients client > PowerLight Corporation company profile > Nation’s leading designer and installer of grid-connected solar electric systems and energy efficiency servicesclient business need > approach > results delivered >With PowerLight’s rapid growth, Manex helped PowerLight implement The broad adoption of these practices hasmanagement was looking for ways to operational process improvements by resulted in the following performanceimprove operational performance by delivering a one-week Kaizen Blitz based improvements:reducing operating costs and improving on 5S Principles and Visual Control.overall productivity with the implementation Through in-depth simulations, the • Over 20% reduction in work-in-process of Lean Principles. PowerLight team learned 5S methods inventory instrumental in identifying wasteful activities • 20% reduction in lead time throughout the organization. With this new • 20% immediate productivity knowledge, the company has organized improvements two additional Kaizen events and made a • Improved employee empowerment considerable impact on productivity.5S methods widely adopted for productivity gains.
  43. 43. Clients client > Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems company profile > World leader in the design, development, and manufacture of advanced electronics for military, civil, and commercial useclient business need > approach > results delivered >Northrop Grumman uses a thorough Manex partnered with the University of With the use of this program, employeePerformance Appraisal System to ensure Santa Cruz Extension in developing and turnover was significantly decreased with alltheir employees operate at the highest delivering a comprehensive leadership and of the trained employees continuing theirlevels in the industry. The management management training program that careers as leaders in the organizationteam of the Electronic Systems facility addressed Northrop Grumman’s seven (0% turnover rate among trainedwanted to ensure that their employees leadership factors — use of judgment employees). Overall, employee relations,exceeded the performance factors laid and initiative, employee coaching and communication, and teamwork improvedout in the appraisal system. development, teamwork and process across the facility as the trained employees improvement, communication, personal used the tools and techniques learned in effectiveness, framing strategy, and the program which ultimately increased customer focus. 35 key employees and productivity. managers were trained in these areas, significantly improving their overall performance and commitment to results.Management training helps new division develop and retain key employees.
  44. 44. Clients client > T.G.I.F. Body Shop company profile > Full service auto repair business that provides timely collision repair services using the latest technology and continuing education delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction and qualityclient business need > approach > results delivered >One of the challenges that T.G.I.F. Body Manex developed a comprehensive Lean Significant results include:Shop is faced with is to become more training program that included:efficient in an ever demanding industry • Increased sales by $500,000which is in a technician shortage crisis. • Phase I - 7 types of waste, employee • Retained sales by $50,000The continuing education of their empowerment, standardized work • Workforce development of $15,000employees is part of their plan to ensure • Phase II - 5S, Visual Factory and Kaizen • Increased employee moralehigh levels of customer satisfaction • Phase III - Implementation of 5S and Visual Factory on the shop floor and in The owners of T.G.I.F. Body Shop havethrough the consistent delivery of superior the office continued to engage Manex in thequality services. The owners turned to development and implementation of their • Phase IV - Current state processManex to enhance their employee skills continuing education program for their mapping, brainstorming, and future state and make the business more efficient by mapping employees. Manex is currently providingimplementing Lean principles including a training on a number of different projects.5S Workplace Organization system andVisual Factory.In-depth workforce development program drives productivity andenhances competitiveness.
  45. 45. Clients client > Wilkinson Manufacturing company profile > Precision machine shop (metals and plastics) providing product development, prototyping, short-run production and full production services to customers in the building and semiconductor industriesclient business need > approach > results delivered >Wilkinson Manufacturing is currently Manex worked with Wilkinson Manufacturing Continuous, efficient flow patterns oflocated in a 5500 square foot rented using a holistic, systematic approach to materials, personnel and information werefacility and is planning to move to a new develop an efficient flow for the new facility. implemented using consistent and8500 square foot owned facility to provide repeatable processes. Significant resultsthe opportunity for a more functional layout Key elements included: include:and room for growth, along with projecting • Optimizing “flow” and work cell layout in a more professional image to current and the new facility (receiving/shipping and • Improved collaboration across theprospective customers. An inadequate production areas) manufacturing teamlayout can be highly detrimental to • Improving and sustaining workplace • 30% improvement in throughputproductivity and consequently profitability. organization at the new site • 20% reduction in labor costs • Improving productivity and quality/yield • Workforce development improvements Wilkinson engaged Manex to assist in • Providing a foundational understanding of $44,000 and initial implementation of leanreaching their objectives for this new manufacturingfacilityOptimized facility layout improves throughput by 30%.
  46. 46. Clients client > Max Machinery, Inc. company profile > Leading manufacturer of precision flow meters and components for the aerospace, semiconductor and medical device industries.client business need > approach > results delivered >As Max Machinery continues to focus Manex used a proven, tailored approach MAX dramatically increased productionon providing high quality solutions to its consisting of a detailed process map of the levels, reduced annual operating costs,customers needs, the management team operations from order entry through improved quality and improved time tois proactively pursuing ISO Certification to shipping with a roadmap for improvement. market. MAX is positioned to exceed itsaddress client demand and competitive Actual activities included: operational requirements and achieve ISOpressures in the marketplace. Manex 9001:2008 certification. Specific resultswas asked to develop a comprehensive • Creation of current state process maps include:review of the operations and develop and • Implementation of proven Lean implement plans that would immediately Manufacturing principles • 50% improvement in cycle time with improve the company’s operations and $20K/year in cost savings • Implementation of two Kaizen Events cost structure and prepare the company • 30% improvement in on-time-delivery along with Practical Problem Solving & for ISO 9001:2008 certification. • 22% improvement in first-pass-yield Root Cause Correction Action (RCCA) • 30% reduction in rework • Application of 6-sigma DMAIC Process • 35% reduction in ‘over-processing’ • Creation of the ISO 9001:2008 quality • 40% reduction in front office cycle times manual and supporting documentation • Improved quality and schedulingOperational efficiencies lead to 30% improvement in on-time-delivery.
  47. 47. Clients client > Goodwin-Cole Co. company profile > Manufacturer of products made from natural or synthetic textile fabrics, including awnings, canopies, tents, flags and industrial textile productsclient business need > approach > results delivered>The company was finding itself in a The project consisted of 3 parts which The broad adoption of these practices hascommoditized space with declining sales. included, Strategy Development, Sales resulted in the following performanceThey were experiencing a continual decline Force Effectiveness and Lean improvements:in the number of opportunities in the Manufacturing. Specific steps included:marketplace. • Increased sales close rate • Identifying the company’s ideal markets • Developed more than 60 viable leads for by developing hi-impact marketing the company to pursue messages and collateral • Reduction in lead times by 20% • Altering the sales process by adding • Cycle time reduction of 40% hi-impact facts and figures, allowing buyers to realize true long-term benefits • Implementing Lean Manufacturing to identify and resolve key differences in the manufacturing process • Reduction in lead and cycle timesImplementation of Lean Manufacturing results in 20% reduction inlead times.
  48. 48. Clients Client > Cellotape, Inc. company profile > Leading manufacturer of high quality labels for the Consumer Packaged Goods Industryclient business need > approach > approach >Cellotape’s strategic acquisition of a Manex used a tailored approach designed Cellotape dramatically increased productioncompetitor resulted in two divergent to maximize the available floor space, levels, reduced annual operating costs,operations with an overlap in administrative improve time to market on all products and improved quality and time to market.functions. The company’s executive ensure the company had sufficient capacity Specific results included:management team wanted to evaluate the to support the company’s 5-year growthconsolidation of both locations into one plan. Manex implemented the following: Over $600k reduction in operating costssite and implement operational • 35% improvement in machine uptimeimprovement through the utilization of lean • 5-year sales growth plan • Consolidation of plant operations manufacturing. In addition, Cellotape • “Machine uptime” improvement plan to resulting in over $1.2 million in savingswanted to improve its total operational meet capacity needs • 80% reduction in non value added walk effectiveness, reduce costs and improve • Current state and future state maps and time for inspectorsthe "time to market" for designing and layouts to optimize shop floor operations • Reduction in order entry process by 35%delivering their innovative labels. • 5S and Lean Manufacturing principles to • 34% reduction in lead times reduce costs and defects, and improve • 45% reduction in cost of labels profitability • Reduction of total energy costs by 35%Implements world-class Lean Manufacturing to gain 32% in additionalcapacity.
  49. 49. Clients client > Pacific Biosciences, Inc. company profile > Genome sequencing company developing a transformative singe-molecule DNA sequencing platformclient business need > approach > results delivered >As a high performance organization, Manex developed this three-step process The implementation of Lean has helped thePacBio identified Lean Manufacturing as a designed to achieve PacBio’s aggressive organization improve productivity andcritical way to achieve their strategic process optimization and operational increase the efficiency of its opertions.objectives of increasing price performance improvement targets: Specific results include:and overall capabilities in real-time DNAsequencing. • Teach the Concept (TC) – PacBio’s • 40% increase in productivity employees were trained in the concepts • Reduced floor space requirements by PacBio turned to Manex as a partner to of Lean Manufacturing >50%, eliminating need for new buildingtransform their organization using Lean • Prove the Concept (PC) – Trainees • Doubled throughput in Surface Manufacturing because of Manex’s participated in Lean simulation exercises Productionholistic, collaborative approach, • Implement the Concept (IC) – PacBio’s • Reduced cycle time by 68%comprehensive Lean knowledge, and team identified opportunities to improve • Consolidated two “manufacturing areas” in-depth manufacturing expertise. production processes, including a into one area without any downtime current state map, a future state map and • Provided comprehensive Workforce then the requisite steps to attain the development through Lean Manufacturing future state trainingLean transformation drives a 500% increase in throughput.
  50. 50. Clients client > La Tortilla Factory company profile > Leading, worldwide manufacturer of high quality tortillas and wraps for domestic and international customersclient business need > approach > results delivered >The management team at La Tortilla Manex used a proven, approach designed Dramatically reduced setup/changeoverFactory recognized that in order to remain to increase throughput and increase time, increased inventory turns,a leader in their industry, they needed to warehouse space availability. Just-In-Time implemented new scheduling system,continually improve operational and philosophy was implemented, and the facility eliminated the need for an additionalfinancial performance. They were layout was optimized. Specific actions were: warehouse, and increased throughput.specifically interested in improving their • Identifying high impact opportunities Specific results included:operations by increasing throughput. The • Improving the line setup/changeover • Reduction of changeover time by 91%company also had excessive waste as part process using a Kaizen event • 40% increase in total yearly capacity due of their value stream, leading to high • Eliminating the need for an additional to the new scheduling system • Reduction in overtime of $450K/year inventory levels. This led management to warehouse location through the ‘Make and labor savings of $350K/yearsearch for an additional warehouse to Order’ Kaizen event • Estimated savings of $1M annually by location to house finished goods. • Developing KPIs to sustain and measure eliminating the need for an additional improvement warehouse location • Benchmarking report for assessment • Improved flow/inventory managementReduction in changeover time by 91% with additional capacity of$2.6 million per year