iOS 7 For Marketers - Why It Matters


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iOS 7 For Marketers. A quick look at a few of the new API's and features in iOS 7 that could impact your marketing in a huge way

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iOS 7 For Marketers - Why It Matters

  1. iOS7 ForMarketers andAdvertisers:Why It MattersGene KeenanFounder, Collective FactoryJune 17, 2013 TCFMonday, June 17, 13
  2. TCFAPPLE STILL MATTERSKEY STATS• 6MM registered developers• 1.5MM New developers in last year alone• 50BB Apps downloaded• Over 80% of all 2012 holiday online shopping done viamobile was done on iOS• 575MM accounts. Most with CC attached. More thanany other online store. (adding 500,000 a day)• 93% of all iOS devices are on OS6 (37% for android).iOS is still the most popular OS in the world• iOS app sales are 4.6x greater than AndroidAPPLE STILLWINNINGiOS App Sales: Accounts: Sales: numbers, developers, number downloaded:, June 17, 13
  3. TCFNEW DESIGN FOR IOS - ADAPT EXISTING APPSWHAT:• Apple has followed MS and utilized the Swissgraphic design sensibility• Icons and layout are flatter• UI is completely redesignedWHY IT MATTERS:• Marketers need to examine existing userexperiences and interfaces and adopt them to thenew human interface guidelines developed by Apple• HIG:, June 17, 13
  4. TCFMAPPING - IN-STORE MAPPING - SDK FOR APPSDEFINITION:• Apples mapping serviceWHAT:• Apple maps have received significant importantupdates• Map toolkit for 3rd party apps• iBeacons + Inclinometer for more precise location(micro-location) information like In-store, museums,airports, etc.WHY IT MATTERS:• Marketers focused on travel sectors can now utilizeapple maps within their own native experiences• iBeacon could potentially be used by storeowners to provide location mapping in-storethat is accurate within a few feetMonday, June 17, 13
  5. TCFPASS BOOK - 2D CODE SCANNINGDEFINITION:• Passbook is Apples tool kit for keeping track oftickets, coupons, gift cards, etc.WHAT:• Apple has implemented a 2D code scanner intoPassbookWHY IT MATTERS:• 2D codes which have not taken off with consumersmay finally get some uptake (implementation is stillTBD).• Apple may also be implementing a simple way toobtain Passbook items like Coupons. This would bevery valuable to marketers. Think print+scanner+share+utilize, June 17, 13
  6. TCFPASS BOOK - SHARINGDEFINITION:• Passbook is Apples tool kit for keeping trackof tickets, coupons, gift cards, etc.WHAT:• Apple has implemented sharing of Passbookitems via AirDropWHY IT MATTERS:• Marketers can now incentivize users to sharecoupons and gift cards, contact etc. withtheir friends and familyMonday, June 17, 13
  7. TCFiTUNES RADIO - ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIESDEFINITION:• ITUNES RADIO is Apples competitive offeringto the likes of Spotify and PandoraWHAT:• Apple will offer a free ad supported serviceand a premium paid serviceWHY IT MATTERS:• Marketers will be able to purchase “radiospots” within iTunes Radio environmentMonday, June 17, 13
  8. TCFiCLOUD and KEYCHAIN - ENHANCED SECURITYDEFINITION:• iCloud is Apples cloud service offering.Keychain is Apples service for storingpasswords and credit card informationWHAT:• Apple has increased security by making itseamless across all of their devices. Users willbe able to transfer credentials betweendevices automatically through easy loginWHY IT MATTERS:• Makes it easier for customers to engage withbrands on a monetary level by eliminatingbarriers to entry on a continuing basisMonday, June 17, 13
  9. TCFGAMING - APPLE ADDINGDEFINITION:• GamingWHAT:• Apple already dominates in the gaming arena.Now they have released game controller API’s.Logitech and Moga intend to release gamecontrollers for iOSWHY IT MATTERS:• Think Apple TV + iOS + Game Controllers +Advertising Opportunities in the living roomMonday, June 17, 13
  10. TCFAUTOMATIC APP UPDATINGDEFINITION:• Apps have had to be manually updated byusers in the pastWHAT:• Apple is now enabling automatic backgroundupdates to applications (and the system) onthe phoneWHY IT MATTERS:• Brands can now adopt a more agile processto application development. Focus onnumerous smaller updates instead of largeupdates knowing that updates are madeautomaticallyMonday, June 17, 13
  11. TCFiOS IN THE CARDEFINITION:• Apple integration with automobilesWHAT:• Apple is now providing tool kits forimplementation of iOS with at least 12automakers starting next yearWHY IT MATTERS:• iOS in the car combined with “Apps Near Me”will provide new and relevant ways forconsumers to discover brands while traveling• Brands should assess the value of havingrelevant in-car experiencesMonday, June 17, 13
  12. TCF DROP - FILE SHARINGDEFINITION:• Apples over the air file (OTA) sharing functionWHAT:• Apple brings Air Drop to iOSWHY IT MATTERS:• This combined with Passbook will provide asimple and seamless way to sharecoupons, gift cards, etc. over the air withthose nearby• In addition photos videos and other contentcan be shared OTA• Based on API it will also support 3rd party filesMonday, June 17, 13
  13. TCFAPPS NEAR MEDEFINITION:• Apples app store based on locationWHAT:• App discovery based on location/popularityWHY IT MATTERS:• Retailers need to reconsider sitting on thesidelines in regards to native app experiences• Apps Near Me combined with in-store locationexperiences or the in-car implementationscould mean killer apps for many brandsMonday, June 17, 13
  14. TCFMULTI-TASKINGDEFINITION:• Running multiple apps at the same timeWHAT:• Apple brings true multi-tasking to applicationsWHY IT MATTERS:• Apps will now be able to run in thebackground providing useful updates andutility to users instead of being kept in stasis• Certain verticals (travel for instance) need tolook at how this effects their currentapplication builds, June 17, 13
  15. TCF- 9% - LOCATION BY 3D SPACEDEFINITION:• 3D space trackingWHAT:• Apple brings three dimensional tracking toiOS7. Track location based on altitude inaddition to XY coordinatesWHY IT MATTERS:• The Inclinometer combined with iBeacons andGPS may provide marketers ways providelocation specific information based on whatfloor of a retail store they are inMonday, June 17, 13
  16. TCFTHANKS FORLOOKINGContact me to discussyour iOS 7 StrategyThis document is only a thought starter and not meantto be an exhaustive examination of possibilitiesGene KeenanFounder, Collective Factoryhello@thecollectivefactory.com415.218.7369FOR MORE:, June 17, 13