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Providing a Flexible Approach to the Inflexible World of Information Security & Compliance
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Providing a Flexible Approach to the Inflexible World of Information Security & Compliance


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A short presentation on a new, unique approach to Information Security Managed Services. …

A short presentation on a new, unique approach to Information Security Managed Services.

PragmaticDefence utilise all existing internal resources, to provide as much or as little you need to remain secure.

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  • 1. Managed Information Security: Providing a Flexible Approach to the Inflexible World of Information Security “ Understand the threats to your business now and in the future, protect against only those things that are genuine risks, then focus your attention on the key tasks needed to grow and succeed; leave the rest to us.”
  • 2. Who are we?
    • Veterans of the IT security industry
    • Founded in 2006, key investment made in ‘Pharos’ an Intelligent Threat Management platform.
    • Experts in creating a unique framework for your company to meet IT security needs and to comply with changing regulations.
    • Loyal, passionate, committed.
  • 3. Need “ Protect core assets against fast changing threats, monitor and review as needed and remain secure”
  • 4. Challenges
    • Fast emerging new threats
      • Sophisticated, targeted, financially motivated attacks
    • Ever higher costs of defences
      • Budgets constantly challenged by those ever increasing costs
      • More solutions needed to provide minimum support
      • Costs of securing a dedicated in-house resource
      • Dynamically changing regulatory standards
      • Fragmented solutions; never having a birds-eye view
      • Duplication of work efforts, leading to increased costs and less efficiency
  • 5. Exploration
    • Site visit to baseline requirements
    • 3-5 days, detailed examination of site architecture, threats, examination of prevention, detection, containment and recovery requirements
    • Information asset mapping and reporting ensures scope of project is understood by all involved
    • Definition of coverage and gap analysis
    • Agree SLA, milestones, measures
  • 6. Protecting
    • ‘ Pharos tm ‘ is a Business Intelligence platform designed to monitor security feeds for all IT security solutions
    • A unique architecture which allows you to monitor your infrastructure quickly and easily, from anywhere
    • Enables remediation; automated patch management
    • Provides your organisation access to the industries leading experts & solutions
    • No purchase of software licences needed; dramatically reducing outgoings without diluting the quality of the solutions provided
  • 7. Simplify
    • Awareness:
      • Current/Immediate threats, Impact
    • Analysis:
      • Set thresholds, SLA’s and KPI’s
    • Reporting:
      • Structured, customisable reports
    • Alerting
      • Prior warning of incidents; knowledge as to how issues will be managed to conclusion with proof of remediation taken
  • 8. Utilisation
    • Remote monitoring of multiple locations (sites or organisations)
    • Monitoring information from multiple technologies and data sources to create a customised and integrated view (filter, focus, aggregate, analyse)
    • Centralised reporting of services that are built on varying technologies (e.g.anti-virus from different vendors on multiple areas of protection )
    • Create service related view on technical data, technical view = Events
    • Risk, performance or business related views = KPI, KRI, SLA’s
  • 9. Pharos 3.0 Framework Config DB Data DB MS SQL My SQL Sybase Oracle Web server Agents Importer Console Tickets Actions Web data source Collectors
  • 10. The console
    • Dynamix AJAX powered web console
    • Intuitive functionality
    • No Java
    • Fully configurable through console
    • Secured communications and sessions
  • 11. Why Pharos?
    • Pharos provides all required modules in one product (Data collection, Data integration Data storage, Presentation, Alerting, Reporting, Historical actions)
    • Pharos is easy to implement
    • Pharos is easy to extend
    • Pharos is easy to understand
    • Pharos provides access to leading security solutions
  • 12. PragmaticDefence aims to utilise all of your existing resources, solutions and staff to deliver a unique, cost effective managed service.* * PragmaticDefence brings a service equal to that of a fully dedicated Internal Security Monitoring Team, for approximately 60% of the cost it would be to hosting internally. Contact for a Cost Based Analysis