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The universe.unit6.theplanets.powerpoint Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Solar System
  • 2. The Solar System• The Solar System is a collection of planets, moons and stars.• Our Solar System has eight planets that orbit the sun.
  • 3. The Solar System• The Sun is the center of the Solar System.• The Sun is a star.
  • 4. The Solar System• Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun.• It is small.• It is very hot.• It has no moons.
  • 5. The Solar System• Venus is the second closest planet from the Sun.• Venus is the hottest planet.• It has no moon.
  • 6. The Solar System• We live on the Earth.• It is the third planet from the Sun.• The Earth has one moon.
  • 7. The Solar System• Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun.• Mars is red.• It has two tiny moons.
  • 8. The Solar System• Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun.• It is the biggest planet in our Solar System.• It has many moons.
  • 9. The Solar System• Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun.• It has beautiful rings made of ice and rocks.• It has many moons.
  • 10. The Solar System• Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun.• It is a light-blue gas.• It has many moons.
  • 11. The Solar System• Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun.• It is a light-blue gas.• It has many moons.
  • 12. The Solar System• Memory aid: My very excellent mother just sent us newspapers.
  • 13. The Solar System• Planet names: – Mercury: Roman god of trade – Venus: Roman goddess of love. – Mars: Roman god of war. – Jupiter: King of the Roman gods. – Saturn: Roman god of agriculture. – Uranus: Greek god of the sky. – Neptune: Roman god of the sea.
  • 14. The Solar System• Planet diameters and distances from the Sun.
  • 15. The Solar System• The eight planets orbit the sun.
  • 16. The Solar System• The time taken to orbit the sun depends on the distance from the sun.