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Public Relations from General Marketing Service

Public Relations from General Marketing Service



Forget SEO! Everyone is doing that and if you really want to impress Google, Bing and Yahoo consider a real world PR program that provides more online impressions and thus better Search ranking.

Forget SEO! Everyone is doing that and if you really want to impress Google, Bing and Yahoo consider a real world PR program that provides more online impressions and thus better Search ranking.



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    Public Relations from General Marketing Service Public Relations from General Marketing Service Presentation Transcript

    • Public Relations ProjectThis public relations assignment is de-signed to increase the presence of yourproduct/message online resulting in moreof your product/brand names appearingin Google / Yahoo / Bing search results.Using traditional PR-release techniquesalong with the latest web internet resourc-es results in a two-prong system of reach-ing out to message hosting locations.The outcome includes guaranteed place-ments among pretargeted sites along withpotential highly coveted publication place-ments among major brand name siteswithin your category. General Marketing Service
    • The Process Overview Category Article Dynamic Research Writing Layout Publication E-Zine Submissions SubmissionsProfessional Personal E-mail Websites Blogs Websites Linking
    • Category ResearchWe begin by gathering as much informa-tion as possible from you on your prod-uct or service. We ask you the top 10interview questions as established by thePRSA. If there is digital content we wouldlike a sample to review, if it’s a websitewe’d like access.Next we’ll determine a category for yourproduct or service and begin examiningthe web and publications for competitors,topical articles, reviews, blogs, and otherplaces that will root out competition andhelp us determine your position in themarketplace.
    • Article WritingWith our research in hand we’ll beginthe delicate task of crafting a thoughtfularticle on your product or service. Whenpossible we think its wise to establish a“reason to believe” message of why yourproduct should be purchased.In many cases we will tie in news, trendsand local events that support your prod-uct / service. Very often we can createscenarios where your product is a good fitfor the reader. This helps them envisionusing it and benefitting from it.While we are capable of writing HARDSELL, our preference is a SOFT SELL ofyour product or service. We’ll take someguidance from you on your preference.
    • Dynamic LayoutWhile the words we write are the mostimportant aspect of your Public Relationsproject we have found added success andpotential by placing those well chosensentences in an attractive package.We take your story and we create a dy-namic layout that mimics a publication.This is our opportunity to show people us-ing your product or service and show offthe potential successful results of that use.The dynamic layout helps break up thelonger article into shorter readable bitesand with the use of subheadlines we canallow a reader to scan the article and de-termine the content more quickly.Publication editors enjoy this concept as ithelps them envision how the story mightappear in their magazine or website.
    • Publication SubmissionsAs part of the research portion of theproject we will single out or target the top10 or more publications within your prod-uct or service’s category. In certain caseswe may substitute a popular website fora magazine when it is apparent that thewebsite’s popularity supersedes that ofthe publication.We then submit your material to the edi-tors with full rights usage. We offer themboth the text version and the dynamiclayout version with full photo use as well.As you can imagine, these editors arebombarded with submissions, but wefeel it is our “story-style” approach anddynamic layout style that helps breakthrough the clutter.
    • E-zine SubmissionsAcross the internet there are a variety ofsites that accept article submissions fromtheir members and then publish thesearticles on their sites. A common term forthese websites are called E-Zines.Because of the consistent new materialthe Search engines such as Google, Yahoo,Bing and others visit these sites daily tosee what is new. Therefore the likelihoodof getting a good ranking is significantlyincreased by appearing on any E-zineSite.If a web surfer types in keywords that ap-ply to your article it is highly likely yournew article will show up on the searchresults.
    • Article PickupsThe E-zine sites mentioned on the pre-vious page offer their material to otherwebsites, bloggers, publications and othersources that may determine the contentvaluable.When your article is picked up the read-ership increases exponentially and yourbrand, product or service gets noticedmore often.It should be noted however that the more This blogger picked up our client’s articlenewsworthy and less self-promoted the in less than 10 days after initial publica- tion. Since then dozens more have pickedarticle appears the higher likelihood it has it up.of being picked up. This is why we be-lieve in building a story and a reason tobelieve around your product or service.
    • ResultsThe final outcome of this project is to getyour article and product information toshow up on Search Engine rankings sothat more potential customers will learnabout what you have to offer.We know you’ll get a certain amount oflinks from our guaranteed submissionsbut the real goal is to create an article thatgets picked up by publications, blogs,websites and other sources so they pub-lish it as well. Some of that simply de-pends on your product and the popularityof that topic.We do feel positive that this is a real Real Google rankingsworld PR program with proven results. based on search termsMany of our articles get higher searchrankings than the product owners originalwebsite.
    • Real World Example Project: expand exposure of new Tripot self watering planter After research, multipage article written. Titled HOUSEPLANT RESCUE 101 with a focus on why houseplants die and why this product is a solution. Developed dynamic layout to help present article to publications. This can also be used by client as download from their website. Final results were top rankings when searching houseplant rescue, houseplant repair keywords. In this instance our Client’s article showed upArticle in text and layout format was submitted Our client’s story was published on our member in 4 of the top 9 page one listings of a Googleto the top gardening publications and websites. sites and picked up by a dozen or more blogs search. and other websites.
    • General Marketing ServiceIt’s really possible for small business tomake an impact online. General Market-ing Service can help you make an impacton the web.In addition to strategic public relationsprograms General Marketing Servicedoes strategic planning, designs websites,produces videos, creates interactive com-munications programs, direct mail, directresponse e-mail, sales presentations, bro-chures, brand name and image develop-ment, promotional programs and muchmore.For a portfolio review visit www.general-marketingservice.com or contact via e-mail at general.marketing.service@gmail.com