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General Directorate for Citizen Services and Publicity
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General Directorate for Citizen Services and Publicity


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  • 1. General Directorate for Citizen Services and Publicity
  • 2. What do we do?Multichannel Citizen Care Services Institutional Dissemination
  • 3. What do we do? Open Data Institutional Diffusion Face-to-face Exhibition By Phone gallery: Palau Robert By Website By Mobile App By Social Cultural fairs NetworksMultichannel Citizen Services Institutional Diffusion 3
  • 4. Virtual Care and Information The institutional website - 168,994,190 visits in 2011 - 100,487,328 visits in 2012 (to September) The electronic administration website: The Virtual Citizen Care Office (OVT) • Contains the entire catalogue of Generalitat procedures: 1470 • 435 of which can be done online (30% of total) • 1,500,000 procedures carried out since 2011 (start-up date) • 100,000 electronic notifications have been sent 4
  • 5. App development for mobiles The Generalitat offers a mobile service available at the App Store Mobile services (iOS), Google Play (Android) and (Mobile web version). These platforms provide access to the Open-Data mobile gencat catalogue. Web Apps Native Apps Equipaments gencat Contacteu Parlament 2012 Actualitat Equipaments Trànsit + FGC El temps Mou-te Gastroteca Rodalies GCU DOGC Posa’t a prova Macedònia6
  • 6. 7
  • 7. Generalitat presence on Social Networks STYLE AND USAGE GUIDE  Fifth edition published (February 2012)  40,804 guides downloaded Social Network website 8
  • 8. The Government of Catalonia on Social Networks  172 accounts Twitter  303,431 followers  183,630 sent tweets  207,835 re-tweets and mentions Facebook  44 accounts  79,449 fans  20,100 messages  182,929 comments, shares and likes 9
  • 9. The Government of Catalonia on Social Networks  34 accounts  1,193,364 video views  24 accounts  57,042 video views  22 accounts  589,878 views and downloads 10
  • 10. 012 Phone Services and information• Average of 2 million calls / year• IVR service 24 x 7 Personalised service (by operator) Monday-Saturday, 7 to 11 pm• Since 2010, the level of satisfaction has remained at 8.5 out of 10 11
  • 11. Face-to-face Care and InformationCitizen care offices and documentation registry Citizen Care Office in Girona A comprehensive service model has been OAC Cerdanya implemented by unifying the citizen services of all regional organisations of the Generalitat in Girona in a single office OAC GironaOAC Lleida OAC Barcelona OAC Tarragona 6 Citizen Care Offices (OACs) OAC Terres de l’Ebre • 120,000 visits 700 Generalitat Registry Offices • 9,000,000 documents submitted 140 local offices working with the Generalitat by agreement 12
  • 12. INSTITUTIONAL DISSEMINATION The Catalan media use open-data information and services published by the Generalitat. This entails the institutional dissemination of the Catalan Government and its services in the media, easily and transparently. For example:  ARA newspaper includes widgets from the Generalitat’s Twitter profiles, such as traffic, weather and emergencies: @transit, @meteocat @emergenciescat  Some other newspapers, including El PUNT, AVUI, INFOJONQUERA, EL TRAVESSER... publish Government open data separately by municipalities. AVUI does this in each local edition.
  • 13.
  • 14.
  • 15. Institutional CampaignsThe General Directorate for Citizen Services and Publicity is in charge of the unifiedmanagement and standardised production of all Generalitat advertising campaigns in alltypes of media.
  • 16. Palau Robert Exhibition Gallery  One million visitors since 2011  30 exhibitions shown in its 4 gallery rooms  Visitors overall satisfaction is 8.9 out of 10 17
  • 17. gencat.catespecialeng