Innovative Nail Clippers


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Clip-right nail clippers are a new way to clip your finger and toe nails. Visit for more information

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Innovative Nail Clippers

  1. 1. Clip RightA New Way to Clip Nails
  2. 2. Nail Care Clipping your nails is one of those tasks that never gets much thought Nail problems that could have been averted with proper nail care. Nails require proper care so they can do their job of protecting fingers and toes from injury. Fingernails grow 2-3 millimeters every month and toenails 1mm. Failure to keep nails trimmed properly can result in severe pain when they tear or break. Properly trimmed nails are normally stronger and more resilient that longer nails.
  3. 3. Take Care of your Nails The benefits of well trimmed nails are many. You can avoid injury or catching your nails on clothes and damaging them. Shorter nails are less susceptible to bacteria, disease and infection. Shorter nails wont scratch another person when you touch them If you work on a computer keyboard of any kind you know how troublesome longer nails Even certain musical instruments such as piano or string instruments require shorter nails to play properly
  4. 4. Nail Clippers Some people keep their nails in better condition than others. Those that put off nail trimming often report dissatisfaction with the way nail clippers work. Standard nail clippers can be difficult to use for many people including children, the elderly, and those with poor vision or other physical challenges. Clippers with pressure levers at the back of the device can be harder to position at the nail Standard clippers can easily slip off the the fingers and are generally more awkward to operate.
  5. 5. Introducing Clip-Right For over a hundred years inventors have been searching for ways to improve nail clippers. Now one is here. Imagine It Designs has invented a brand new style of nail clipper, Clip-Right, that features an inverse pressure lever. This new system places the point of pressure to clip the nail at the front of the clipper, over the blade instead of the back, Higher level of stability and accuracy when clipping nails.
  6. 6. Clip-Right The inverse pressure system more stable and accurate Operates better in your hand than standard nail clippers. With the old design the clipper hangs out over your fingers when pressure is applied, Old clippers lever can slide off to the side The new Clip-Right® design the clipper sits inside your palm for a more ergonomic feel and operation The inverse pressure lever does not rotate from side to side.
  7. 7. Nail Care for Elderly For elderly people who experience problems squeezing typical nail clippers Those with arthritis or muscle fatigue Clip-Rights design provides additional leverage for squeezing Clip-Right helps aligning the nail clipper to your nail correctly. If you suffer from tremors or if you must use your less favored hand to operate your clippers for any reason you will find the Clip-Right® inverse levered system provides a larger tab to clip with and a more stable action that youll find easier to use.
  8. 8. Nail Care Summary Clipping nails is one of those personal chores that usually doesn’t get a second thought, Yet someone found a way to improve on the traditional way of doing it. Now its here at pricing similar to that of most good quality nail clippers. Currently the Clip-Right® nail clipper is available through More information is at
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