9 Epic Content Marketing Questions


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This is an encore production of a podcast with Joe Pulizzi on his book, Epic Content Marketing by host, Greg Elwell. It features just the questions from 7 marketing experts who ask Joe anything they want. The experts include Jay Baer of Convince and Convert, Steve Lazuka of Zerys, Mark Levy of Levy Innovation, Doug Kessler of Velocity Partners in the UK, Kristi Hines of Kikolani, John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire and Bernie Borges of Find and Convert. Show notes and more information for this Slidecast production can be found at B2BInbound.com/Experts.

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9 Epic Content Marketing Questions

  1. 1. 9 EPIC CONTENT MARKETING EXPERT ASKED QUESTIONS The Best of Joe Pulizzi and Friends from the B2B Inbound Expert Interviews Podcast: Joe Pullizi on How to Tell a Different Story with Epic Content Marketing 1 @B2BInbound
  2. 2. 9 EPIC CONTENT MARKETING EAQs A B2B Inbound Expert Interviews Slidecast Production: 9 Epic Content Marketing Expert Asked Questions These Experts Asked JOE PULIZZI Anything They Wanted About Epic Content Marketing  Jay Baer  Steve Lazuka  Mark Levy  Doug Kessler  Kristi Hines  John Lee Dumas  Bernie Borges With Host Greg Elwell 2 @B2BInbound
  3. 3. How did you build CMI? Influencer Strategy  90% Of Content From Outside Contributors  Over 100 Experts Helped Write Epic Content Marketing 3 @B2BInbound
  4. 4. How did you originally embrace orange? Jay Baer Convince and Convert 4 The Story of Orange     @B2BInbound An orange & gray volleyball People started to notice Became a competitive advantage What’s your orange?
  5. 5. How much epic vs. non-epic content? I wonder what Joe thinks of the Trent Richardson Trade? Fellas, if we talk football we’ll be here forever! Steve Lazuka Zerys 5 @B2BInbound You need both…it’s all about quality, have home run content around a subscription strategy…
  6. 6. What’s it mean to tell a different story? Storytelling References in Epic Content Marketing: 259 in 330 Pages (Kindle Edition) “Epic content marketing means that your company is telling a consistent story” Greg Elwell B2B Inbound I had no idea you could do that with Kindle…Look, the bar has been raised…storytelling is critical… 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 6 PRINCIPLES: Fill a need Be consistent Be human Have a point of view Avoid “sales speak” Be best of breed (Chapter 8: What is Epic Content Marketing?) 6 @B2BInbound
  7. 7. How do you know their top questions? The majority of marketers don’t actually talk to their customers…how do you know what their pain points are and what keeps them up at night unless you talk to them? Have a goal to talk with a certain number of your customers each month. 7 @B2BInbound Mark Levy Levy Innovation
  8. 8. What can large brands outsource? Out of House vs. In House? Joe Pulizzi Doug Kessler CMI Velocity Partners “As large companies build out their content marketing teams, is there any kind of activity you think that makes sense for them to do with an agency?” 8  Brands should own their strategy inhouse  Execute strategy outside with agencies @B2BInbound
  9. 9. How to build authority with freelancers? Should the business have freelancers claim authorship, or is it better to have a blog by the business itself with each of the writers white-labeling the content for them? Kristi Hines Kikolani I’ve seen both work…the more people you can invite into your community, the more they will share with your audience. 9 @B2BInbound
  10. 10. Should podcasters provide a transcript? I don’t think people just want to read a transcript. Reimagine it into something that makes sense for your customers…a book perhaps! John Lee Dumas EntrepreneurOnFire PODCASTS ARE HOT! 10 @B2BInbound
  11. 11. Ways to get content from employees? Bernie Borges Find and Convert More Orange Some orange Chapter 18: Extracting Content from Employees:  Brands already have a ton of content  Do a content audit with employees  Put content from audit in story form  Use Freewriting to help create better content 11 @B2BInbound
  12. 12. How can you win more by marketing less?  Less of product, featurebenefit and interruptive types of marketing  Could be a time for less content if it becomes a quality issue  Focus on high-quality and sharable…home run content! Jay Baer 12 @B2BInbound Convince and Convert
  13. 13. Epic Content Marketing Book Page EpicContentMarketing.com 13 @B2BInbound
  14. 14. Experience The Expert Interviews Podcast Podcast Version This Show B2BInbound.com/Experts The Complete Epic Content Marketing Interview with Joe Pulizzi: B2BInbound.com/Epic Subscribe on iTunes B2BInbound.com/iTunes 14 @B2BInbound
  15. 15. LEARN MORE FROM THE EXPERTS Subscribe on iTunes Jay Baer: Create Massively Useful Marketing With Youtility B2BInbound.com/iTunes Steve Lazuka: Tools For Better Content Mark Levy: Become A Thought Leader Through Freewriting Doug Kessler: Build A Great Content Brand Kristi Hines: Build Traffic With Guest Blogging And Blog Post Promotion John Lee Dumas: How To Launch A Podcast Bernie Borges’ Social Business Engine Digital TV Show 15 @B2BInbound Show List: B2BInbound.com/Podcast