Jupiter in transit brought to you by Gemstoneuniverse


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Major event in astrology and its effects.From Gemstoneuniverse-Gold standard in planetary gemology.
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Jupiter in transit brought to you by Gemstoneuniverse

  1. 1. Gemstoneuniverse-The Gold Standard in Planetary GemologyJupiter Transit May 31, 2013May 30th, 2013 No commentsJupiter Transit May 31, 2013What does this Transit of Jupiter mean for you…There is a major astronomical as well as astrological event happening today. Movement spellschange and significant movement of heavyweight planets spells bigger change. The heavyweightplanet of our solar system Jupiter, the mentor of Gods – Guru will move into the sign of Geminior Mithuna on the 31stof May 2013 and will stay in that sign for the next 13 months.What does it mean?Jupiter is saatvik energy, a benevolent planet that rules over justice, wisdom, auspicious eventsand good fortune for each individual. Since Jupiter is such a significant planet, that determinesthe foundations of life and decisions of individuals; combined with the fact that it stays in azodiacal sign for a long duration of 13 months, the impact on life will be significant too and alsoquite specific. What the coming 13 months augur for each sign, would depend on the transit fromnatal moon, the sign it is transiting through, houses ruled etc.
  2. 2. BrihaspatiAs Jupiter steps into the dual sign of Gemini, ruled by Mercury, individuals can expect that thewisdom and maturity of Guru will blend with the incisive and persuasive communication ofMercury. Now whether this combination can work wonders for an individual or indicates caution– to watch against smart-mouthing for ones own interest will depend on where Jupiter transitsfrom natal moon and whether it will be auspicious or trying.You decide the course…Predictions for the SignsHere is a look at what this significant planetary movement augurs for the 12 signs of the zodiac -(Note: The predictions are based on the principles of Vedic Astrology and describe the effectsfor the Moon signs)Aries/ Mesha: From the month of June, Jupiter will move 3rdto your natal moon. This will be anaverage time for the Aries. There will be short-term changes and short distance travels in this
  3. 3. phase. You may be motivated to bring about some changes in your business/ work environmentor academic activity. Do not take big risks, playing conservative is the key. You may register astagnation or decrease in profits. There may be a feeling of being stonewalled. Health issues orthose of loved ones may bog you down. Some individuals may get married and some maybeblessed with children.Taurus/ Vrishabha: Jupiter moves 2ndto the natal Moon in this case. Now this is one of the besttransits, especially for making rapid strides materially, for making financial gains and scalingheights in career. There is increase in status and social prestige. Your personal charm andcharisma grows and your ability to persuade and negotiate also grows. There could be apromotion, excellent result in competitive exams or a new job offered to you. A major wishfulfilment is on cards. Gains through influential people, social network expansion and popularityincrease. Eligible individuals are likely to get married. Auspicious events are indicated. This is agood time to take new initiatives and start important works.Gemini: Jupiter transits over your natal moon now. The individuals with this sign of the zodiaccan expect some changes for the better while still grappling with a few existing ones. There willbe a definite decrease in the cash outflow that has given you a tough time in the last year. Youwill have to be cautious about not getting into a public fracas. There is also the danger of adented reputation. Try to keep your conduct above board and your temper in check. Someobstacle may crop up while trying to get a government or administrative sanction. This will be afairly decent time in terms of new opportunities/ hopes and ideas presenting themselves to you.A birth in the family or a marriage of eligible individuals is likely.Cancer: Individuals born under this sign of the zodiac should brace up for a significantly tryingtime. Jupiter will now move through the sign of Gemini, 12th to your natal moon. There may bea sudden increase in expenses – there may be unforeseen and unexpected expenses putting apressure on your resources and draining your savings. How attached you are to money maydefine your state. Also, there may be a lot of running around to be done to get the smallest jobsdone. It can be frustrating as well as exhausting. Keep documents as well as valuables safely andbe careful about your prized possessions. This phase could be marked by trouble through foreigntravel, anxiety and unexplained fears. You must replenish your spiritual reservoir as Saturntransiting 4th to your natal moon is already testing you!Leo: Get set for some of the most promising and memorable times of your life. Jupiter moves11thto your natal moon. This is a time where you operate with great confidence and Are in aspace of mental comfort and ease. There is a significant increase in profit and financial gains.There could be in gains through friends and network of influential people. Auspicious events arelikely to happen. There could be a marriage or a birth in the family. There could be a promotionon cards, possibly increase in social status and prestige. Pending works get completed and thereis academic success. There a general sense of calm and composure about you. Those individualsfor whom Jupiter is particularly not a favourable planet should watch out for losses especiallythrough speculation and trading.Virgo: The individuals born under this sign of the zodiac should brace up for some changes tocome up in the professional life. The events may be for good on the long run but may present
  4. 4. difficulties to begin with. There may be introduction to and meetings with influential people,while it brings a bit of stress, it does open doors to opportunities too. Those involved inbusinesses can draw up plans now and execute them in a more favourable time. There mayhowever be some difficulties too. You may be faced by an unexpected transfer, a difficultsuperior or obstacles in promotion. If you allow work related tensions to prevail, they may affectyour personal relationships too.Libra: This particular transit of Jupiter is likely to bring in great good for the Libra. This bigbenevolent planet now moves 9thto your natal moon. It is a time for all good results. There couldbe long distance fruitful travels. You may travel abroad too. Work expands and you register newopportunities along with profits. Those in the field of media, academics and writing will seepublic recognition for their work. Lawyers and lecturers will make progress too. There islikelihood of undertaking pilgrimages and religious functions. Your interest in spirituality is alsolikely to increase. There is increase in the sphere of influence and status. You may be given moreresponsibility. There is favour from government and superiors.Scorpio: This transit of Jupiter brings and intensely testing time for the individuals born underthis sign of the zodiac. As such you are undergoing the Sade sati or the seven and half year cycleof Saturn that is already testing you. This is a time that could throw up sudden losses, an illnessor physical discomfort. It may bring acrimony in your close relations and your own people mayoppose you, or may not support you. Your daily routine, nutrition suffers. Be very careful inlegal matters as it may backfire and your reputation takes a hit. There could be a faint chance ofreceiving an inheritance. There may be moments of intense grief and hopelessness, where youwill have to push limits of forbearance and teach yourself to remain strong.Sagittarius: This is an important time for relationships and partnerships and the same ishighlighted with this transit of Jupiter. The big planet now moves 7thto your natal Moon in thesign of Gemini. It is a time for the Sagittarius to gear to up for raking in some profits, especiallyif there is a project in collaboration in offing with foreign collaboration. There is fruitful overseastravel. There is possibility of immigration too. Those single and eligible may tie the knot. Thereis romance in the air and you may be able to meet the ideal partner. There may be a birth in thefamily. There is however, some caution here that you should stay away from gambling, riskystock trading and get rich quick schemes.Capricorn: Now the individuals born under this sign of the zodiac are likely to have a littlestruggle as the big planet rolls over into the sign of Gemini and that is 6thto your natal Moon.There will be opposition from mother or maternal family regarding views. There will be rivalsrearing up head and will try to hurt your interests. Your opinion may be minority in largersettings, so weigh what you speak clearly. There could be useless expenditure and there may beloss of reputation if you get tangled with administration. Be diplomatic in your interactions anddo not loan out money casually or take a loan unless absolutely necessary. You will need to takecare of your health. In some cases, relief from an old illness is likely.Aquarius: The Jupiter transits into the sign of Gemini, that is 5thto your natal Moon. This is areally good time for the people looking at having children. There may be good news for you.There will be professional success, increase in creativity and prospects for promotion become
  5. 5. better. There is progress and a major wish fulfillment is on cards. Students perform well instudies and those looking at success in competitive exams or studying abroad are able to achievetheir goal. There is respect and increase in social status. Gain of jewellery or precious gems islikely. There is prevalence of calm and peace within the mind.Pisces: The challenge now begins for the Pisces born individuals. You are already going throughthe 8thtransit of Shani or kantaka Shani. Now Jupiter will be moving through Gemini that is 4thto your natal Moon. This is not a very good transit and may bring about some home-relatedissues. You may find that you are dealing with very fragile egos and extremely sensitive issues.Unless handled well, some personal issues may blow up in your face. There may be expensesrelated to home repairs or renovation. There could be obstacles in acquisition of property. If youare looking at moving into a new home, you may have trouble finding the right kind ofaccommodation. Mother’s health may take a hit. There may be a strong urge to give up owing todespair. Stay strong and ride out the rough patch.©Gemstoneuniverse.com, All rights reserved.http://www.gemstoneuniverse.comAbhijita Kulshrestha Senior consultant and PGA Gemstoneuniverse
  6. 6. Abhijita Kulshrestha is a communications professional and held the position of ResearchAssociate at MICA- Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad before becoming certifiedPlanetary Gem Advisor from PGA Thailand. At present she is a senior consultant atGemstoneuniverse.com©1999-2011, Gemstoneuniverse.com, All rights reserved.http://www.gemstoneuniverse.com