Maven plugins, properties en profiles: Advanced concepts in Maven
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Maven plugins, properties en profiles: Advanced concepts in Maven



An introduction to some advanced concepts in Maven: Plugins, Properties and Profiles.

An introduction to some advanced concepts in Maven: Plugins, Properties and Profiles.



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Maven plugins, properties en profiles: Advanced concepts in Maven Maven plugins, properties en profiles: Advanced concepts in Maven Presentation Transcript

  • Maven Plugins, Properties and Profiles ADVANCED CONCEPTS
  • Agenda Plugins ◦ Maven lifecycles ◦ Plugin binding ◦ Plugin configuration Properties ◦ Build properties ◦ System properties ◦ Filtering Profiles Reactor
  • Maven in a nutshell
  • Maven Basics Convention over configuration ◦ Convention for source code organization ◦ src/main/java ◦ src/webapp ◦ src/test/java ◦ Plugins with default configurations ◦ Jar, war, ear ◦ Surefire tests ◦ Reporting Dependency Management ◦ Remote repository and local repository ◦ Transitive dependencies
  • Maven Plugins Various components that take advantage of a project model. ◦ Build tasks ◦ Test tasks ◦ Installation tasks A set of goals + configuration ◦ Can be executed directly: ◦ $ mvn plugin:goal ◦ Can be bound to a phase in a maven lifecycle ◦ $ mvn package ◦ Multiple plugin goals can be bound to the same phase
  • Maven Lifecycle 3 lifecycles ◦ Clean ◦ Default ◦ Site Fixed set of phases Default plugin bindings ◦ Depends on packaging ◦ See
  • Plugin Binding Some plugin goals are bound to a phase by default. E.g. maven-failsafe-plugin ◦ Not included by default ◦ When declared, two goals bind to a lifecycle phase ◦ failsafe:integration-test -> integration-test ◦ failsafe:verify -> verify ◦ Custom <execution> to bind to a different goal
  • Plugin Configuration Plugin <configuration> element. ◦ In plugin definition ◦ Applied for default lifecycle bindings ◦ Applied for explicit execution ◦ In <execution> ◦ Applied for bound execution only ◦ XML Deserialization for complex configuration elements Plugins can use build properties to get default configuration values ◦ Defined in plugin documentation ◦ Useful for default plugins (convention over configuration) ◦ E.g. -DskipTests
  • Maven Properties Build properties ◦ Defined in pom.xml <properties> element ◦ Inherited from parent poms ◦ System properties are copied over build properties Usage ◦ Plugin configuration ◦ Dependency versions ◦ Dependency management
  • Filtering Supported in resources plugin, war plugin and some more. ◦ Enabled by <filtering>true</filtering> ◦ Standard resources in build definition ◦ Plugin configuration for war plugin Replaces ${xxx} by corresponding build property. ◦ During copy, not in place. ◦ Build property can be overriden by system property. ◦ At build time! Not changed later.
  • System properties Supported by some plugins that launches other jvm processes E.g. surefire or failsafe plugin ◦ When using forkMode <> none ◦ <systemPropertyVariables> E.g. launching application containers ◦ JBoss-as plugin ◦ Jetty plugin ◦ Tomcat plugin
  • Profiles Profiles allows alternative build executions within the same pom ◦ Different <modules/>, <dependencies/>, etc. ◦ Different plugin configuration, different resources ◦ Inherited from parent Activation ◦ Explicit: $ mvn –Pprofile1,profile2 ◦ Activated by properties ◦ Activated by settings.xml Could be used in combination with filtering ◦ To have different artifacts for different usages ◦ Use different classifier in resulting artifact ◦ Should not be used to escalate from DEV->TEST->PROD
  • Maven reactor Maven builds recursively, using nested <modules/> Can be tweaked by maven parameters ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ $ mvn –N $ mvn –pl m1, m2,… $ mvn –pl :m1 $ mvn –pl m1 –am $ mvn –pl m1 –amd $ mvn –rf m1 -> non-recursive -> project list -> by artifact id instead of directory name -> also make requirements -> also make dependents -> resume from