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  • 1. Karsten Lenkitsch (cognesys GmbH)WP9 - Dissemination
  • 2. ALIAS Munich 04.06.-05.06.2013Overview:• Dissemination activities within the project– publications– presentations & talks– fairs & exhibitions– websites– impressionsDissemination 2
  • 3. ALIAS Munich 04.06.-05.06.2013Publications:• Over 90 scientific publications and papers in context ofcongresses, workshops, scientific journals- Eurecom more than 40 publications- FHG more than 15 publications- TUM more than 15 publicationsDissemination 3
  • 4. ALIAS Munich 04.06.-05.06.2013Publications to a wider publicDissemination 4• more than 25 TV- & Radio-Shows and YouTube-Videos(local, national) ZDF, Sat1, NDR…• more than 25 articles and news reports innewspapers, magazines and the Internet Spiegel, Bild, Bild der Wissenschaft…
  • 5. ALIAS Munich 04.06.-05.06.2013ArticlesDissemination 5Bild 27.03.2012 ntv 10.10.2012 nice matin 22.03.2011
  • 6. ALIAS Munich 04.06.-05.06.2013VideosDissemination 6• messelive.tv_CeBIT2012• Cebit2012_ikn2020• CeBIT2012_Sat1• Einfach Genial, MDR
  • 7. ALIAS Munich 04.06.-05.06.2013Presentations & Talks• more than fourteen talks were given on aspects of theproject at different scientific fairs- Poster at the Multimedia and Vision Meeting, Columbia University,New York- Keynote Talk at the 1st International Workshop on VisualInterfaces for Ground Truth Collection in Computer VisionApplications, Capri, Italy- Invited presentation at the Hannover MesseDissemination 7
  • 8. ALIAS Munich 04.06.-05.06.2013Fairs & Exhibitions• more than fourty fairs and exhibitions- most famous european commercial fairs: CeBIT, HannoverMesse- workshops- congresses• Six permanent exhibitions of the BCI- (2x Austria, France, Germany, 2x Japan)• Activities in AAL context- AAL Forum Odense (DK) 2010, Lecce (IT) 2011, Eindhoven (NL)2012- AAL Congress Berlin 2011, 2012, 2013Dissemination 8
  • 9. ALIAS Munich 04.06.-05.06.2013ALIAS WebsiteDissemination 9
  • 10. ALIAS Munich 04.06.-05.06.2013Access Statistics• In November 2011, Google Analytics was introduced as a service to theproject website in order to monitor the user demographic and to get asense of the project popularity.• From November 1st 2011 until May 23rd 2013, 6891 visits by 4715 uniquevisitors were registered by the software. The distribution of those visits isvisualized in the following graphDissemination 10
  • 11. ALIAS Munich 04.06.-05.06.2013Access Statistics• Of those visits, the following list shows the counties of origin and thepercentage of visits from the specific country from the total amount ofvisits.Dissemination 11
  • 12. ALIAS Munich 04.06.-05.06.2013ALIAS on FacebookDissemination 12
  • 13. ALIAS Munich 04.06.-05.06.2013ImpressionsALIAS at the „Altenpflege‟ 2012, 27.-29.03.2012, Hannover, GermanyDissemination 13
  • 14. ALIAS Munich 04.06.-05.06.2013ImpressionsField Trials in Berlin, 29.-30.09.2011Dissemination 14
  • 15. ALIAS Munich 04.06.-05.06.2013ImpressionensAAL Kongress 2012Dissemination 15
  • 16. ALIAS Munich 04.06.-05.06.2013ImpressionsHannover Messe 2012Dissemination 16
  • 17. ALIAS Munich 04.06.-05.06.2013ImpressionsALIAS at a photo shoot for german magazine “Bild der Wissenschaften”at TUM-MMK, 19.07.2012, Munich, GermanyDissemination 17
  • 18. ALIAS Munich 04.06.-05.06.2013„Showing the robot and engaging the public!“Dissemination 18
  • 19. ALIAS Munich 04.06.-05.06.2013Conclusionthe dissemination activities during the project have been extensiveand manifold– 114 publications– 14 presentations & talks– 44 fairs & exhibitions– 25 radio & videospots– 25 articles– websitesDissemination 19
  • 20. ALIAS Munich 04.06.-05.06.2013 20Thanks to all partners!Dissemination