Web 2.0 Business Websites And Inbound Marketing
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Web 2.0 Business Websites And Inbound Marketing

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In an environment that blocks traditional marketing techniques, inbound marketing and web 2.0 websites are a great option for businesses. What is Web 2.0 and how can inbound marketing be used to......

In an environment that blocks traditional marketing techniques, inbound marketing and web 2.0 websites are a great option for businesses. What is Web 2.0 and how can inbound marketing be used to drive business and growth?

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  • 1. Web 2.0 Business Websites Rebecca Kotz Krista Moon President and Web Marketing Consultant Senior Director of Business Development www.gems-solutions.com
  • 2. Outline • Why are we in Web 2.0? • Web 2.0 Capabilities • Web Content Management System www.gems-solutions.com
  • 3. Traditional Outbound Marketing Prospects Inside Sales Direct Mail Print Advertising Telemarketing Tradeshows Interruption Company 34 gigabytes of data every single day www.gems-solutions.com
  • 4. Too Many Messages! • Spam blockers • Sirius radio • Tivo • Do-Not-Call List • Caller ID • Trash can! www.gems-solutions.com
  • 5. Marketing is Changing! Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Flat, static brochure Interactive, 2-way communication www.gems-solutions.com
  • 6. What does Web 2.0 mean? Online shopping Enhanced user (products, event experiences Self-service registration / with motion capabilities on donations, etc.) graphics, news your website. with features feeds, gadgets and options. and mash-ups. www.gems-solutions.com
  • 7. Web 2.0 Trends Lots of people: • Over 1 billion users. • Search, post, edit a Web-fluent users: Wiki, rate/review, etc. Powerful • Harnessing collective intelligence deep into the capabilities: design. Power and control • We produce the vast is shifting to us: majority of content. www.gems-solutions.com
  • 8. Join the Conversation! • People are talking about your… – Company – Products – Services Blogs – Competitors Facebook Online Reviews Twitter LinkedIn www.gems-solutions.com
  • 9. Online Statistics 97% Research products and services online before they purchase. 55% Of all local searches are done with an intent to buy. 80% Of all local searches result in a phone call or visit a store and 60% of those result in a purchase. www.gems-solutions.com
  • 10. Why use Inbound Marketing? Outbound marketing: $1 Investment = $11 Return Inbound marketing: $1 Investment = $60 Return 80 ROI Comparison by Marketing Program 60:1 60 40 20 ROI 11:1 0 2:1 Social Marketing Direct Marketing Media Advertising Programs Programs Programs Source: Next Century Media. (Jan. 2009). 2008 Social Marketing ROI Report and Benchmark Guide. Powered.com [Online] Available: http://poweredcorp.dc.powered.com/download/p/courseId/24 43/White_Paper_2008_Soc.htm?courseSessionId=2201 [Nov. 4, 2009]. www.gems-solutions.com
  • 11. Inbound Marketing Components Keywords Web Design & Post Content Participate & Measure & Structure • Keyword-based Build Track • Bridge the Internet • Keyword content. • Where is your • Benchmarking, to your website optimization. • Start target market statistics and through search • Easily add/edit conversations, congregating? analysis. engine content. educate, be an • Join or create • Continual optimization and expert . social media evaluation to keep • Web 2.0 and social online advertising. media integration. • Blogs, videos, communities, parti up with an ever white papers, e- cipate regularly. changing • Well organized books, RSS, free • Build links to environment. design. tools/trials. website. www.gems-solutions.com
  • 12. Web 2.0 Technologies “e-Commerce” “Flash” “Blogging” “Social Networking” “RSS” “Wiki” www.gems-solutions.com
  • 13. Women in Leadership: www.wilmm.org Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Login, Social Network, Live Chat, Discussion Board, Online Registration, Membership Sign-Up www.gems-solutions.com
  • 14. Vantage Plastics: www.vantageplastics.com Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Calendar, eNews System, Online Forms, Online Documents, Photo Gallery, Event Calendar www.gems-solutions.com
  • 15. GEMS Solutions: www.gems-solutions.com Registration, Social Bookmarking, Twitter Integration, Facebook Integration, Blogging, YouTube, Testimonial System www.gems-solutions.com
  • 16. Web 2.0 Components • RSS Feed • Forms System (+1 form) • Social Bookmarking • Live Chat • Google Map Integration • E-News System (simple) • Comment System • E-News System (complex) • Weather • Quiz / Survey System • Event Calendar • Online Donations • Photo Gallery (+1 gallery) • Flash • Blog • Product Catalogue • Document Manager • E-Commerce Shopping System • Blog with commenting • Employment System • Facebook Integration • Event Registration • Twitter Integration • Social Networking • YouTube Integration • Business Directory • Message Board • Learning Management System • Banner Advertising • Video www.gems-solutions.com
  • 17. Web Content Management System Update your Update and own content change menus Module based Database – flexibile to structure grow with you CMS www.gems-solutions.com
  • 18. Key Features • Keywords and search • Automated site map engine optimization • Contact form or • Easy administration directory • Consistent design • Text editor and structure • Email and print • Menu structure friendly • Automated in-site search www.gems-solutions.com
  • 19. Thank You! GEMS Solutions, LLC • Website Design • Website Marketing Connect with Us! • Website Training • Website Seminars www.twitter.com/gemssolutions www.facebook.com/gemssolutions www.gems-solutions.com