Business Research Instruction - Corporate Strategy, October 23, 2012


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Business Research Instruction - Corporate Strategy, October 23, 2012

  1. 1. October 23, 2012 HRT 4000
  2. 2. Who Can Help?  Gena Chattin, Subject Specialist for Management and HRT (M-F 8-4:30 by appointment)  E-mail: Phone: 504-280-6554 AIM: (same as e-mail address)  General Reference (Usually, same hours as the library.)  E-mail: Phone: 504-280-6549 IM: (chat box on site) Twitter: @ekl_library or #unolib  UNO Library Website and Catalog:  Research Guides:  All UNO Library Databases:
  3. 3. Researching Corporations Where Do You Start? What Are You Looking For? Company Information? Industry Analysis Financials and Data?
  4. 4. Where To Begin: Some Terminology  Catalog: search for books, journals, eBooks, magazines, CDs, DVDs, newspapers, etc. by title, author, subject, and more.   Databases: search for articles, book chapters, company profiles, financial statements, and more.   
  5. 5. Beginning Company Research  Before searching a database, ask yourself:  What is the company’s actual name?  Who owns them? Are they a subsidiary?  Is this a private or public company? (Much, much more information on public companies.)  What financial reports are available?  How do customers feel about this company? Resources to help answer these questions can be found by clicking the Company Research tab at
  6. 6. Today’s Company  Our Sample Company: Wyndham Worldwide (Ticker: WYN)
  7. 7. Company Profiles and Basic Information  Business Source Complete (look for the “Company Information” link)  Hospitality and Tourism Complete HRT-specific articles, news, and scholarship.  LexisNexis Academic: Business Company dossiers, lists and comparisons, reports, etc.  Mergent Online Company profiles, government filings, and more  Mergent WebReports Historical company documents dating back several years  S&P’s NetAdvantage Company profiles, reports, and downloadable data – Click “Companies” tab. Two Ways to Access: •
  8. 8. Try It!: WYN Profile and SWOT Analysis MERGENT: Do a Company Search for “WYN.” BUSINESS SOURCE COMPLETE: Find a SWOT Analysis for “WYN.”
  9. 9. Financials and Govt. Filings Financials  Annual Reports  Quarterly Reports  Proxy Statements  (issued before votes, often include ownership and executive salary info) Govt. Filings  10 K Reports (Annual Reports)  10 Q Reports (Quarterly Reports)  Etc.
  10. 10. Resources for Company Financials  Mergent Online  as we have just seen…  Mergent/Moody’s Manuals  in Mergent’s WebReports  Click Search on the first screen and “Corporate Manual Search” on the next.  S&P’s Net Advantage  For Stock Reports, click “Companies” tab, choose “Stock Reports” under “Resources,” and search by company.  Value Line Investment Survey  (Print only at UNO – ask for it at the circulation desk)
  11. 11. Resources for Government Filings In addition to the resources on the last slide:  EDGAR – US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)   “Search for Company Filings” (but tutorials available on the site to get full benefit of its data)  SEC Index to Forms for Corporate Filings  To help identify government filings and their purpose  (  LexisNexis Academic: Business  Click “SEC Filings” in the left-hand menu under “Companies.”
  12. 12. Beginning Industry Analysis Questions to Ask  What is the NAICS Code?  You will often need this to search some resources and also to compare your company against competitors in the same category.  Geographic Area?  Industry Trends and Outlook?  What is the product?  Who are the customers and how do they feel about the industry?  Government Regulation?  Who are the companies that are competitive in this Industry? For a more thorough list of Industry Analysis resources, go to and click the “Industry Analysis” tab.
  13. 13. Industry Analysis Resources  Business Source Complete  Journal articles, profiles, SWOT analyses, and reports, searchable by NAICS code. You can also limit your search to Trade Journals.  LexisNexis Academic: Business  Company and Industry Reports (including Hoover’s), company profiles, and SEC filings  Mergent Online  Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage  Industry Surveys and Reviews, click the “Industries” tab.  U.S. Census Industry and Economic Information  ( tml)  Click “Industry Codes” in the menu to the left and search by NAICS Code.
  14. 14. Try It!: S&P Industry Survey and United States Census S&P: • Industry Trends & Outlook • “How to Analyze” • Comparative Company Analysis U.S. Census Bureau: • “Industry Codes” tab • Search for NAICS “721110” • Add to selections and narrow down by geographic location, etc. sf/pages/index.xhtml
  15. 15. HANDOUT HIGHLIGHTS  Logging into Databases from Off Campus  Book and Call Number Locations  Borrowing Privileges by Class Status (i.e. “How many books can I take out at a time?” etc.)  Database search tips, tricks, and cheats
  16. 16. Parting Thoughts  Allow yourself plenty of time with these resources, and take advantage of tutorials. They house massive amounts of complex data.  UNO Librarians are here to help you! If you have questions, let us know! Give us as much information as you can, and call / e-mail ahead to set up an appointment to get the best help possible.  Thank you, and good luck!