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  1. 1. Generasi ME (Melayu 2.0) 1st Qtr Meetup 18 April 2009 About Generasi ME (Melayu 2.0) Made up of New Media Experts, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Researchers, Practitioners and Stu- dents, the group exists as a platform for discussion, advocacy and action to uplift, improve, and solve Singapore Malay issues using New Media. Generasi ME is the informal movement behind the Melayu 2.0 concept, a renewal of Malay upliftment, through the digital world. The movement is made up all Malays, regardless of class, gender, or educational level and is the fastest growing, largest ethnic progressive movement in Singapore. Sprouting from a humble Facebook Group, Generasi ME (Melayu 2.0) is now expanding its face into the World Wide Web with its own inde- pendent portal. Itinerary Time Item 3pm - 3.30pm Registration & Networking + Reception 3.30pm - 3.45pm Keynote Speech - The Malay Dilemma Story 3.45pm - 4.15pm Knowledge Acquirement and Facebook from an Educational Perspec- tive (Information Profesional) by Hazman Aziz 4.15pm - 4.30pm Upturn the Downturn Marketing 2.0 by Fadzuli Wahab 4.30pm - 4.50pm Melayu 2.0: An introduction into the concept, movement, core team and community. by Hazrul Azhar 4.50pm - 5.05pm Programmes and Assistance from Mendaki by Julina Khusaini 5.05pm - 5.45pm Community Discussion: Now or Never. How to effect positive change in our society using New Media as a tool. 5.45pm - 6.00pm Networking Session and close. Generasi ME (Melayu 2.0) 1st Quarter Meetup 1
  2. 2. Generasi ME (Melayu 2.0) 1st Qtr Meetup 18 April 2009 Speaker Profiles Nurhazman Abdul Aziz Better known as Hazman Aziz is a trainee librarian at the Nanyang Technological University Library in Singapore. He is currently working under the management of Library Technology and System Division and also a Business Subject Librarian for Information Technology and Opera- tions Management with NTU Business Library. Hazman is also currently reading Master of Science (Information Studies) at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information. Now, he is in his final term drawing out his dissertation on the topic, “Building NTU Library’s En- quiry Automatic Feedback (LEAF) system using the Tech- nology Acceptance Model to create value concepts and adopt decisive approaches in developing a Library 2.0 environment in the academic community”. Hazman Aziz is the man behind the interface design of NTU Library’s Enquiry Automatic Feedback (LEAF) and a number of upcoming Library 2.0 projects. They as such as the new intuitive interface on Database Access page, NTU Business Library Corporate Blog, NTU’s ISBN & Proxy Bookmar- klet, NTU Desktop 2.0, NTU Library’s Virtualization project, Channel Library and various integration with web 2.0 application like and OCLC xISBN. He is also the facilitator behind Li- brarians in Singapore’s Facebook version, where the community able to meet and collaborate effi- ciently and effectively. Previously, Hazman was a training officer at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, where he helps out in the hospital e-learning projects. There, he has initiated couple of project such as e- Resources Informa- tion Centre portal and a small facility to cater fast production on e-learning materials. Mainly, he has administrated the hospital’s e-learning management system. During his national service with Sin- gapore Armed Forces, he also has involved with the School of Infantry Specialist’s computer aided instruction centre projects in the delivery of electronic military lessons – such as project Self-Paced On Time On Need (SPOT-ON) project. Fadzuli is a full time Internet Entrepreneur making a living from this new and dynamic medium from blogs, Web Devel- opment Services & Internet Start Ups. Academic Background Top 5% for his course from Nanyang Polytechnic in 2002 - Majoring in Multimedia & Information Technolgy. His love for Programming eventually brought him to NUS where he continued studying Computing as his major and was then an active volunteer for PBMUKS. National Service Comissioned as an Officer in the Singapore Arm Forces dur- ing his National Service where he help managed and organ- ised National Day Parade 2004 Logistical Equipment and procuring of items. Currently a Platoon Commander in his Reservist period. Generasi ME (Melayu 2.0) 1st Quarter Meetup 2
  3. 3. Generasi ME (Melayu 2.0) 1st Qtr Meetup 18 April 2009 His Entrepreneurship Journey He started his entrepreneurship journey since 2006 selling Clay Soaps - Taharah. The Taharah soap is a Malaysian product which he brought in to market in Singapore. Visit to know more. Through this experience he learned to use his computing skills to developed several of his own websites and he learned Marketing on his own through experimentation. In 2007, he met Abang Abu which eventually introduce him to Dr Irfan Khairi the Internet Millionaire from Malaysia. At that time Abang Abu was looking for Internet Coach that could help to provide the support needed for the participants here in Singapore. Since then, Fadzuli have developed not just the support programs for Jutawan Internet, but he have also designed a few other programs like the Basic Internet Marketing and Blogging Workshops which are conducted every month. At the same time, Fadzuli also founded IslamicSG Networks LLP with his friends from NUS. Cur- rently he holds the title of Executive Director for IslamicSG Networks LLP, where he leads a team of 4 to develop further the online Islamic scene in Singapore and insyallah the world. Do visit and He is also the guy behind & online presence and web development. A New Media Guru who guides his followers to attain a Nirvanic Business and Internet Experience. Hazrul is a Certified MySQL Associate and is also pursuing a Zend PHP5 Developer certifica- tion. He runs a Nirvanic Internet Experience company called Ver- beter Group providing solutions in 3 business areas: Internet Secu- rity, Business Communications & Web Presence, Useful Content. He believes Open Source Software is ethical software and has written several small open source web applications. He loves Apple products and uses a Mac as a default development platform. He writes PHP code in an Object Oriented method and prefers to use a Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework for sepa- ration of concerns. Recently, he wrote his own MVC framework in PHP extremely inspired by Ruby On Rails. He discusses about Internet Security extensively, and happens to run Avast Antivirus (Southeast Asia), a Verbeter Group business arm and believes that startups should build their business with security in mind. Hazrul thinks that time can be created and contributes his time and dedication to 2 social move- ments which he help found, Generasi ME (Melayu 2.0), a New Media Focus Group movement to uplift the educational, economic and enlightenment standards of the Singapore Malays, and Colour- Blind Singapura, a ground-up anti-discrimination movement that believes Singapore can do much better with race relations. He believes geeks are cool and believes in a healthy lifestyle and plays rugby during weekends with a social rugby club called SilverBacks Rugby. In his free time, he prefers to spend it doting on his loving soulmate. Generasi ME (Melayu 2.0) 1st Quarter Meetup 3