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School Project for Presentation on Healthcare

School Project for Presentation on Healthcare

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  • Final Group Tina/Lem/Thy/Michael


  • 3.  
  • 4.  
  • 5. Wait Times in Waterloo Region
  • 6. Current Wait Times On Average in Waterloo Region http://edrs.waittimes.net/En/Data.aspx?LHIN=3&city=&pc=&dist=0&hosptID=0&str=&view=0&period=0&expand=0
  • 7. Waiting in Emergency Room of Hospital
    • Overcrowding is the most serious issue facing Canada’s Emergency Departments and is a very serious patient health issue. Overcrowding results in; increased patient suffering, prolonged wait times, deteriorating levels of serves and sometimes a loss of life.
    • As you can see from the Charts the Emergency Room has Minor cases.
    • When does “ Minor become Emergency? ”
    • Minor has less wait times interesting eh?
    • One would think that with the revolution of Urgent Care Clinics that Minor cases could take off the work load in the ER and free up this room for Urgent Complex Care Cases.
    • Emergency should be Emergencies only not Minor cases so if they take out Minor cases also hire more Doctors, then overcrowding will not become an issue. Right or Wrong.?
  • 8. Wait Time Issue
  • 9. Wait Times Affecting Health Care
  • 10. Wait Times Affecting Health Care
    • Undue waiting is currently Medicare’s Achilles’ heel
    • Long waiting times is the only reason some Canadians are willing to pay for treatments outside of the public health system
    • Spread of private clinics
    • Private sector clinics are aggravating personnel shortages.
  • 11. Strategies To Addressing Wait Times
  • 12. Strategies To Addressing Wait Times
    • Telehealth
    • Allowing shorter times for new / incoming doctors to practice
    • Short-stay surgical clinics within the public sector.
    • Consolidating waiting list within a given jurisdiction.
    • Increasing surgical capacity in public hospitals and putting greater emphasis on prevention.
    • Subsidisation of voluntary private health insurance.
    • There is no shortage of such solutions if the political will is present.
  • 13. Implications of Wait Times
  • 14. Implications of Wait Times
  • 15. Implications of Wait Times
  • 16. Opinions with Wait Times
    • Manufacturing companies like COM DEV, ATS and Allen Bradley currently contribute to help support and improve Medicare within our community by donating large amounts of dollars to, Cambridge Memorial Hospital and Grand River Hospital.
    • Our provincial government just added another $782, 000 recently to help reduce wait times.
    • Overall if we can free up a couple of long term beds for seniors waiting to get into nursing homes and change a few policies about minor case issues to consult access like tele-health this may pave the way for improved wait times caused by overcrowding the ER.
    • Also the central focus should be put on brining in more Family Doctors, which will help in reducing wait times at hospitals.