How to Handle Dangerous Snakes


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How to Handle Dangerous Snakes

  1. 1. How to HandleDangerous SnakesRedbank, Queensland 4301 Phone: (07) 3814 0100
  2. 2. HOW TO HANDLEDANGEROUS SNAKESThis post is for: Someone who is in Australia and had great plans to hike on a mountain that is possible to have manyvenomous snakes or for those who are thinking of exploring a thick forest known to have several specieof this dangerous reptiles or for those reptile-lovers out there who wanted to keep a venomous snake intheir homes. Well then, the first thing to be aware of is the several dangerous and venomous snakes foundin Australia, the basic facts about the behavioral attributes of these dangerous snakes, where are thesereptiles usually found and how to handle these cold-blooded reptiles.Australia is a home to about 113 species of snakes, in which 70 species are found in Queensland alone. Infact, this is the only continent in the globe that has more number of venomous snakes than non-venomous ones. But since the focus of this discussion is for dangerous snakes, let us delve deeper andmeet Australias dangerous cold-blooded reptiles.Know them...PythonsThere are several species of Pythons, actually not all pythons are dangerous because it really depends onthe specie of a particular python if it is dangerous or not. Pythons do not have venom at all but this doesnot mean that they are not dangerous because they can still bite. Some of these dangersome pythonsare spotted pythons and carpet pythons.Most spotted pythons are found on the northern part of Brisbane. They are usually found on farmlandsand rainforests. These spotted pythons are non-venomous but take caution because they are verycapable of biting and constricting. On the other hand, carpet pythons are commonly found on tool shedsor sometimes inside the houses. They are preying on rodents and possums thats why having themaround is an added benefit for you. But then, although carpet pythons are not venomous they can giveyou a bite you would never forget for the rest of your life.Brown Tree SnakeThese snakes are common in urban Brisbane. You would not want to mess up with this snake cause if itgets annoyed it slowly lunges unto you. Be careful of their sharp fangs found in the rear end of theiralways hungry mouths because they are venomous (weak, but it is still venom). In addition, if you haveany plans to keep this as a pet do not place it near you bird cages – they love to feast on birds!Terrestrial Elapids Redbank, Queensland 4301 Phone: (07) 3814 0100
  3. 3. There are several types of elapids. Some of these are coastal taipans which are deadly, red-naped snakes,eastern brown snakes which is the most toxic specie, broad headed snakes which are arboreal in natureand common death adders which are considered dangerously venomous. Death adders venom can causean instant paralysis on the victim and most of the victims died before an antivenom is given unto them.This deadly snakes are found on the Northern portion of urban Brisbane, in some islands or hot deserts.Golden-crowned SnakeThis dangersome snake does not take threats easily, when annoyed they strike instantly and the after-effects of the bite could lead to uncomfortable local symptoms you would not like to experience. The toxicof its venom is not that strong, but the large kind of this snake should be avoided or be treated discreetly.Eastern Small-eyed SnakeThis specie can give someone numerous fatal bites if it feels threatened. The venom of this snake isdangerous, it can cause kidney failure, muscle damage and head aches. These type of snakes are found inthe south-eastern part of Queensland, mostly on islands with lush forests.Stephens Banded SnakeThese are very common of the elevated rainforests of Brisbane. They are arboreal and mostly found onrocks. They prey on birds and other mammals. They are quick strikers and their bites can cause seriousclotting imbalances that is why they are considered to be one of the most dangerous snakes in Australia.Tiger SnakesA tiger snakes are dangerously venomous. They are the cause of many snake-related deaths in the past.Their venom causes paralysis in the respiratory system and no anti venom can reverse the after-effects ofthe paralysis. So it is vital that the anti venom must be administered before even the paralysis starts.Their venom can also cause kidney failure. This type of reptiles are mostly found on highland rainforestsand some coastal areas of Australia.Coastal TaipanThis is Australias most notorious snake. Coastal taipans are the most nervous and alert of all thevenomous snakes in Australia. They take pleasure in biting their victims for multiple times and the venomof this infamous snake contains a deadly neurotoxin that is capable of disrupting blood clotting.Mulga SnakeThis snakes have very incredible long fangs and is noted to yield the highest venom compared to otherAustralian snakes. The worst effect the venom of this take can give to its victim is severe muscle damagethat can lead to paralysis. These snakes are known for their lengthy muscular bodies and are themembers of the black snake family.Red-bellied black snakesRed-bellied black snakes are the Sunshine Coasts famous attractive snakes. They are often regarded asferocious because their venom can cause deadly paralysis, muscle damage and blood clotting.Eastern Brown SnakesEastern brown snakes are often found in urban environments thereby causing many fatalities compared toother snakes in Australia. The venom of an eastern brown snake is very neurotoxic that can severedamage the kidneys and the heart. There were reports that many deaths which is caused by this kind of Redbank, Queensland 4301 Phone: (07) 3814 0100
  4. 4. snake have been due to clotting imbalances in the respiratory system. The procoagulants in the venom ofthis snake can cause various microclots in the blood, thereby, the effect is to cause severe internalbleeding to the patient in delicate body organs such as the brain or heart.So those are some of the dangerous snakes in Australia. You may encounter some of these cold-bloodedcreatures while hiking on mountains, or may actually see one of this snakes lurking in your homes, but ofcourse there are those who may want to take care of this dangerous and exotic reptiles. In fact, inQueensland there is a legislative enactment which speaks of the requirements for keeping dangerous orvenomous snakes. For your guidance, below are the most important parts of the statute:Code of Practice - Captive reptile and amphibian husbandry,Nature Conservation Act 19926.2." Holders of a Recreational (Specialist) Licence must plan and structure collections towards theinvestigation of aspects of the life history of the species held (e.g. social behaviour, growth, reproductivebiology).14.12" The use of snakes in "exotic" entertainment is prohibited.43.1" Except during attempts to induce captive-breeding, dangerous Elapids must be housed individually.43.3" If the room in which cages are located is not locked, then each individual cage housing a dangerousspecies must be kept locked.43.5" Cages should be tightly screened and have no gaps greater than 1 millimetre. Rooms shouldlikewise be secured so that snakes cannot escape. This can be accomplished by filling gaps with "Silastic",by screening windows, and by fitting sealing strips to doors.43.6" If you cannot snake-proof the room and cages in which dangerous snakes are to be held, then youcannot keep them.43.7" Label all cages housing dangerous snakes as to species, common name and number of occupants.43.8" Adequate supplies (at least two) of neatly rolled crepe bandages for first aid in the case of a bitemust be present in the room.Want to keep venomous snakes at home?Put these in mind.-Have cages with openings on the top rather than on front.-When working in a top-opening box, make sure that the lid is held open securely by the wall behind theenclosure.-Each of your snake must have their own cages.-Each cage should be clearly labeled with the species of snake inside.Well, it is always to be remembered that handling snakes like the ones enumerated above is not easy. Forthose who just accidentally stumbled upon these creatures better take a quick exit if you are the first oneto notice them, avoid making aggressive moves which would make them feel threatened because for surethey will fight back and bite you. Generally, snakes do not want to be seen by people, are often shy anddoes not want to be bothered so it is advised that as far as possible we must stay away from them. But onthe instance that you decide to keep a dangerous snake as a pet, you must follow the legislation regardingon how to keep them so that you will always be safe. Prevention is still better than cure. Redbank, Queensland 4301 Phone: (07) 3814 0100