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Are You Branded
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Are You Branded


Published on

A creative look at branding and the use of your brand in creative advertising.

A creative look at branding and the use of your brand in creative advertising.

Published in: Business, Career

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  • Opening Intro…
  • We have all seen themWe may even have one… but do we really know what they are?What they do?How to create one?And how they can be used to grow our businesses?
  • A logo should generally be simple, unique, and should utilize no more than 2 colors.
  • Your brand includes, and is extended by your marketing efforts. Branding is directly related to the full experience your clients or potential, associates, workers, and competition view your business.
  • Your brand is the outward, visual, and emotional summation of your principles, values, goals and vision.Just like a familiar face, it creates a response… what feelings does this face evoke? What words come to mind?Your logo and name (the obvious brand markers) evoke a response that includes images, feelings, emotions, and memory.Day by day, Job by job, client by client, you create and support your brand to assure it evokes the response you want when seen by the public.Your reputation is the most essential element of your brand.
  • Without a brand, how would prospective clients and past clients tell you apart from the competition?Your brand allows them to quickly and easily target you (click) in a crowded marketplace.A GOOD brand, will also encourage them to select you either because your outward branding is appealing or because your market branding has been successful in making them aware of you, even if it is only subconsciously. Effective, efficient marketing.A well marketed brand saves you time and money on advertising down the road.There partial logo on the right is for a company that sells what? (click) Right- even without half the logo shown you knew. In addition, the logo itself had already elicited a response. If you like the Hut- then your mouth is watering and you can taste the grease on the pan pizza crust… you may even end up there for lunch today…You don’t need time or print area to tell a full story when your brand tells ½ to ¾ of it for you.
  • You won’t get where you want to be in a very timely manner if you don’t know where you’re going… A mission and vision statement that clearly definesWhat you doWho you areWho needs youAnd what makes you different Is a great start.You can go further into What you stand forYour ethicsValues, etc. to make an even better road map.Once you have the roadmap- your brand becomes the fuel.By the way- if you need help with that portion…
  • We can help you find your brand identity utilizing unique ideas to get you where you want to be.Your brand will be on-target with your message that speaks passionately about who you are while resonating with those in your target market.We will help you devise creative ways to deliver your brand to the market place through the use of campaigns, trade show, networking events, and promotional items and apparelWe always recommend specific campaigns where the results can be tracked to assure we are hitting the mark or making the needed adjustments so you can see the return on your investment.
  • Here are the specific areas of sales and service we offer to you and those you are kind enough to send our way
  • We use the creativity, passion, and knowledge of our industry to find ways to get you noticed-Then we provide the promotional supplies to assure you are remembered.
  • If you have any questions or want more information on how Generate can help you grow your brand and your business, just give me a call. We can provide you with a marketing questionnaire to show you where you are and to see if you have a clear idea of where you want to be. Our initial consultation is always free and from there we work within your budget.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Are you branded?!
      Why you should be …
      And how…
    • 2. What is A BRand?
    • 3. Your Company Name
      Sales & Marketing Solutions, LLC
    • 4.
      • Your Logo
      How your company is visually expressed
    • 5.
      • How that name and logo extend throughout the organization's communications and marketing
      • In short, it is your company’s face in the world.
      • 6. A set of fundamental principles as understood by anyone who comes into contact with your company
    • Why Have a brand
      More Effective, Efficient
    • 7. So have I convinced you that you need to brand your business?!
    • 8. How to begin branding
      You need a Mission and vision Statement
      You need to have all the pieces of the brand puzzle before you can begin to create a solid brand.
      If you don’t, call
    • 9. Then when you have all the pieces in place…
      Just Call
    • 10. Instant Branding! Just add…
    • 11. Sales and Marketing Solutions, LLC
      Logo Design
      Brand new or Re-branded
      Custom Campaigns
      Trade show marketing
      Direct to market campaigns
      Creative, new market avenues and in-roads
      Promotional Items
      Branded apparel
      and Power Point Presentations I guess…
    • 12. Over 800,000 promotionalproducts
      The creative ideas to get you noticed…
      The products to assure you are remembered
    • 13. We add value and service by;
      Customizing art layouts
      Working within your budget- no surprises on your invoice!
      Knowing our suppliers and only using those we trust
      Taking time with our clients and getting to know their wants and needs
      Dotting i’s and crossing t’s to assure your product arrives when it should and how it should.
      Resolving issues on the rare occasion that they do arise, quickly and to our client’s satisfaction.
      Supporting the businesses we serve through idea sharing, referrals, and networking.
    • 14. Our perfect referral
      We are looking to grow our Corporate client base
      Spiritwear programs!
      Business owners in need
      Contacts who market at tradeshows
      Companies that use staff apparel
      Childcare centers
      Businesses with sales reps
      Body Shops
      Anyone you see using “the Schwag”
      Youth Sports
    • 15. Sales and Marketing Solutions, LLC
      The only call you need to make to:
      brand and market your business
      promote it in the market place
      Increase current costumer loyalty while gaining new clients
      And have fun while doing it.
      (all while staying within you budget!)
    • 16. Our Goal…
      Meeting your MArketing needs
      & exceeding your expectations
      Sales and Marketing Solutions, LLC