Blogging for Profit


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Blogging For Profit - A presentation given at the CIMCIG Conference on Strategy & Tactics of Digital Communication

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Blogging for Profit

  1. 1. Blogging for Profit Gemma Went Red Cube Marketing @GemmaWent
  2. 2. What is blogging ?
  3. 3. Blogging allows you to publish thought pieces, opinion and advice ...
  4. 4. ... that showcase your expertise and knowledge. The stuff you’re good at
  5. 5. It’s an online platform that allows you to engage with your audiences
  6. 6. The results achieved through PR in the past are amplified in a successful blog
  7. 7. The benefits of blogging
  8. 8. Establish yourself as a thought leader
  9. 9. Grow your community
  10. 10. Raise awareness and establish credibility
  11. 11. Connect with people previously out of reach
  12. 12. Strengthen your press and pr activity
  13. 13. Greatly improve search engine optimisation
  14. 14. Yes yes, that’s all well and good. But how does it make PROFIT?
  15. 15. Your blog SHOWS you know what you’re talking about …
  16. 16. … instead of TELLING readers you know what you’re talking about
  17. 17. ShowingTelling Website Brochures Advertising Press Releases Blog Social Networking Event Speaking Testimonials Case Studies Press Articles
  18. 18. The difference … if you tell people, they are less likely to believe than if you show them
  19. 19. If they believe you, they’re more likely to buy from or recommend you
  20. 20. But you can’t dive in
  21. 21. It’s a marathon not a sprint
  22. 22. Getting Started
  23. 23. Objectives Audience Content plan Measurement
  24. 24. Objectives
  25. 25. What are your goals? What do you want to achieve from the blog? Thought leadership? Brand awareness? Improved SEO? New business generation? Online PR
  26. 26. Audience
  27. 27. Who do you want to connect with? Segment as much as possible Then think about what they need to hear. Remember, you’re writing for them, not yourselves or your peers
  28. 28. Content
  29. 29. What are the common questions you’re asked by clients? What are industry bloggers and journalists interested in right now? This gives you an idea of what your audience will genuinely be interested in
  30. 30. If you already have a SEO strategy, list your target keywords and ensure these are included in your blog posts ... naturally though, nobody wants to read an obviously optimised blog post
  31. 31. Hold a mind mapping brainstorm with your team Suggest the key topic areas you should write about Then come up with a range of blog post ideas for each topic Ask people to volunteer to write posts
  32. 32. Measurement
  33. 33. Once you have your objectives, think about how you will measure them What does success look like for each? Put a target on it
  34. 34. Once objectives and metrics agreed, create a system to measure A simple spreadsheet works well Metrics should be recorded and reported monthly, alongside other marketing and pr measurement reports (because you’re doing this already right?)
  35. 35. What Makes A Good Blog
  36. 36. Passion Authenticity Transparency ‘Real’ knowledge Healthy debate Controversy NO selling
  37. 37. Who Can Do It?
  38. 38. Some really enjoy blogging, so make the most of your internal talent and let them get involved
  39. 39. Share the strategy and content requirement and ask for volunteers
  40. 40. The writing stars will soon shine through
  41. 41. Once you’ve identified a team of capable bloggers and agreed who will write, set deadlines ...
  42. 42. ... and appoint one person to proof, edit and publish if you’re not comfortable with self publishing
  43. 43. Integrate
  44. 44. Integrating the blog with other activities to increase reach and drive traffic Link with all online activities Promote and support other activities such as press pr, speaking events, emailers, newsletters
  45. 45. Thank You. Gemma Went Red Cube Marketing +44 (0)20 7993 4998