Open Day 30 June 2012 - Sport at Swansea


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Open Day 30 June 2012 - Sport at Swansea

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Sport Swansea“An Introduction to Sport at Swansea University”Steve MinneySenior Student RecruitmentOfficer
  3. 3. Sport at Swansea University•Sport is a major part of Student life at Swansea•£20m investment•Access to first-class facilities•Location is a major attraction•Active, outdoor lifestyle possibilityFor students who take their sport seriously, it is alwaysrefreshing to find a university that shares their commitmentand ambition. At Swansea sport really matters.
  4. 4. Sport for allWe pride ourselves at Swansea ELITEUniversity in that we are workinghard to cater for three differenttypes of sports person! PERFORMANCE RECREATIONAL
  5. 5. Recreational SportYou don’t have to be an elite athlete to enjoy sport atSwansea.•Modern gym•Public swimming times at pool•Classes in the Sports Centre and National Pool•Facilities available for recreational use such as squash,tennis, basketball and badminton courts
  6. 6. Volunteering•Club Positions•AU Executive•Sports Volunteers•Events•Reporters
  7. 7. Performance Sport Performance sport can be split further into three distinct sections:3. Focus Sport4. AU Teams5. Intramural Team
  8. 8. The Athletic UnionAll Sporting activity contained within the “Performance” bracketare managed by the Athletic Union:• 50 Clubs including intramural • Organises Varsity as well as and focus sports other sporting events• All standards • Insurance to members• Student President • Subsidises physiotherapy• Volunteering opportunities • Provides equipment to clubs• All University fixtures
  9. 9. Intramural Sport•18 Intramural football sides•Squash and Badminton•Interdepartmental Netball•5-a-side football•Range of other sportingcompetitions
  10. 10. Athletic Union Clubs• Aikido • Finswimming • Mountain Biking • Soccer• Archery • Golf • Mountaineering • Squash• Badminton • Hiking • Netball • Street Hockey• Basketball • Hockey • Rowing • Sub Aqua• Bodyboarding • Jiu Jitsu • Rugby League • Surfing• Boxing • Judo • Rugby Union • Swimming• Canoe • Karate • Running/ Athletics • Tae Kwon Do• Cheerleading • Karting • Sailing • Tennis• Cricket • Kiting • Ski & Snowboard • Triathlon• Equestrian • Lacrosse • Skydiving • Volleyball• Fencing • Life Saving • American Football
  11. 11. Athletic Union Clubs•Every Wednesday 40 different teams represent Swansea•Teams compete against Universities all over the UK• Individual and team championships• Welsh Cup• BUCS champions in Rugby, Soccer, Surfing, Golf, Cricket,Mountain Biking, Karate, Judo, Sailing, Badminton, Canoe Polo andhave won medals in most individual events
  12. 12. BUCS?“British Universities and Colleges Sport” (formerly BUSA)•Compete in their leagues and competitions•An honour•Huge numbers every Wednesday•Rugby and Football in Premiership playing Brighton, Brunel,Oxford, Bath, Exeter, Imperial among others
  13. 13. Varsity•2nd Biggest Varsity in the UKafter Oxford Cambridge match•Proceeds go to Charity•15000 attended rugby in 2011•Boat Race•Full day of competitive sport
  14. 14. Varsity
  15. 15. Varsity
  16. 16. Varsity
  17. 17. Varsity
  18. 18. Focus Sports5 Focus Sports in Swansea University•Men’s Rugby•Men’s Football•Men’s and Women’s Hockey•Swimming•Triathlon
  19. 19. Focus SportsFocus sports enjoy the following benefits:•Enhanced budget for equipment•Team Coach•Enhanced standard of travel and accommodation if required•Fitness sessions•Availability of Sports Science support•Subsidised Sports massage and Physio (free on match days)
  20. 20. Elite Sport• Alun Wyn Jones (Rugby) • Dwayne Peel, Stephen Jones, – Wales and Ospreys Rob Howley, Dafydd James, Paul• Jazz Carlin , Jemma Lowe, Georgia Davies, Tom Allen (Swimming) Thorburn, Richie Pugh, Tal Selley, – GB Ben Lewis & Huw Bennett (Rugby)• James Phillips (Badminton) • James King, Phillipa Davies, – Wales Commonwealth Games Laura Wood, Steven Evans &• Katherine Lenaghan (Rugby) Victoria Hale (Swimming) – Wales• Liz Johnson (Swimming) • Daniel Caines, Phillipa Roles & – GB Disability swimming Neil Horsfield (Athletics)• Rhys Priestland – (Rugby) • Adrian Dale, Steven Evans & -Scarlets Simon Jones (Cricket)
  21. 21. Elite Sport – Alun Wyn Jones“Rugby isn’t forever. As youget older, the hits get harderand playing careers shorter, soI just want to get that piece ofpaper that will let me go awayand get on with life after rugby.I’m not alone – there are a fewguys in the squad who arethinking on similar lines.”
  22. 22. ScholarshipsWhat the Scholar Gets: What the Scholar Gives:• £1000 per year towards • Contribute to the University: pursuing their sport – Represent through sport• Free gym membership – Available for marketing• Mentor to help solve any – Available for open days University related issues – Provide feedback on• Sports Science Consultancy sporting achievements
  23. 23. Facilities•80 Station Uni Gym
  24. 24. Facilities•80 Station Uni Gym•Physiotherapy and SportsMassage Suite
  25. 25. Facilities•80 Station Uni Gym•Physiotherapy and SportsMassage Suite•Indoor Double Sports Hall,Climbing Wall, Fitness Studio,Squash, Basketball andBadminton Courts
  26. 26. Facilities•80 Station Uni Gym•Physiotherapy and SportsMassage Suite•Indoor Double Sports Hall,Climbing Wall, Fitness Studio,Squash, Basketball andBadminton Courts•Indoor Running Track andAthletics Centre
  27. 27. Outdoor Facilities•Rugby, Football, Cricket andLacrosse Pitches
  28. 28. Outdoor Facilities•Rugby, Football, Cricket andLacrosse Pitches•12 Tennis Courts
  29. 29. Outdoor Facilities•Rugby, Football, Cricket andLacrosse Pitches•12 Tennis Courts•2 Water Based Astro Pitches
  30. 30. Outdoor Facilities•Rugby, Football, Cricket andLacrosse Pitches•12 Tennis Courts•2 Water Based Astro Pitches•8 Lane Athletics Track and Field
  31. 31. Wales National Pool•Wales only 50m Pool•25m Warm Up Pool•Built to world Governing Body(FINA) Standards•Home to WASA, GB Sprint andGB Disability swimming
  32. 32. Local Sport•Coastal location – surfing, sailing, kayaking, rowing•Cycling•Climbing•Golf•Tennis•LC2
  33. 33. Local Sport
  34. 34. Local Sport
  35. 35. Healthy Lifestyles We are building an environment that not only welcomes, but can cater for every standard of sportsperson. We want people to achieve in their sport, live a healthy lifestyle and gain as much enjoyment as they possibly can.We believe in the transformative power of sport and our philosophy is Sport For All.
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  37. 37. Sport Swansea Thanks Any Questions ….