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  • Cuts =
  • http://dotsub.com/howto.jsp#upload http://www.wimba.com/ http://www.classroom20.com/ http://www.tigweb.org/ http://www.verbalplanet.com/index.asp http://www.italki.com/
  • Combination of private and public cloud for distance language learning Benefits of this model: Web based software can be used anytime form anywhere 24X7 Software as a service off loads the costs of servers and also saves maintenance costs Web based software gets centrally updated so that both teachers and students use same version While public cloud allows access from anywhere 24X7, private cloud will address the security issue of student data. With this framework, learning system will be device independent (apps are running on servers) thus allowing the purchase of thin clients, netbooks, and other low cost computing devices.
  • A VLE implement all the following elements: The syllabus for the course Administrative information including the location of sessions, details of pre-requisites and co-requisites, credit information, and how to get help A notice board for up-to-date course information Student registration and tracking facilities, if necessary with payment options Basic teaching materials. These may be the complete content of the course, if the VLE is being used in a distance learning context, or copies of visual aids used in lectures or other classes where it is being used to support a campus-based course. Additional resources, including reading materials, and links to outside resources in libraries and on the Internet. Self-assessment quizzes which can be scored automatically Formal assessment procedures Electronic communication support including e-mail , threaded discussions and a chat room , with or without a moderator Differential access rights for instructors and students Production of documentation and statistics on the course in the format required for institutional administration and quality control All these facilities should be capable of being hyperlinked together Easy authoring tools for creating the necessary documents including the insertion of hyperlinks - though it is acceptable (arguably, preferable) for the VLE to be designed allowing standard word processors or other office software to be used for authoring. In addition, the VLE should be capable of supporting numerous courses, so that students and instructors in a given institution (and, indeed, across institutions) experience a consistent interface when moving from one course to another.


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  • 3. Poor learning experience = Budget Cuts + reduced resources + lesser activities = Unhappy students 
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  • 5. Happy Engaged students  = Disruptive innovation
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  • 8. THE INSURGENT: A GREAT WHITE IN A BLUE OCEAN Streamlined body allows it to move with deadly efficiency Cartilaginous skeleton gives it unmatched flexibility Heightened senses and receptors allow it to identify and locate even the faintest of opportunities Powerful muscles combined with rows of razor-sharp teeth mean this insurgent has the resources to turn this Blue Ocean RED
  • 9. THE INSURGENT: How It Works Low Cost Better Student Experience Ability to track the progress of students Numerous students from different parts of the state may be logged in at one time and taught by the same teacher. Multiple Languages Offered
  • 10. THE INSURGENT: What Is Required Network Effects Students Internet, Computer, Headset Qualified Teacher
  • 11. A bit of good news: There are some barriers to entry that the insurgent must overcome... Being a public institution funded by taxpayer dollars acts as a safety net, driving parents toward the system for which they already pay while discouraging predators The natural barriers created by time Combined with misperceptions of the effectiveness of old technology Perpetuate the life of a fragile and outdated ecosystem However, the insurgents will come, and we must ask ourselves:
  • 12. AS THE INCUMBENT, HOW DO WE SURVIVE? The way defined by the Laws of Nature: ADAPTATION Unfortunately, years of absence of any real threat has allowed us to become: oversized, slow, set in our ways, and equipped with inefficient appendages. CA Dept of Education
  • 13. TRIMMING THE FAT TO BUILD A LEANER DOE The DOE’s budget issues have caused: mass pink slips, school closures, furlough days, and impacted class sizes. This blood in the water has attracted the sharks
  • 14. TRIMMING THE FAT TO BUILD A LEANER DOE Complicating the issue: The power – both economic & emotional – of the Teachers’ Union. How does the DOE meet budget constraints AND avoid a strike... or worse?
  • 15. HIGH-SPEED EVOLUTION: STEPS TO SURVIVAL 1) INTRODUCE THE SOLUTION AND BE UP FRONT WITH THE TRADEOFFS Today’s technology allows a foreign language lesson to be broadcast into multiple classrooms The benefits are two-fold: we remain competitive in our language offerings, and we rein in the budget The reduction in headcount, while unfortunate, prevents the need for across-the-board cuts (which have led to strikes). Also, this reduction will preserve future jobs by effectively addressing the current threat
  • 16. HIGH-SPEED EVOLUTION: SOLUTION TO SURVIVAL 2) GET THE UNION IN ON THE LONG VIEW. THEY NEED TO KNOW THAT THE SQUEEZE THEY FEEL NOW IS BUILDING TOWARD A CRUSH Parents increasingly spend $$ to address public education gaps Frustrated, parents look outside the system The insurgents capitalize, and draw masses of students out of the system The rise of the for-profit model further drains the public education coffers, and the decline worsens
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  • 18. ABOUT CROWS by John Ciardi
    • The old crow is getting slow;
    • the young crow is not.
    • Of what the young crow does not know,
    • the old crow knows a lot.
    • At knowing things, the old crow is still
    • the young crows master.
    • What does the old crow not know?
    • How to go faster.
    • The young crow flies above, below, and
    • Rings around the slow old crow.
    • What does the fast young crow not know?
    • WHERE TO GO?
  • 19. The OLD CROWS = California Department of Education needs the help of the YOUNG CROWS = Innovative Technology to improve and sustain the offerings VLE School
  • 20. We want CA Dept of Education to be the Early adopters so that they can reap maximum benefits gained due to scale and volume
  • 21. CLOUD COMPUTING FOR LANGUAGE LEARNING Combination of Private and Public cloud provides maximum benefit
  • 22. Web 2.0 provides Virtual Learning Environment
  • 23. Facilities provided by VLE
  • 24. Benefits from adopting Innovative Technologies to provide Foreign Language Learning
    • School budgets are getting tighter and tighter, more schools are looking at ways to maximize every dollar.
    • Foreign language classes, especially at the higher levels, are often smaller classes filled with only a handful of students.
    • Many schools are looking at distance learning technologies as a way to still offer these classes to students, but in a more efficient way.
    • Foreign language teaching should focus on teaching the mechanics of the language, but should also include teaching the culture of the country.
    • Using technology allows for enrichment in that area, and can even provide the ability for students to connect with native language speakers from that country.
    • The technology being used should augment the textbooks that will be used, which can be online or in traditional hardcover form.