6 Things Bands Should Do Online


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6 Things Bands Should Do Online

  2. 2. The Internet is pervasive and as a band,you need a digital plan!
  3. 3. There’s a whole bunch of differentplatforms to be on and use, so whereshould you start?
  4. 4. THE BASICS
  5. 5. #1 FACEBOOK
  6. 6. FACEBOOKFacebook is a useful platform, both for engagement and advertising and it is where most of your audiencewill live onlineEnsure there is a consistent flow of content, 2-3 status updates per week – more where there’s somethingexciting happening – remember, we don’t want to bore people and clutter up their already busy news feedsTo keep people interested, each update should include at least one of the following:• Pictures• Links• Funny shitUse Facebook as a platform to engage and encourage sharing of the content you provide to drive people tothe page to consume the musicUse Facebook as the central hub from which we can share the music and grow thefanbase, first through friends, and then through people we’ve not met yet SELDOM SEEN KID
  7. 7. #2 TWITTER
  8. 8. TWITTERTwitter allows you to engage and connect with fans and key people in the industry in a simple and instantwayYou should look to publish a consistent flow of content, 2-3 tweets per week minimum (9/1 rule)These should not be contrived, but share useful information that doesn’t just focus on your band• Industry news• Cool music• Funny shitThe aim is to ensure there is a regular opportunity to engage in dialogue with followers and growthe number of people that follow youIdentify the ‘right’ people to follow• Music journalists• Music Industry execs• Record labels• Music PR firm SELDOM SEEN KID
  10. 10. SOUNDCLOUDSoundcloud is a great place for uploading and sharing musicYou can use this to connect with industry folks and to host free tracks, remixes or demosThe ease with which you can connect to fellow musicians, record labels and blogs should not beunderestimated, and gives you an instant place to send people should they want to hear your musicSoundcloud enables you to very easily embed music into blogs, in particular Tumblr, which meansthat this can be shared where appropriate through your profiles SELDOM SEEN KID
  11. 11. #4 A BLOG AS A WEBSITE
  12. 12. A BLOG AS A WEBSITEA blog can be difficult to maintain, and as such you need a quick and easy platform to publish on:TumblrYou can use this as an aggregator of all the different content you are sharing and publishing, as well asusing it to publish one-off posts with anecdotes, points of view on music and thoughts on the creativeprocess you’re going throughYou can also use this as your primary website, negating the requirement to host and build an onlinedestination from scratchIt can also be used to host video and link out to places that review the music (if and when theydo) SELDOM SEEN KID
  13. 13. #3 SOUNDCLOUD #5 SPOTIFY
  14. 14. SPOTIFYA part of your audience may well be interested in the sort of music you like and are inspired byOnce a month why not publish a playlist that is made up of some of your favourite songs thatyou’ve just found, or recently re-discoveredThis content can be used on the other social media channels, as well as position your band as musicians ofmusical taste within the demographic that enjoy listening to musicThese playlists can also be shared on Spotify playlist sites, giving you the opportunity for a little moreexposure to new potential fansIf your music is on Spotify you can use it as the platform of choice for encouraging people to listen to themusic for free, and maybe even purchase it SELDOM SEEN KID
  15. 15. #6 FOURSQUARE
  16. 16. FOURSQUAREFoursquare currently has 10 million users worldwide and is used as a platform to show off howcool you are to your friends by publishing the places you go to (think of it as micro-boasting)You can use this as a way of incentivising people to come to gigs• Check-in at the venue, get a free track• If ten people come to a gig and all check in, you’ll buy the drinks!You can also use this as a way of leaving your footprint at music venues by providing recommendations forother users as to how good the venue isThe idea is not to tell people where you are, as such, but to let other people tell their followers andfriends that they are at a gig and have been rewarded for being there SELDOM SEEN KID
  17. 17. AND SOME EXTRAS…You should always include links to Facebook & Twitter on any offline marketing materialsTry using QR codes as a simple and cheap way of giving people access to the music – by including a QRcode on a leaflet, you can get users to access the Facebook Page or send them to Soundcloud to get a freedownloadYou will, when the time comes, need to put in place a plan for active engagement with bloggers –especiallythose with whom you may already have good relationships – to promote the musicYou should re-connect with your friends/peers in your local music scene online to make them aware of ourpresence SELDOM SEEN KID
  18. 18. @GEETARCHURCHYI work with the Spooks at Edelman Digital in the UK, where they let me play on Twitter and come up withcool things to do for our clients on the Internet.I consult brands to try and help them understand the digital landscape that they operate in and to identify theopportunities that social media can bring to their business. The aim of this is to help them provide a servicethat their customers will want to interact with and ultimately benefit from - for me, the community comes first.A key part of my role is the identification of insights through statistical analysis of online behaviour to shapedigital strategy.I manage communities and develop content strategies that help brands to connect with their audience andhave extensive experience crisis management, reporting and analysis for global brands.that is connected with any of the work I do for my employer, I will always disclose, and I hope that itprovokes discussion.My background is in blogging, music and consumer PR, but my passion is for all things digital and how weuse emerging technologies to communicate and how this can change cultures and society.WWW.SELDOMSEENKID.CO.UK