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  1. 1. Series • An on going television programme that has a number of different episodes and seasons to the programme • Usually a single camera technique but sitcoms use multi - camera as it is faster and cheaper to produce • Genres of series range from comedies, drama’s, sci-fi and action • Series that are drama’s last for around 44 minutes and up to an hour with adverts, whereas a comedy only lasts for half an hour, this is because drama’s get more air time than comedies as there is a lot of time to fill for a comedy show to be on for an hour • Series are on tv but can then later be released on DVD in episodes These examples are all series, as they are or were on going programmes
  2. 2. Serial• A one off drama which is split up into parts, usually shown day by day beside each other but can be weekly until the serial has finished • A single camera technique as it is cheaper and easier to work with actors with only one camera • Some genres that are assoicated with serials are: Horror, fantasy, drama and elements of comedy • The plot of the serial unfolds within a number of episodes • Secrets and twists are revealed to the end of the serial • They often end on cliff hangers or leaving the audience asking questions and wanting more of the serial • Serials are on TV but can later be released on DVD and can be accessed online sites like Netflix, love film and blink box. These are all serial programmes, as they were 4,6 or 8 part programmes
  3. 3. Single Drama • A one off single programme • Very expensive to produce • Single camera technique to allow more control over the shots taken • A dramatic and usually a fictional programme • Single drama’s are aired on TV but can be released onto DVD and can be watched online These are all single drama’s as they were only shown as a one off drama
  4. 4. Documentary / Docudrama • Based on a real life event • Usually a single camera but can rarely be multicamera • Shown on TV but can be released to DVD and also watched online and rarely made into films • They cover different genres such as historical events, nature and real life events • Docudrama’s are similar to documentaries as they are based on a true life story but the characters are played by actors These are all documentaries or docudramas as they are based on true life
  5. 5. Soap Opera • Is shown everyday of the week of every month • Often have specials at christmas time and new year etc.. • Multi cameras are used as they are faster and cheaper to produce the soap operas • Soap operas are always dramatic and exaggerated with events that occur in them • Some examples are Eastenders, Hollyoaks, Coronation street and Emmerdale • On going programmes
  6. 6. Feature Film • Single camera productions to allow more control over the shots and how the actors are stood and lit with the lighting • Normally 70 minutes in length excluding trailers • Are premiered in cinemas but then later released to DVD and then TV • Also available on Netflix, love film and blink box or to watch illegally online • Genres range from comedies, horrors, drama’s, fantasy, sci-fi and action Action film Comedy Film Horror Film Fantasy Film
  7. 7. Music Video • Produced to showcase a new song that an artist or band has brought out • Shown on TV and later released to an album or single on CD, they can also be watched online, on YouTube or downloaded from iTunes • Shot in single camera generally but live parts of the video are shot with multicamera technique • A lot of thought goes into the wardrobe and styling of the artist to make their music video look the best Katy Perry – ROAR Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines