Assessment #1


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My professional ID presentation.

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Assessment #1

  1. 1. Georgina Wills s3238111
  2. 2. MissionThe professional online identity that I have constructed existsprimarily on the social media platforms of Twitter andWordpress. My mission is to create a professional profile thatcan be identified by those professionals immersed in the filmindustry and screen culture, particularly writers/critics,distributors and other such screen culture related professions.By immersing myself in the online communities that theseindividuals have created I seek to have my own film relatedwriting exposed that could potentially lead to establishing myfuture career in the industry as a distributor or film writer. Isucceed in doing this by promoting my Wordpress blogthrough my Twitter to expose my writing.To achieve my mission I predominantly follow Australian filmcritics, particularly a younger generation of critics who areconstantly tweeting related information to film. I frequentlyattempt to engage with these individuals and as a result manyhave followed my own Twitter account. Finding thiscommunity has also been made easier through theMelbourne International Film Festival where a number ofcritics have been conversing exposing me to larger amounts ofprofessional individuals with a strong interest in film.Related blog entry
  3. 3. Personality and characterThrough Twitter I aim to present myself as a film buff/cinephileusing a personal, quirky and witty tone. I strive to be amusing andoffer insightful analysis and comments on film. I present mycharacter by predominantly tweeting on film related newsparticularly concerning my opinions on films, as well as re-tweetingother insightful film related tweets. In addition to this I use myTwitter account to promote and link my separate personalitypresented on my Wordpress blog, Filmbluff.My Wordpress blog possesses a more academic, professional tonein its writing style. This blog is more of a professional platformwhere I can showcase my film reviews for possible submission topublications such as Senses of Cinema or The Age’s SundayMagazine. Additionally, I will aim to write more directorretrospectives and top 10 lists on films that admire. This way I amable to uphold my academic tone whilst still revealing elements ofmy personal character.Related blog entries
  4. 4. Influential online identitiesLena Dunham – My professional profile is heavily based on LenaDunham who is a director, writer and actor. I attempt to adopt hertone of voice and make my tweets more personal when relatingthem to my filmic interests. Lena promotes her work (HBO showGirls) and her personal life on Twitter incredibly well. She adopts awitty and sarcastic tone of voice that I draw inspiration from andinfluences me to use Instagram and connect images to Twitter.Tara Judah – Is a critic and programmer for the Astor Theatre. Shealso presents Plato’s Cave on 3RRR. Tara is a brutally honesttweeter when it comes to discussing films. Her tone of voice isamusing, dry, intelligent and sarcastic. Tara’s frequent tweets areinfluential and inspire me to tweet regularly whilst also ensuringthat I don’t hold back with the opinions that I give on films.Moreover, Tara frequently posts links to her radio program that isinspiring for myself given I have delivered film reviews at 3RRR. As aresult I notify my followers of all platforms I am engaged in todiscuss film.Thomas Caldwell - Is a renowned Melbourne critic who programsfor MIFF, hosts film related programs on 3RRR and has aninfluential blog called Cinema Autopsy. I use Thomas as myWordpress influence given he writes regular reviews on recentlyreleased films which is what I achieve in my own blog. Thomas’sblog adopts an academic tone and his reviews are well structuredand possess in depth analysis on the film’s he watches. I aspire tomake my own reviews similar to small essays that analyze grittydetails of films as I find these moments most captivating andinsightful. Thomas posts blogs frequently to a high standard. Heinfluences me by illustrating that it is fine to apply academiclanguage to film reviews written as blog entries. Blogs are usuallyaffiliated with being personal in tone however I recognize my blogas a platform to apply what I learn in Cinema Studies.Tyler – New Zealand blogger who specializes in Foreign film. Hisblog is titled Magnolia Forever and I enjoy how he has a specifiedinterest to capture his readers. Tyler has also created lists such asTop 100 Foreign Films with brief statements regarding his thoughtson the films. This blog is a good reference point and will stronglyinfluence my decision to incorporate director retrospectives andTop 10 lists in my own blog. Tyler’s lay out is also superb with a Related blog entriesdirector of the week section that works well. (Lena Dunham section)
  5. 5. ID structureThe ID structure I have created is of the main social mediaplatforms I use to present my professional profile. Each platformconveniently offers me the opportunity to link to my Twitter.Twitter forms as my main platform to unite my Instagram andWordpress. I link Instagram images to Twitter to enhance thepersonal elements of my profile whilst my blog links to my moreprofessional stature. I actively avoid linking my Instagram or myTwitter to Facebook as I find I do not require these to presentmyself professionally given my Facebook is purely personal. Havingexperimented with promoting my blog I concluded that it receivesthe most amount of views when connected to Facebook. As a resultI promote my blog on Facebook mostly for friends to read whereasTwitter forms as a platform where industry professionals can read ittoo.Twitter – immediate and consistent posts with a combination ofretweets, conversations, personal updates, news related updatesand academic updates usually surrounding film and University. Indepth analysis of Twitter here… – space to write in depth film reviews and filmcomments. Also a space to publish film related essays fromUniversity.Facebook – personal space to promote my blog amongst friendsand wider public in groups (ie. MIFF) Personal interactions andspace to organize University group assignments.Instagram – rarely utilized but making a conscious effort to connectimages to Twitter enhancing my personal nature on this platform.ABC Pool – creative content uploaded, comment and engage incommunities.Flavours – space to provide links to each of my platforms.
  6. 6. Relevance of communities to my ID mission/personaFilm critics and other film related industry professionals formas a group of people whom I follow and aim to engage with.Moreover, recently the MIFF2012 hash tag on Twitter was astrong community that I engaged with throughout the festival.Through this hash tag I was able to engage with individuals byretweeting and striking up conversation relating to the filmsscreening at MIFF this year. This formed as an excellent way ofestablishing new connections and finding more followers whoshare a similar interest to myself. This succeeds in bolsteringmy persona, especially my position as a film professional bysimply following other like minded people.The IM212 hash tag on Twitter is another community relevantto enhancing my online persona. I have been able to affiliatecourse content with my interest in film and tweet theserelated matters, indicating how my tweets can beacademically related to film enhancing my professionalismonline.Our Radio 2 subject this semester has also enhanced myprofessional persona given each student presents the weeklyshow Room With A View. On this program I have had theopportunity to give film and television reviews that I havepromoted on Twitter. This has enabled me to engage with theRWAVRRR hash tag as well as conversations with @RRR.Although my engagement with ABC Pool has been minimal, Ihave contributed two projects that concern film relatedcontent. I have attempted to engage in ABC Pool bycommenting on work, liking work and joining My Tribe. ABCPool compared to the hectic nature of Twitter is important inemphasising the creative elements of my personality. Thecommunity itself as demonstrated through the comments Ihave read is incredibly considerate. To be able to engage withthis platform I need to be creating and uploading morecreative content. This adds another element to my persona,indicating that I am also actively creative in radio productionrelating to film.
  7. 7. Community and platform analysis of TwitterTwitter as a platformThe main benefits of Twitter are that it caters for both professional and personal identities andeven a blend of the two. Not only can you construct personal tweets but also share news andpromote your own professional work amongst similar industry professionals.Twitter’s relevance to my online ID:- enables me to promote my professional writing, radio documentaries, RRR reviews and otherUniversity related content created to industry professionals- a platform where I can incorporate my personal tone to my professional interests- engage in conversations with industry professionals and make myself known- present myself as a film interested professional by acquiring followers that fit this persona as wellas tweeting about film related newsThings to be aware of:- acknowledge that not all of my followers may be professionally related to film thereforeundermining my status- may be retweeted by individuals who are not related professionally to film Communities on TwitterRelated blog entries • MIFF2012# • Film industry professionals who promote their own professional work(Twitter community analysis) • Comedic, witty, sarcastic and insightful tones • Frequently engaging with one another particularly tweeting their thoughts on each other’s work such as radio podcasts, reviews in print(Twitter platform analysis) publications and blog entries etc. • Engaging academically with specific films they’ve seen – both recent and old films
  8. 8. Platform analysis of WordpressWordPress is a sophisticated blogging platform where I write film reviews oncurrent theatrically released films. WordPress enables me to present animage of myself as being a film related professional by applying a relevantbackground image, header and blog title. Moreover, it offers the opportunityto expose who you follow on your blog, as a result I attempt to follow asmany film related bloggers as possible. It forms as a space where I cancombine my personal profile with my professional by also linking to myTwitter account. The space itself enables me to experiment with my writingstyle and offers me with the option to edit previous posts tocontinuously/adjust enhance.However, it is necessary to acknowledge that blog hierarchies do exist onlineand it is difficult to attain readers and grab their attention when you aremerely a student writer. However, I am attempting to increase viewers bywriting more frequent entries and linking my blog to both Facebook andTwitter.Related blog entry (Wordpress platformanalysis)
  9. 9. ID linksPromotional links to 3RRR, Film Bluff and ABC Pool Conversation and retweets by bloggers Interaction with film related information Conversations with industry professionals
  10. 10. Engagement with my blog entries
  11. 11. Ways to continuously adjust/improve IDWordpress• More frequent blog entries on my Wordpress blog to keep audiences engaged.• Retweet my own blog entries via Twitter. For example, when Moonrise Kingdom is released theatrically in Australia on 30 August.• Construct top 10 blog entries to increase diversity of film related content. Create monthly entries surrounding certain Post more images on Twitter via Instagram directors, actors I admire.• Continuously follow other blogs I admire and actively seek out more blogs to gain inspiration. Twitter• Comment on other blogs.• Include tags for further exposure. • Post more images via Instagram. • Be persistent and engage in conversation with other industry professionals – they may reply one day. • Continuously promote Wordpress blogs entries as well as ABC Pool content, perhaps even post blog entries relevant from my RMIT blog. • Balance retweets with personal tweets – my retweets can get excessive. • Engage further in hash tag communities. • Attain more followers