Municipal digital infrastructure
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Municipal digital infrastructure






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Municipal digital infrastructure Municipal digital infrastructure Presentation Transcript

  • Municipal Digital Infrastructure
    Longboat Key - MDI
  • Municipal Digital Infrastructure
    There are more than 20,000 square miles of municipal WiFi in America
    Municipal broadband offers many advantages to residents and to the economy of the community.
    Municipal broadband can provide high speed internet access less expensively than commercial broadband service providers.
    Island-wide WiFi will make Longboat more attractive to visitors and prospective residents.
    A digital infrastructure can increase community services while reducing costs.
    A digital infrastructure will decrease costs for DAS cell phone providers by 48% making DAS cost competitive with tall macro cell towers.
  • Community WiFi Features
    Functions that can be provided by a Digital Infrastructure
    WiFi - High speed wireless internet (WiFi).
    Cell Phone - Distributed Antenna cell phone system (DAS).
    Telephone - Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP).
    High speed Cell Phone data via wifi.
    Public Safety High Speed Communications.
    Automated meter reading and monitoring.
    Community surveillance camera monitoring.
    Business WiFi Portal.
    Intra-government low cost data communications.
    Municipal staff remote operations and data entry.
    Distributed Antenna cell phone system (DAS).
  • What is a Municipal Digital Infrastructure?
    An MDI is composed of a fiber optic backbone running the length of the island along with small antennas mounted on utility and lamp poles.
  • Benefits to the Community
    In France Triple Play (TV/Phone/Internet) costs 30 euros which is about $46. The average resident on Longboat Key pays more than $150 for the same services.
  • Municipal Digital Infrastructure
    If a community creates its own MDI then it can purchase content such as IPTV, VOIP and WiFi at wholesale prices.
    An MDI enables a community to attach many services on to the infrastructure.
    An MDI can support improved Public Safety communications at lower costs to the community.
  • Municipal WiFi
    Muni WiFi will bring Longboat into the 21st century.
    All residents, tourists, businesses, visitors and renters will have access to high speed wireless internet services.
    Most “smart phone” users will have access to high speed data.
    AT&T and Verizon now support SKYPE.
  • Telephone
    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular analog phone line.
    Comcast and Verizon offer VOIP at $35 a month or more.
    MDI can supply VOIP at $16 a month or less.
  • MDI in the Home
    The MDI wireless “last mile” delivery of services to the home/business terminates with a Subscriber Unit.
    Computers and analogue phones connect to the SU just like the Comcast/Verizon subscriber units currently in use on the island.
    MDI allows the user to transport VIOP service including phone number to any broadband connection at another locality.
  • Broadband Wireless
    Currently wireless internet is unavailable on Longboat.
    Some homes and offices have local WiFi covering a small area.
    Most notebook computers support WiFi.
    Newer smartphones (I-Phone) support WiFi.
    MDI will cover Longboat with high speed WiFi both indoors and outdoors.
  • Municipal WiFi Portal
    A community WiFi Portal will be accessible on visitor smart phones, notebook computers, I-Pods and all wifi enabled devices.
    The town wifi portal can charge for local business advertising as well as assisting visitors to locate businesses, town facilities and area events.
    Other towns use their municipal wifi to support local organization and businesses.
    A Muni WiFi system enables local government to promote the business community.
    Muni WiFi enhances the visitor experience and promotes community activities.
  • Longboat Municipal WiFi
    Now Is A Good Time To Help Local Small Businesses Succeed 
    Island-wide Internet Coverage
    Island-wide Cell Phone Coverage
    50% Savings on Internet and Phone Bills
    Visitors and Tourists Have Internet Availability
    Direct visitors to local business
    Help tourists discover Longboat
    Give local business a modern face
    Enable cell phones to see our town
  • Cell Phones and WiFi
    Both AT&T and Verizon offer SKYPE on their smart phones.
    WiFi enabled cell phones can access data ten times faster than data streams supplied by the carriers.
    When a cell phone uses WiFi no minutes are charged to the phone account.
  • Public Safety
    MDI will offer police fire and EMT greatly increased communication speed and coverage at reduced costs.
    MDI will enable low cost surveillance camera installation and monitoring.
    MDI will increase worker efficiencies through universal low cost communications throughout the government.
  • Request For InformationRequest For Proposals
    The first step in evaluating a MDI is gathering concept proposals from various wireless and DAS providers via an RFI. Information from the concept proposals will be the basis for an RFP.
    The next step is an RFP if we find that the concept proposals are economically attractive and the Return on invest (ROI) makes sense.
    A wireless MDI system including WiFi/VOIP/DAS can be quickly rolled out to the home because it is based on wireless technology. The DAS component can be implemented more quickly than macro cell tower technology.
  • Finances
    2.5 billion has been set aside in the federal stimulus program expressly for expanding broad band infrastructures.
    FPL may want to use our MDI for meter reading and Smart Grid applications.
    We may want to consider using the county infrastructure funds similar to what was done with the tennis center building.
    Over time MDI will recoup expenses and become a source of income for the town.
  • The DAS Cell Phone Business Model
    Backhaul accounts for half of the capital expense and operating costs for a DAS cell phone provider.
    MDI will eliminate these costs enabling a DAS provider to compete favorably with macro (tall) cell towers.
    MDI offers many more community services than a cell tower and saves the residents money.
  • Advantages of MDI
    MDI can be expanded and enhanced because the fiber backbone is a very big pipe capable of carrying vast amounts of information.
    MDI offers multiple services and is extensible as new technologies come on-line.
    MDI can be a revenue source for Longboat while saving residents money.
    MDI will enhance our community.