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  1. 1. Artist first releases there first music video they want it to show the audience who/what they are like i.e lady gaga first video she was dressed very unusual and weird and is also very unique in what she is doing in the video this made her known world wide in a couple of days with everyone discussing who this lady was and why she was so different and In this video named ‘How important a mysterious which she still is from this music video is to an artist?’ experts day. Music videos like Mr shaw discuss on how and why music videos mentioned show you the story board to are needed for a song. One expert a song instead of it just being a bunch of ‘William Shaw’ the director of a lyrics it gives the listeners a perfect company called band access TV picture of how the artist sees the song. mentions that ‘Music video’s can show An artist that does this a lot is Taylor where you’re trying to go with your Swift , her song ‘ You belong with me ‘ song and the storyboard of your song’ music videos tells a romantic story about this is a very good point as an artist a geeky girl and popular boy. These are you try and make an image for basically mini movies and people enjoy yourself as it makes you more watching them. recognisable as a person. When an
  2. 2. Another point made in this video by Lee Ray the owner of epic View count on YouTube music videosmusic videos tells us ‘ Music videos help an artist gain fans andexposure’. Music videos are mainly there to promote an artistand there song as a music video can be shown on phones ,internet and mainly YouTube , music videos on YouTube seen PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일)‘to get over a billion views with the song gangnam style. Thevideo became viral through the internet with it being sharedover social networking sites like twitter and Facebook. This got Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacrisnoticed by the press which then wrote articles on the peculiarsong and strange music video. The song then got played onthe radio and also TV channels like MTV. Artists can make a lotof money from fans buying the music video along with the Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybeactual song. An average music video to buy on iTunes is £1.29where as the song average is 99p. Artists can also make moneyfrom showing there music video on TV channels as in MTV ,4music and Channel AKA , also now on SKY there is a wholesection on the guide specifically for musicchannels only
  3. 3. The music video for "Gangnam Style" was chosen asthe best music video of 2012 by TIME. MelissaLocker of the magazine wrote "The catchy songpaired with social satire and tongue-in-cheek vibehas spread so quickly it reminds us why videos arecalled viral. The video has sparked an dance crazeand catapulted PSY to international super took No. 4 position on the Digital Spys list of10 top pop music videos of the year.
  4. 4. After searching ‘Gangnam Style’ on YouTube over 500,00 video suggestions came up.Here are some of the ;
  5. 5. Papa Roach – Take me Papa Roach – Scars (without music video) (with music video) Never placed Peak position – 15CHART HISTORY Last weeks position – 39 Weeks on chart - 38 (lyric video) (music video)YOUTUBE VIEWS 358,234 18,536,052 (lyric video) 3,869,054
  6. 6. Most songs these days have music videos , with YouTube already showing 6.8 billionmusic videos. So it is very rare to not find a music video to go with a song. I havefound a popular punk artist who does use music videos to promote his songs. He hasa few songs without though and with many of hours looking for facts an figures ofthose songs with music videos and those without it is very clear his songs withoutmusic videos are not as well known and havent got much publicity. As there is noway he could promote his song on the TV on music channels. I realised that the onlyvideos there where for the songs without music videos were lyrics videos made byfans which has under 500,000 views yet the lyric videos the song originally had amusic video has over 3million views. You can tell there is a huge gap between theseto figures.
  7. 7. A lot of films use popular artists to base a song around the film that they then use to promote this film. Also in the music video for the song they will have snippets of the film in the music video. As you can see in this Music video of Adeles song Skyfall that is the theme tune of the very popular film James bond. The trailer ispretty much a mini trailer for the film. This song sold 84,000 copies in the UK during its first two days ofrelease. On 14 October, "Skyfall" rose to number 2 onthe UK Singles Chart with sales of 92,000 copies. Thistied "Skyfall" with Duran Durans "A View to a Kill" asthe highest-charting James Bond theme song on theUK Singles Chart. The song was the 20th best-sellingsong of 2012 in the UK with 547,000 sold. "Skyfall"debuted at number one in Ireland.
  8. 8. As you can tell having a music video increases profits by the ability to have awider range of places to show it and play it. It also helps artists increase therepublicity as having the advantage of being able to play it on other sources it gainsa wider range of audience and when one person watches something it becomes achain , they may share it via internet or mouth and then there friend will and soon. Music videos also help the artist entertain there fan base and helps the fansget to know them a little bit more by being able to show personality and style inthe music video.