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Create Your Own WiFi Hotspot



GEMCOM Hotspot Program.

GEMCOM Hotspot Program.



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Create Your Own WiFi Hotspot Create Your Own WiFi Hotspot Presentation Transcript

  • Who is Gemini Communications?  Gemini Communications WiFi is a division of Gemini Communications.  Gemini Communications WiFi is building the world’s largest WiFi mesh network, bringing pay-as-you-go wireless internet access to hundreds of locations around the world.  Every hotspot that is create is instantly added to the Gemini Communications WiFi networks, and will be advertised within our online directory.
  • Who Is Gemini Communications WiFi?  Every hotspot that is create is instantly added to the Gemini Communications WiFi networks, and will be advertised within our online directory.  All hotspots users can roam from one Gemini Communications WiFi location to another with a single account; just by buying airtime from one of the hotspot operator.  We currently have over 2710 locations in 120 countries and growing. View slide
  • Welcome To Gemini Communications Hotspot Program  Our revolutionary do – it – yourself Wifi Hotspot kit, just simply plugs into the back of your existing broadband modem or router and you can will be setup and offering wireless internet access in within minutes.  If you can locate your Gemini Communications Hotspot close to passing public or overlooking an area where people congregate, your revenue will go through the roof! View slide
  • The Program:  We pay you up to 25% of every purchase of internet airtime made through your hotspot directly to you.  We also pay you up to 25% of all ad- supported revenue generated through you hotspot(s).
  • Revenue Sharing  The general public can get internet access through your hotspot in one of two ways; adsupported and paid package.
  • Revenue Sharing: AdSupported  Get paid up to 25% of what the advertiser pays us for each viewing of ads by your user.  By reviewing the advertisement the user get to obtain a free internet access in one hour blocks.
  • Revenue Sharing: Paid Packages  If a customer wishes to use the internet for longer than one-hour blocks, then they can purchase an internet access package.  Purchasing internet access on your EMCS Servers hotspot is an easy as choosing a suitable internet access package and then paying for it via our secure PayPal gateway.
  • Revenue Sharing: Paid Package  There are options for users to buy an hour, a day, a week or a month.  We pay up to 25% on every purchase, and we handle all the backend signups, authentication, monitoring and billing. Package Prices: Hourly Rate - $6.95 Day Rate - $12.95 Weekly Rate - $19.95 Monthly Rate - $29.95
  • How Do I Get paid?  Once a month, we pay you the total commission you have earned since your last payment , direct to a PayPal account of your choosing.
  • Who Handle Everything? In short we do; all you have to do is plug in the Gemini Communications hotspot kit into your Broadband connection.      We handle all the end user support We handle all the user authentication We take care of users signing up online We manage all the payments securely We pay you up to 25% commission on your signups.
  • Who Handle Everything?  Simple to setup and operate; if you have a large space then just plug in another  Gemini Communications hotspot they automatically mesh together.  Place one at the front and one at the back of your house, and you could double your earning potential.
  • Is It Secure?  The software inside the Gemini Communications hotspot kit has been developed over 3 years and is used by many major telecoms providers.  Anyone accessing your Gemini Communications hotspot is kept away from your own internal household network securely.  You have no worries of someone trying to access your own computer and shared files.
  • Refer A Friend..  As an extra bonus, if you encourage a friend to buy an Gemini Communications hotspot we give you 10% of the hardware cost as well!  All you need to do is get them to use a referral code that we will give you when you complete your first order.  This referral code can be used with as many new customers as you like, but it is only applicable for a genuine new customer’s first order.
  • Broadband Package (Limited Location)  If you need your broadband services, we can you will that too.  We supply true dedicated Dry-DSL (No Phone Lines Needed) broadband connections to your property dedicated to providing your broadband needs.
  • Broadband Packages(Limited Locations)  Prices are simple and there are no hidden charges.  We charge $189.99 for standard installation where a phone line is needed to get our services, and then just $39.99 a month including a digital phone number.
  • Contact Information  To join Gemini Communications Hotspot Forward an email to