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  • In the last few years, it ’s been exciting to see how a lot of these technologies have made it into mainstream media, large corporation’s business plans and non profit groups all over the world. It’s not such an ‘elite’ geek thing anymore, but it can still be a little frightening when you’re just starting out.


  • 1. All Things Twitter Gee Ekachai Spring, 2011
  • 2.  
  • 3. What is
    • free micro-blogging service that allows users to send (up to 140 characters) and read other users' updates (known as tweets ).
    • Users can send and receive updates via, desktop clients such as Tweetdeck, Seismic, HootSuite, or smartphone apps (e.g., Tweetie, Osfoora, Twitterific).
    • Useful for sharing info, status updates, networking, crowd sourcing
    • Some stats:
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  • 10. Check out
  • 11. Twitter clients and apps
    • Web:
    • Desktop: Tweetdeck, Seismic, Hootsuit, CoTweet
    • Phone apps: Twitter (formerly Tweetie), Osfoora, Echofon, Twitterific, Twittelator, TwitRocker
    • iPad apps: Osfoora, Twitterific, Twittelator,TwitRocker
  • 12. How to find people/groups to follow
    • Twellow: The twitter Yellow Pages
    • Geofollow: Twitter users listed by location, tags, interest.
    • Listorious
  • 13. Keep up with current buzz via trending topics
  • 14. Professional connection
    • Follow professionals, peers, experts
    • Take part in live chats #PRchat #Journchat, #entrychat or certain topics of interest using hashtags
    • Track professional conferences #NMAS10 #SXSW10
  • 15. Things to do besides tweeting
    • Share documents: Twitdoc, acamin
    • Share music:,
    • Share pictures: Twitpic, mobypicture
    • Share videos: Twitvid, Twiddeo
    • Share business cards: twtbizcard
  • 16. How Biz uses Twitter
    • Announce offers, events, products. But avoid hard sale
    • Promote new blog posts
    • Link to stories beneficial to customers
    • Customer service, help desk
    • Listen
    • Trivia, contests, games
  • 17. Twitter lingo
    • @MarquetteU, mentions, who can see your tweets
    • Followers vs Following
    • RT @MarquetteU or via @MarquetteU
    • D MarquetteU
    • Hashtag #MarquetteU
    • Favorites
    • Trending topics
    • #FollowFriday #FF
    • Shorten URL:,
    • TweetUp, twitpic
    • #ifeelsogreattoday
  • 18. Some writing tips
    • Be valuable. Retweet. Contribute. Thank people.
    • Avoid “pointless babble.” Grrr. Gah. WTF?
    • Balance between professional and personal
    • Share interesting pictures
    • Off to @MarquetteU to meet with one of @FvrythingPR's students. Glad I can give back to @MUCollegeofComm!
    • Not really 140 characters. Leave room for RT
    • Use a symbol before @follower to show to everybody
    • Think before you tweet. Don’t pull a Kenneth Cole
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  • 20. The Art of RT
    • Credit at least the original user who posted the tweet
    • Keep “Please RT.” Study shows people tend to RT with that request.
    • Keep the link, if any, in the original tweet
    • Try to keep the original tweet intact. You can add your take if there’s room
    • Between 10 a.m.-5 p.m. --most popular time for RT
    • Posting about social media will get retweets
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